Update #3

All invites have been sent out, and the ESPN league is filled. We still have 3 slots open in the NFL.com league. If you are interested in joining, please send me an e-mail, and I'll get one sent out as soon as I can.

Update #2

Just wanted to let everyone know that we are still at 6 spots claimed in the ESPN league and are now up to 5 in the NFL league. A few of you have expressed interest to me in the comments below, but I need you to shoot me an e-mail, so that I can send the league invites out.

Update #1:

I presently have e-mails from 5 for the ESPN league and 3 for the NFL league, and I know some of you have not sent me e-mail yet that want in. Counting myself within those leagues, we are at 6 and 4 respectively.  The maximum for each league will be 12. So if you are interested, make certain to notify me soon through the email address below, as slots are filling up rather quickly.

Original Text:

Greetings everyone. It is that wonderful time of year again. It is time for some football. As many of you know, each year the community sets up a fantasy football league, for bragging rights in the community. Last year, it became so popular that we had to create two different leagues to accommodate everyone.

This year, I want to set up two unique leagues right from the start, rather than filling up one league and starting a second with the overflow. One league will be on ESPN's site, while the other will be run through the NFL's site. The NFL league will likely be of interest to those with an Xbox One, as it will allow for live fantasy tracking on the console.

If you are interested in either league, shoot me an e-mail at gioff2014@gmail.com, and make certain to let me know which league you are interested in taking part in. My goal is to have both leagues draft after the third week of the preseason, and no later than the first of September. It is alway a lot of fun with a bit of smack talk, so I hope everyone will choose to take part