Okay guys. I do want to say, congrats to dadarkheart for winning, but I also want to apologize to him for the low turnout, yet again. We only had a turnout of two, yet again. I do hate to say this, but unless we can get a better turnout for this week, this very well might be the final week of Gamify Me. I know some of you are busy with stuff, but still we need, and I mean we need you guys to do this to keep it going. If you have the slightest bit of time to write one, please do it. Otherwise this is the last week of GaMe, if we can't get more going. Even if you've won do the solution I mentioned in last weeks recap. I do hate to say this, but it's true. We went from 11 to 4 to 2 entries for two weeks in a row. Please, just support this. I would hate to see it end... anyway, the recap.


A Naughty Bear! by DJH

dadarkheart says-This story had me laughing trough out the entire thing. I've never played Naughty Bear but this almost made me want to try it. Good story for a great laugh.

DJH says- ....What was he thinking with this title!? And don't even get me started on the story itself... Making him a homicidal teddy bear. Turning other bears into ice cubes, whacking the fluff outta bears, and making a bear kill itself. SMH.


A Heart Lost by xking595x

dadarkheart says-I almost gave up on this week but around 2 a.m. this appeared. Horror and suspense aren't my specialty but I enjoyed this a lot. A great read.

DJH says- Another great entry from King. Upon reading the first few sentences, he revealed the setting of the story. And man did he choose a good one. But I agree with dadarkheart in the comments on the story... the cliffhanger is killing me.



The Winner



First I'd like to say it was an honor to receive these to stories. It was my first win and I was guessing I'd get none. Yay for being wrong. The choice was tough but I went with king. The suspense was killing. Especially how it ended. Good thing it came right before I went to bed. Being the last thing I read really helped since it kept me wondering what could happen next. Once again thanks for the stories and congrats to king.


So congrats to king! I am glad he won, he deserves it for all the hard work he's put into GaMe. So dadarkeart, you can go ahead and pop this little badge onto you profile. You earned it.

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