Do you remember June 23, 1991? Do you remember 1990? Both of these dates have something in similar. On the 23rd of June of 1991, the first Sonic game was released. This game sold more than 15 million copies, and the number is still changing. In 1991, the game, Rad Mobile was released as an arcade game, and in this game, Sonic made his first appearance. As I mentioned before, he was officially playable in the first Sonic game. Over time, I have noticed the change in graphics and gameplay, and I am amazed at how great the games and T.V shows of Sonic are.

I have played almost all the games there are of Sonic, and I must say, they have improved over time, and are still changing. Take a look below at the photos to see the change of the video games over time.









2012 - ____

Many more games to come