Last week, Jeff Marchiafava wrote a feature about Reiner & Mike's picks for The Best Characters of Injustice. I recently got three months of Gamefly for my birthday and Injustice is purposely the only game on my queue - I want to play the heck out of that game! The availability is still low, so I got impatient on Sunday and rented it from a local rental store. It's a fighting game AND it has Batman! I just couldn't wait. 

Outside of going to a concert on Tuesday night, I've played Injustice every night this week and I'm itching to share my favorite characters. I don't think I've tried all of the characters yet (particularly haven't used several of the villains yet), but here are my favorite characters so far:


5. Bane. As some of you may know, I'm a pretty big fan of Street Fighter. When I played Street Fighter IV, Zangief was the main character I used. I enjoy using grapplers in fighting games. I was really into pro wrestling when I was younger, so I think that has something to do with it. Doing body slams & suplexes and what not is a lot of fun. I can't honestly say I've gotten used to Bane yet (those down, back, forward attack moves are tricky to me) but he's definitely a character I want to practice with sometime soon.

The backbreaker thing with Bane is definitely overused, but I couldn't think of a better special move for this character if I was working on the game.


4. Green Lantern. Hal's power ring makes him a really fun character to use. With his ring, he throws rockets, shoots a mini-gun, and rams people with a turbine. For his grapple move, he smashes his opponent into a ring-made brick wall. Green Lantern is very well suited for a fighting game. If he didn't exist, I'd hope someone would come up with a character like this for a fighting franchise. His ability to make anything to use in combat is very entertaining. 

Have you ever been to an event where they had fighterjets fly over the stadium? Hal's super move is awesome.


3. Batman. I'm sure some of you expected me to list Batman at #1, so to those of you who did - WRONG! Guess I'm not the biased, Batman fanboy you thought I was. HAHA! As much as I like Batman, I've beaten a lot of people up with him in Rocksteady's critically acclaimed Arkham games. Honestly, being Batman in Injustice is just not as satisfying. But he is Batman and he is fun to use, so here he sits in the middle of my list. Interestingly enough, my favorite thing about him in Injustice is the Scorpion/Mortal Kombat nod when he does his air grappling hook move and says, "GET DOWN HERE!" 

Rocksteady STILL hasn't let us drive the Batmobile, so NetherRealm Studios said, "Here... we'll let you summon the Batmobile to run people over. Does that help?" Yeah, it helps. A little. Thanks.


2. Deathstroke. I don't know much about this character, but dang if he isn't awesome. It's not even his guns really, it's that sword! Do you like hard steel sword fighting? I do. I love doing his forward, spinning slash attack with the sword. I'm still not a fan of his default costume (I've never really liked his mask that much) but this game helped me appreciate this character. I'm hoping Arkham Origins will help me appreciate him even more.

The cutscene that takes place after a Deathstroke victory makes me think of Hitman, which makes sense because they're both assassins. 


1. Aquaman. That's right, Aquaman. Until about a year ago, I was part of the majority that makes fun of Aquaman. When I started following DC's New 52, I started to see the character in a different light; Arthur really started to grow on me (though I'm still not a fan of his given name or his hero name - dang guy, both of your names suck, HAHA! My apologies to anyone reading this whose name is Arthur.) Anyways, I wasn't expecting Aquaman of all people to be my favorite character to use in Injustice, but he is. The dude is seriously bad to the shark bone. His trident is so freakin' awesome! I initially thought it would just be a melee weapon, but he also uses it for ranged attacks. I really think my favorite move in Injustice is throwing that trident. I also love the stuff he shouts. "I MEANT THAT!" HAHA! Dude, I don't even know what that means, but keep saying it! Every time you mess people up with your trident and say that, I want to fist pump! "ALMIGHTY NEPTUNE!"

For his super move, Aquaman stabs his opponent with his trident and FEEDS THEM TO A SHARK!!! Holy crap, that is so ridiculously AWESOME! I can't get enough of it. Aquaman's shark attack is hands down my favorite super move in the game.


So there you have it. Those are my favorite characters to use (so far). What about you? Who are your favorite characters to use in Injustice?  Are you still hatin' on Aquaman after playing Injustice or are you finally a believer? Let me know in the comments section below!