Sorry for the late delay. I got together with some of my friends today, and they surprised me with a game of kickball. So I'm still recovering from that. And we had a late entry. (No problem dude, it was good) As for the week, we have had one of the best weeks in awhile. A grand total of eight. So, lets get started to the recap, eh?


A Tale Of An Assassin by Ghost

Ace13 says-My tale as an assassin of the Dark Brotherhood, set in Skyrim. I'm a killing machine who one day questions her next target, ends up escaping jail after being caught hesitating at my target's house, and escapes to find my own purpose. I thought this was a really fantastic premise! It reminded me of La Femme Nikita, which I really enjoyed. And though I favor using magic in Skyrim, my second (but equally awesome) weapon of choice is a bow, so I liked how you included that here.


DJH says- Ghost tells the story of a simple assassin, with a change of heart. I liked how she got out of her contract by going to jail, and escaping. Also, I feel bad for the horse....


A Night To Remember by Darth-Carbonite

Ace13 says-This was another story set in Skyrim, except here I am a member of the Thieves Guild who is challenged to a drinking contest by a stranger named Sam, in return for a special staff. Even though I haven't finished this quest in Skyrim, I really enjoyed it. I like how you made me a thief, because stealing/lockpicking is one of my favorite things to do in-game. Overall, it was a really entertaining story to read!


DJH says- A perfect example of doing dirty business with the Thieves Guild, and to never drink with Strangers. Perfect example.



Silent Assassin by DJH

Ace13 says-In this story, set in the upcoming game Dishonored, I am an awesome assassin disguising myself as a party-goer in order to take out my next target... which turns out to be a guy named Nate. For not being able to play the game yet, you did a great job DJ with setting the tone/action. The little details were great too, like the photos, me calling myself Jade (I'm playing Beyond Good and Evil now) and my target being Nate, as in Nate Drake. I cracked up when I turned Nate down. Business is business, but I could never do that if it really could happen! I cracked up several times reading this!


DJH says- This guy still going? And to top it off, he did a GaMe on a game that's not even out yet! ugh.


An Odd Warden Indeed by Theora Craft

Ace13 says-This intriguing story is set in Dragon Age, and tells about my awesome adventures as Warden Commander Ace (awesome title, by the way) being shared around a campfire. It was very clever and I was chuckling throughout it. From my initiation essentially being a tea party, to passing out in the tent before the Joining ceremony, to scaring the demon out of Connor, it was very entertaining! And the way you wrote the story was great too.


DJH says- A story about someone telling the story of the great Warden Ace. A clever little unique narrative about her tales as the Warden.



Uncharted: Ace's Fortune by benderstrike64

Ace13 says-Bender, this was full of awesomeness! In this tale, I'm an aspiring fortune hunter who helps Sully rescue Nate. It was just incredible. I loved the title, and the fact that you surprised me with using one of my favorite game worlds (Uncharted) was nice. You included little snippets of Italian throughout too! I will never be a fortune hunter, but I'm thrilled I got to in your story. I parachuted, dodged bullets, and saved Nate myself. I'm glad you had fun writing it, because it was so much fun reading it!


DJH says- A snazzy little story about an aspiring young treasure hunter chasing her dreams of becoming like the great Nathan Drake. But only to end up rescuing him.



The Burning Eco by dadarkheart

Ace13 says-When you told me you wrote a story, out of any of them, I knew this would be the wild-card. Here, I am an "incredible female" Daxter finds to set up with Jak, who needs to... hook up. First I make Jak complete a series of obstacles though. Out of any of the entries, I laughed the most with this one. This was so ridiculous with innuendos, but so hilarious. I definitely was not expecting this at all... especially the ending implying me and Daxter have history together. I don't know if I can look at one of my favorite childhood dynamic duos the same!


DJH says- ^ What she said. (Hey, I can use that properly here!)



Ace In The Hole by xking595x

Ace13 says-In this continuation of king's Halo GaMe series, there's Gold, Silver, Walker and I. First off, I have to say the title was very clever. I liked it a lot- I was Ace... the ace in the hole! The pace of the story was great. And I really liked reading how tough I was, being a "slave for appearances." Loved that line, laying down the law! This was a great continuation, and it was pretty cool to have different GI GaMe winners interacting. You left us all hanging with that cliffhanger! Oh, the suspense!


DJH says- The continuation of King's Halo series. Always an entertaining piece that always leaves us wanting more. But with a shocking ending to this one.



Ace Up Her Sleeve by markus1142

Ace13 says-This was the late entry, but it was definitely worth the wait. This story is set in the world of Front Mission, where I am a doctor of mechanical engineering, who has an epic showdown with an enemy mech one night. I've never heard of this game before, but I enjoyed the story a lot! It was a very epic tale, and I like how I was the underdog who came out winning in the end. It was great to see me progress from being confused and scared, to all-powerful in my mech. I liked the little details you included, like Rome (which my family's near) and me taking medical classes (which I really want to do as a career). Most of all, I felt like Kaylee from Firefly, which was just awesome!


DJH says- Using everything we know about ace, markus here presents us with a great, albeit late, but great story.




The Winner




First of all, I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who took the time to write me a GaMe tale. I honestly enjoyed every story so much, and I was so excited to see myself in such different scenarios! So thanks again. This was a tough choice to make, but Darth, I really like how you wrote my story. It was very well-written, and the way you wrote the atmosphere and dialogue especially made me feel as if I was there. Very vivid. I also like how you included my PSN tag as my full name, which was creative. So with this being said, congratulations to you!


And a big congratulations to Darth-Carbonite! (I can already smell the Star Wars GaMe's now) So to those who want to participate, you can find his profile here.


As for you Ace, go ahead and put the badge on your profile. You earned it.


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