To start off, I am in no way trying to copy Saint's Blog Herding Feature or Stranger's Blog Herding. Top Blogs of the Week is a series that I have decided to create in which I show my favorite blogs of the current week. Every Sunday I'll post a new episode to the series, and you guys can read it.  

An Expert's Excitement For X-Com...

By Saint

The Game Network: Episode Two


Radiant vs. Dire: Poetry of the Warring Clans 1

By Black Rook

Top 10 Gaming Fruit

By thegodofwine7

The nomadic games journalist interview

By Light Gamebeast23456  

Out With The Old In With The Old...

By Saint

Review-- Spec Ops: The Line

By David Chandler

My Single-Player Obsession...

By AshaMan3000

Nobody Asked Me If I Want Bigger Breasts...

By Saint

Some Personal Gaming Triumphs...

By AshaMan3000

Top Ten Women In Games

By Joyful Penguin

 31/31 Day 3. My Top 5 Most Anticipated Games of 2012/2013

By Specter

The Importance of Twitter, And Other Things 


Bravo To The Mods...

By Saint

Completing The Creed Part IV

By GreeenHawk99

An Apple A Day Keeps The Memory Of Steve Jobs Alive...

By Saint

John Marston Is A Hypocrite 

By Hannibal

So, that's about it. Thanks for reading