Today is the 16th, incase you didn't know. And today marks the halfway mark of my 31/31. It's hard to believe I've been at this for 16 days now. And I believe I've come up with the best of my 31/31 already. lol. I don't think the rest can compete. Anyway. Now today, I decided to go back and tell you some stories about my gaming experiences.


My first exposure to gaming start with the NES, my first console

Granted it came out years before I was born, it was the first game system my family had. We would have it hooked to the TV out in our "pool room". We had that, a pool table, dart board, and weights. (I don't know why we have that, we're too lazy to use it...) And the games we had wiht it consisted of title such as The Adventures of Lolo, Marble Madness, and of course, Mario Bros. And as you can see in the picture above, I still have it in that same pool room, and it still works to this day.


Ah, the Gameboy. The original gameboy. Complete with the game that made us tape that handheld together to keep it from falling apart, Pokemon Yellow.

I have other titles such as Jurassic Park, Doctor Mario, and Yoshi's Cookie. But it was Pokemon Yellow that started

This. I was like six, gimme a break.

Also around that time the N64 became the very first console that I ever owned for myself. And boy did it have the most amazing titles on it. Super Mario 64, Pokemon Snap, Paper Mario, Banjo Kazooie, Donkey Kong 64. You can see my entire collection for that system and my still working system in the picture above. Man when I decided to play some of those games, nostalgia nearly killed me... Man that was good...

My sisters PS2. We never did have the Original PlayStation, just the PS2. We had a few odd sorts of titles like Stretch Panic, Star Wars Episode III, a Digimon game for the PS1. But then we got Star Wars Battlefront. Oh man. One of the Best Star Wars titles out there. Shame we'll never get III, but one and Two will suffice. And lastly the game(s) I never stopped playing. Kingdom Hearts. As you can tell from Yesterdays 31/31, I love the series.

The GameCube holds some of the best titles in gaming history. Super Mario Sunshine was the first game I got along with it. Oh man. At that time, the GameCube had the most games I ever had at once. Below is my collection

Luigi's Mansion, some Mario sports games, Paper Mario TTYD, Pikmin 1 & 2, and many more. Then a year later my biggest gaming mistake, according to my parents.

One year me and my Grandmother were going around looking at yard sales. At that time I enjoyed looking at what crap people were trying to get rid of. And I stumbled upon an Xbox. The original Xbox. She was selling it for $40 and it came with two controllers, and four games consisting of a poker game, Rainbow six game, another shooter(can't remember, never played it), and Hitman 2:Silent Assassin. It was then that my M games started coming through. Buying Halo not long after getting the Xbox. And it spanned to this.

All the games I have had for the Xbox.(Minus KOTOR 1 & 2. I have them in my case for the 360 games) I lost most of the cases though...

A few years later the Xbox 360 is introduced. And my first 360 was a limited edition Halo themed console, with the Collectors Edition of the game. Unfortunately I lost the cover to it, but I still have the tin, and the contents. But after a few years it did get banged up a bit...

Six years later to 2012, my Xbox 360 collection increases to well over 100 physical games, countless DLC,  about two dosen digital games, and a newer 360 Slim version, compatible with Kinect.

And my collection never ends. Despite having over 100 games, there are still countless titles out there I want.

The Wii. Not my favorite console, but it's Nintendo and I still buy their consoles. I may not have gotten this day one, Like I'm doing with the Wii U, but I did get this. Along with Super Paper Mario, Mario Galaxy, Destroy All Humans!:Big Willy Unleashed (RIP Pandemic. They could have saved that one...), and more but cannot find them -_-


And lastly, my newest addition to my console family.

(Yes, that is a Buffy case under Grand Turismo 5.) Resistance 1, HEavy Rain, the Uncharted Trilogy, GT5, Sly Cooper 1-3(on the TV screen), a Doctor Who game from PSN, and a free digital version of Little Big Planet 2(I won't be able to play at the end of the month when my PS+ membership dies). And there are still several other games I want. LPT 1-2, inFAMOUS Collection soon, GOW Saga soon, Resistance 2-3, Ratchet and Clank collection, Shadow/Ico Collection, RE6:Anthology on October 6th, and several more. And I have not even gotten to the full extent of the PSN games.


So that's my gaming collection/family. I finally have all the current gen consoles, and am looking forward to what the next gen has to offer.


Take care