Welcome to the return of, The Game Network. Over a year ago, I was heavily invested in the GI community. I would log on everyday, and leave a comment or 20. Back then, I wanted to start something the GI community could be involved with. And I came up with this series. It follows the story of several GI members as they are forced into the video game worlds they know and love, being forced to survive the horrors to come.

Over the span of 12 weeks, it amassed over 10,000 views, and countless praise for my attempts at bringing the community together, in story form. The first season, I admit, was not well written. The quality was bad, but I thank everyone who supported it, both being involved, and reading it. While not everyone still involved may be around as much, I thank them all for wanting to continue to do this. With all this support, I'm resurrecting the series. Every Friday, I will release a new episode of The Game Network, Season 2. Hopefully it will as good, if not better than before. So without further adeiu I'm proud to present, Season Two. Enjoy


*Note* The series is based heavily on story. Season 2 has improved from the lackluster writing on 1. It is advised to read or glance the first season to understand some stuff.

Season One available here


The Game Network






Chris, the savior of the galaxy

The Great Cubone

Gaming Warthog

and Sora Three Ben


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2-Episode One 10/11/13

3-Episode Two 10/18/13

4-Episode Three 10/25/13

5-Episode Four 11/01/13

6-Episode Five 11/08/13

7-Episode Six 11/15/13

8-Episode Seven 11/22/13

9-Episode Eight 12/06/13

10-Episode Nine 12/13/13


Technical difficulties 10/11/13

Sometimes the converting from my documents to here can be iffy. So if there are words where quotation marks are supposed to be, I apologize and will fix asap. Alongside some font issues which cannot be resolved, please enjoy, and pardon the mess.


Announcement 12/13/13

While GI may have been eating the posts, not allowing me to publish this every week like I wanted, it still turned out strong, with positive feedback. TGN will be coming back for a Season 3. Writing will not begin until summer, 2014, but I am interested in having people come on for guest spots in the series. It will be awhile before we can get to actually having people on, but If you can, keep in touch with me and I'll add you in. In order to be on, You do have to have a Skype account to be a part of the series. No need for a microphone, since we do things in text form. Have fun, and enjoy