So a few days ago I saw an article on the front page about what series should get the Lego Treatment. I was reading through the comments, i I liked all their choices. But of course there were some against it, being tired of the Lego games.

I for one, am not tired of the lego games. The Lego Indiana Jones and star Wars games were my favorites. And I enjoyed the series I didn't like (Harry Potter and Batman). The Lego games just have some sort of... Charm about them that makes me play them. I have not played with the voices now, since I'm against that, but it might add on to the fun. But I enjoyed the silent treatment the series had. And with the added change of making it open world-ish with the upcoming Lego Lord Of The Rings Game, that might improve the fun. Only time will tell when that comes out.


I went off track, crap. Anyway. As much as I would like to see some of my favorite movies get the Lego treatment like



Shaun Of The Dead

Trivia: did you know that there was an actual Lego Shaun Of The Dead set being considered? On the Lego site you can post ideas for what theme of Legos you want, and the Shaun Of The Dead pitch got about double or so the amount of votes it needed to be considered by Lego. Lego shot the idea down because it "didn't appeal to its target audience" even though about  a million or so adults would have bought a set day one.


Even though my movies won't be logofied. I can still bask in the glory of Google images of them. But I got to thinking about video games that should get the lego treatment.


Just keep the formula of the game, running around the mall killing little Lego zombies, saving the people, all in the three day time limit in the game. It could work as a real Lego game.

I've been recently getting into the Uncharted series, and I could absolutely see this series get the Lego treatment.


The comments about Mass Effect disturbed me on the page. But it could make a decent Lego game.


I may never get tired of Lego games, and could definitely see the possibilities of seeing other games/movies be made. In short, I'm looking forward to what game gets the next Lego Treatment(please be Avengers, please!). Any games/movies you want to be made in a Lego game?