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  2011 has been a great year for Gi and for it's community. From the amazing 200th issue of Gameinformer Magazine to the plethora of new users and great Blogs this year. It has come to my notice that Gi does a "Best of Year" every year (to my understanding) and does not commemorate the years best Community Member (to my understanding). I don't mean this in a bad way but it is true and I understand that it is a lot of work doing that and making time in there busy schedule. So I took the project of "Community Member of the Year" under consideration and decided it had to be done. Normally people should vote on this kind of thing but it is to much work on such short notice (maybe next year). After various days of thinking of the perfect person to receive this honor I finally made up my mind. Considering everyone is a winner in my book but their was one person who really deserves it. Once you find out who it is, you will no doubt agree with me. It's my pleasure to present "My Personal Community Member of the Year" to mojomonkey12.



I asked some questions to mojomonkey12 about all of this.


1. What was your reaction upon being the community member of the year?

Mojo- Honestly, I thought you must have the wrong guy!. As you know, I was very resistant to this idea at first, but you convinced me to let you go through with it. In part because you are such a great GIOer yourself, and in part because I thought it would be a great opportunity to be of service to our community in another way.

There is a little tiny card on one of my bulletin boards in my work office, it says something like "A great leader makes himself a part, not apart, of the team" or something like that. Now, I am in no way suggesting that I am the leader at GIO, but I do try to set a good example, which is what that little saying has always meant to me. I see this as another opportunity to share my thoughts on our wonderful community.

So to finally answer the question, I was honored, humbled, and kind of weirded out by the idea all at the same time. It is a true honor to be thought of in this light by even one of my fellow community members, so thank you Delancey, and the entire GIO community. That said, I absolutely still feel there are literally dozens of GIOers who contribute to this community in a greater fashion than myself.


Delancey- I'm sure that I picked the right guy for this honor. You act of generosity shall not be forgot that easily. True, other Gio members contribute in a greater way than you like Saint, TogNick, Mray, etc.. but none of them had this great idea of involving the community, games, and charity all into one. -Note that the Gio members that I listed above have contribute to the Extra Life Event.


2. What made you do the charity event?

Mojo- I assume you are referring to Extra Life and TEAM GIO! The truth is that I help out as much as I can with a lot of charity events. I am not a rich person, so I have learned to help by being active and contributing in any way I can.

I started out to do a blog one day about how charitable gamers can be. This stemmed from the wonderful support we showed the people of Japan and Haiti after their recent tragedies. Our own(at the time)Meagan Marie was willing to give up her prized autographed Nintendo DS to help out those folks. When researching different charities that involve gaming, several came up. Extra Life was one of them.

I participate in Extra Life last year as an individual and raised a whopping $15! Though I didn't even know about the event until the morning it was starting. Afterwords, I kind of forgot about it, until BING reminded me of it that day I was researching for the blog. I went to the Extra Life site and read as much as I could about it. That day I decided to buy the platinum membership or whatever it was and put together a team. I knew I wanted to involve GIO at first, but I had no idea it would get the great support it did. The event was still about 8 weeks away when I made the team, so I waited a bit and then set out on a one man PR campaign to get people involved. Fortunately it didn't take long to get support of so many others. Notably, Saint, BlackHeartedWolf, and most impressively, Jack, The Quixotic Gamer.

I wanted to help and knew I couldn't raise a significant amount of money alone. We ended up with 26 participants and raised close to $2400. Jack raised $500 all by himself! Several people eclipsed the $100 mark, and EVERYBODY on the team had some money raised, which is very impressive considering 60% of the people that signed up for the event as a whole raised $0.00. We were, I think, the largest team that had 100% participation of more than $10 per person. Overall the event was a record smashing success, we raised well over $1.1 million dollars for the Childrens Miracle Network.


3. Are you aware what community member TogNick is doing with charities on his podcast? If so, are you planing to do the same?

Mojo- I am, in fact I had the wonderful opportunity and privelage to be a guest on The 4th Floor recently. Liz and Nick should be commended for their work to bring different charity groups some recognition.

The Indie and Mojo Show is not currently planning on doing the same thing, but we will consider it, along with some other opportunities.


Me- Liz and Nick does a great job with the podcast and charities. If you haven't seen heard their work please check it out, I highly recommend it for fans of games, music, and movies.


4. Is their someone who you like to mention and thank?

Mojo- Pertaining to Extra Life and TEAM GIO, yes. Jack, Saint, BlackHeartedWolf, and all 26 participants of TEAM GIO. Annette Gonzalez for supporting our team in such a remarkable way.

Most importantly, Jeromy Adams and the crew at and Jo Ellen Enmon. Jeromy founded Extra Life after learning about Tori Enmon's courageous fight with cancer. The young woman had a remarkable outlook on life and fought until the very end, beating back the disease four seperate times before finally succombing to the illness. Her mother, Jo Ellen is brave enough to share her family's story each year, knowing her daughter will never come back, but hoping somebody else will not have to feel the same pain and sorrow as she did.

As far as you naming me your "community member of the year", well I must say I greatly apprecaite it, but of course I still feel there are many others much more deserving! I am honored, and am happy to accept on the condition that this is a way to spread the wonderment of gameinformer online to all those great gamers out there that need a good place to call home. If you are a jerk or troll, move along or prepare to be killed by kindness, because our great little spot on the www is second to none! It is because of all of us make it that way, not me or any one individual.


Me- A man is no one without his friends. Gi is by far the best gameing website that I've been to. The community oozes kindness.


5. Are you gonna make this a yearly event?

Mojo- Good Lord I hope not! It's hard enough convincing myself to participate in such a strange thing just one time! Oh, did you mean Extra Life?

ABSOLUTELY.....but. Here's the deal, I want this to be an annual event for TEAM GIO, but I don't want to be the annual Team Captain for a few reasons.

  1. It was a life changing experience in some ways, I mean I wouldn't be doing this blog right now without it! I want other members of this community to have the opportunity to work with and get to know their fellow GIOers through this event. I have built real bonds and friendships with people I only knew of by screename before this event.

  2. It isn't about ME, I kind of have mixed feelings when people refer to Extra Life and TEAM GIO as "mojo's event". I am flattered, and of course I like the recognition, I did work my butt off for this thing after all, but it never was about me. It was about helping sick kids, and bonding as a community. If I were to be the annual captian, the idea of this being a mojomonkey12 thing would be harder to combat.

  3. It was a megaton of work! I found myself extremely overwhelmed at times, if it is to be anything like this year, there needs to be somebody else in charge because I just don't have the organizational skills to handle it all! There are others more fitted to doing this task, and I COULD name them, in fact I have and as we get closer to the event next year, I will openly support them becoming captain(s).



Me- You convincing yourself to participate in weird things? Remember that day when you stuffed a... I say that it changed everyone who participated on this event. Not just us gamers but the children on the receiving end.


I hope you do this again next year because I did not have the time to participate and I really wanna be part of it.






I thought I had some meat to this Blog but you pretty much did everything for me (lol).


Mojomonkey12 says that there are other people more worthy of this award. I beg to differ. Sure, other community members might have done great Blogs or Podcasts but In my opinion giving to the community that way is better than anything else.


Here is a small token of appreciation from me. This is your proof of  "Community Member Of The Year 2011"





Keep on rocking Mojomonkey12!


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