*UPDATE* I failed to realize school was starting back up this week. So I am pushing the deadline for another week. You have TWO weeks to craft a GaMe. September 1st is when you HAVE to have the GaMe in.



Ok guys. You seemed to have slipped up on me again. But I have two ideas to get you guys doing this. I am doing this for Team GIO. If you guys don't know what that is, check the link and/or ask Mojo. Now, to help support Extra Life/Team GIO a bit more, here's my deal to you guys. From now until October 20th, when the 24 hour gaming marathon begins, for every single GaMe entry we get, I will set aside 25 cents per GaMe entry to donate to Extra Life. (I would donate more, but I'm still currently jobless. So when/if I get that, I will increase the amount.) That sound good? You guys make a GaMe, I will donate .25 cents.

Idea number two. This is going to sound so stupid. But, I'm doing this to get the numbers back up. If you guys listen to the Jacked Up Indie And Mojo Show, they mentioned doing a cover of a song if they reach a certain amount of money for extra life. (I don't know if they were serious or not, but guys, do it.) Well... My stupid idea. (Guys, I'm not stealing the idea on purpose, I swear. I'm desperate to keep this thing alive.) Between now and October 20th, if we can get a grand total of 40 GaMe entries, I will do a cover of any song of your choosing. That's 9 weeks, I believe, to get that many entries. Just drop the name of a song (NOT Call Me Maybe) and I will choose one and cover it. But only if we can get 40 entries in 9 weeks, not including my entries. So spread the word if you want me to do this.... And donate to Extra Life! I'm doing it, so should you.

I am doing both of these ideas, so please, support this!

Enough rambling, the recap!


The Woods by DJH


DJH says- A story about a creepy ass, faceless dude chasing a kid. How original. At least the kid survives...


Mike says-I am portrayed as a kid wandering in the woods. As I keep going, I find pages across the woods and encounter Slender Man face to face. Scared to death, I run like hell and keep finding the other page, obviously encountering Slender Man every time. In the end, I get slammed by Slender Man, but managed to get out alive. Long Story short, the game “Slender” with a story. Loved it.


OMG How Could I??? by dadarkheart


DJH says- O_o. Being taken to other game worlds. I like the idea. Being talked to by, well, you know? Oh boy. This, explains my face right now.


Mike says-This story itself is… vibrant and original, and I laughed a lot. I start out by going to the bathroom to do my deeds and read my GameInformer Issue. After I’m done and ready to flush, le turd starts talking to me. Awkward, right? For some odd reason, I put my head into the toilet, just to be taken to another dimension of sorts and land in different Videogames. Plus, that little piece of turd reminds me of someone… I believe dadarkheart knows lol.


Phoenix Mike: Ace Attonory by benderstrike64


DJH says-A court case about Mario. How awesome is that!? And I want to know the next case!


Mike says-So in this story, I am an attorney. I defend Mario in this particular case, and the trial alone is full of videogame characters. My victory assures Daisy’s conviction, and an runaway Mario that ended by not paying my $20. Although, my next case is apparently defending a Zombie… Uh-Oh. Lol. My only complaint was the grammatical errors , but still a good read.




The Winner





He was the only person that hit me where it hurts me the most: Ace Attorney. While I love some Survival Horror stories like DJH’s and I’m a sucker for originality like dadarkheart’s story, Ace Attorney is one of my top 3 weak spots. Plus, I’m very sure that I would like to see that second part in the near future. I enjoyed these 3 entries. Keep up the good work everyone! Long Live GaMe!


Congrats to benderstrike! For those participating, you can find his profile here.

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