I don't know if there's ANYTHING I'm more nostalgic for than Super Nintendo. It's not the first video game console I ever played as my dad had an Atari 800, but it's the first & only console he bought for me & my sister, and I have many great memories playing it. My dad and I moved on to playing PC games when I was in high school, but I never stopped playing the SNES. To the best of my recollection, it's never been stored. I've always had it setup to play somewhere. Even when I briefly lived with my cousin Josh during college, I think it was hooked up to one of the TVs at my parents house.


Recently, our neighbor bought a new TV and she gave us her 30" LCD. My wife was very pleased as the 27" tube TV we currently had in our bedroom was taking up quite a bit of space. Ahnada initially thought I'd get rid of it now that we had a flatscreen in our room, but I told her that I didn't want to sell it. I explained to her that it's more enjoyable to play the Super Nintendo on a tube TV. If we ever move into a bigger house someday, I'd love to have a dedicated TV for my favorite console. I've had the SNES connected to the 24" LCD on my gaming desk and it looks like crap. When I use the coax cable, it's kinda muddy looking & sometimes fuzzy. When I use the RCA cable, it's too sharp & the pixels often look weird. When I play Super Nintendo on the tube TV, it looks JUST RIGHT. We agreed to keep it, but didn't have any place to put it. Ahnada was going to ask her parents or her sister if they would store it in their basement. However, I asked her to hold off for now since I'm going to custom paint an SNES and I'd like to test the console once I get it in the mail. So the 27" tube TV is currently sitting on the floor in the loft. 

This past Friday, I decided to hook up the Super Nintendo to the tube TV since I just bought Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters at my local game store. The next day, I randomly had an idea: I should try to play Super Nintendo with Anberlin and see how she reacts. My daughter is 17 months old. I had always planned on SNES being the first video game console she ever played. A few months ago, that plan KINDA changed when I noticed her reacting to the animals in the Minecraft tutorial. She's really into making the sounds the animals make. She didn't figure out how to hold the controller, but she did manage to push the buttons and move the analog sticks while I held it.

"What does the sheep say?" "BAH! BAH!"


Anyways, back to the Super Nintendo. I sat her on my lap and turned on F-Zero. I'm not sure why I picked that game, but I guess I was thinking any game I picked would be too complicated for her and I hadn't played F-Zero in a long time. Anberlin was immediately fascinated with the game. Shortly after I started playing, she got up, sat RIGHT IN FRONT of the TV, picked up the controller, and started pushing the buttons. 


When we asked her if she wanted to play again, she'd say, "CARS! CARS!" 


Nearly every time a new race started, she'd yell, "MOMMA!" Then she'd peek around the TV at mommy and make this face.


This will easily be one of my favorite memories of my daughter. Even if she never wants to play video games again, I had this experience and I'm happy. She didn't know what she was doing and her car blew up a lot, but I don't care. Anberlin is 17 months old and she played Super Nintendo!