If you have been keeping up with my top 25 lists Like Main Characters,
Companions, and Couples, well thank you. So if you have you know I can be
unpredictable with my choices. And this topic for a Top 25 is an unusual
one. We all have our favorite spots to hang in a game, maybe a favorite
city you like to hang in? Well here are my Top 25 places I would like to
vacation, in games.

25. Banoi (Dead Island)

Despite the flaws in this game, Banoi was one beautiful Island. Well mainly
the beach part. the rest, well not so much. But if you look at the beach it
is one heck of a sight to see. Just ignore the flesh eating zombies and this
is one perfect vacation spot.

24. -unkown- (Pikmin)

Ok yeah, this planet does not have an actual name, but it looks great.
From the killer plants to the wildlife that wants nothing to do but eat you,
it is a perfect spot to crash land.

23. Liberty City. (Grand Theft Auto IV)

Despite me not entirely liking any game *Rockstar puts out, they did a
great job with the players environment, Liberty City.

22. Isle Delfino (Super Mario Sunshine)

This island is a good one, just look past the killer graffiti and you will love

21. Anvil (TES: Oblivion)

This little city in Cyrodiil is one of my favorite places to call home, or just
a quick vacation. From it's stunning view from the lighthouse to the
haunted house on the left, this is a great place to visit.

20.Wilamette (Dead Rising)

This small town in Colorado is really worth a visit. When visiting make
sure to look for the exploding gas station, school bus full of people being
terrorised by zombies, oh and the zombie/psychopath infested mall. Enjoy!

19. 1950s U.S. (Destroy All Humans!)

Quick grab the camera! You might be able to see a UFO, a flying cow, or a
small greenish creature probing people!

18. Thessia (Mass Effect 3)

Well, you know. Before the whole reaper invasion, butchering of the asari,
everything burning, all that jazz.

17. The Peach Pit (Left 4 dead 2)

Who does not want to go to a Midnight Riders concert while fighting the
horde along the way?

16. The Citadel (Mass effect series)

Oh come on? How could I not add this one? Just look at the picture in awe.

15. Wonderland (Alice:Madness Returns)

This twisted place is a real one of a kind wonderland.

14. Luigi's Mansion (Luigi's Mansion)

Just turn on the lights and grab the vacuum to scare away the ghosts and
you have a great vacation home!

13. Taris (Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic)

Go to the Cantina and get drunk, play Pizaak, bet on duels. Or go to the
lower city part and do some bounty hunting. Just make sure you do it quick
before the Sith blows the planet up. Yikes!

12.  Big Mountain (Fallout:New Vegas-Old World Blues)

There is no real explanation on why to visit this place. everything about it
is just...wow. say what you want about this game, but this place is

11. Spiral Mountain(Banjo-Kazooie)

I just want to enter the giant witch head...

10. Mars (Red Faction:Guerrilla)

Mars. It's Mars. How do you not want to visit this red wasteland?

9. Kirkwall (Dragon Age 2)

Say what you want about this game, but this city is good enough to earn a

8. Bright Falls (Alan Wake)

This small town is a pretty cool place to visit. Just make sure you do it in
the daytime and keeps all the lights on.

7. Rapture (BioShock)

This underwater metropolis is definitely well worth a trip. Just make sure
you have plenty of ammo for the guns to fight of a Splicer and when you
see a Big Daddy run like hell.

6. Steelport (Saints Row:The Third)

Normally I would prefer Stilwater, but this is the only city where you can
see flying ho's and half naked people running around with penetrators.

5. USG Ishimura (Dead Space)

Ignore the blood splatter on the walls, the necromorphs wandering
around, and the body parts laying around and this is a nice ship.

4. The Capital Wasteland (Fallout 3)

The entire wasteland is definitely worth a visit. You can wander around
for hours at a time just looking at the beautiful destruction of DC. Well
worth it.

3. Halo (Halo)

This ring shaped planet/station/thing is worth a visit. It looks great and
is full of little parasites that want to eat you. Love it!

2. Pandora (Borderlands)

This barren wasteland is a real fun place to visit to kill some bandits. That
and listen to Claptrap. Only reason to visit.




1. The Shivering Isles (TES:Oblivion: The Shivering Isles)

How could this not end up on this list? And how could it not get the No. 1
spot? This place is absolute Madness. From the bat s*** crazy ruler, to the
demented citizens, it's the perfect place to vacation.


Thanks for reading. Probably not as great as previous one's. Next week, Top 25 Tv shows.