I haven't reached level 50 yet because I've been waiting to progress with my friends in our weekly co-op game. I'm currently at level 37. However... I'm also at level 5, level 7, level 24, and level 32. Why? Because I'm addicted to Borderlands 2!

This past weekend, I made a shocking discovery: According to Raptr, Borderlands 2 has topped Skyrim as my most played Xbox 360 game (since I joined the site in 2010; I'm still convinced I've played Halo 3 the most.) I was surprised & confused by this. I know I've spent a significant amount of time playing Borderlands 2, but more than Skyrim?! It just didn't seem right. The Elder Scrolls V isn't my favorite game, or even my favorite Xbox 360 game for that matter. But... it's a game with a ridiculous amount of content - a game I played 4-5 hours at a time, sometimes several nights in a row. I didn't think any game would ever come close to consuming the same amount of time, let alone more time. That said, I wasn't puzzled by the "how" (after all, I have been playing multiple characters), but the "why?" Why have I been playing Borderlands 2 THAT MUCH?!

Borderlands 2 hasn't made me "joy puke", but I have thoroughly enjoyed playing it.


I spent a lot of time thinking about it the past few days, and here's why I've been playing Borderlands 2 like HECKA:


MONEY. When I first got Borderlands 2 (as a gift), I didn't have money to buy other games. It was the only new retail game I had for a few months. I was committed to not getting ahead of the co-op progress I was making with my friends, so I decided, "I'll just do a separate playthrough on my own & stagger it behind my co-op game sessions." I ended up playing all the characters, two of them beyond their achievement requirements.

ENERGY. Between being a dad and frequently working late the past few months, I'm usually tired by the time I sit down to play video games at night. Instead of playing Halo 4 online, playing more XCOM or experiencing a new episode of the Walking Dead game, I often choose to play Borderlands 2 instead. I'm still playing a game, but it doesn't require much focus as I've already experienced the story and I remember what to do in most of the missions. It's fun to grind on this game while I listen to a podcast or a TV show on the iPad. 

THE CHARACTERS. I still think Brick is my favorite Borderlands character, but I really like the characters in Borderlands 2. More specifically, their action skills are appealing enough that I found it difficult to pick which character I wanted to use. Honestly, outside of the Siren, I'm tempted to level all of them to 50, including the Mechromancer! In the first game, I was interested in Mordecai (Bloodwing is AWESOME!), but the game itself wasn't interesting enough for me to play through it again with another character. I tried, but I quickly lost interest. (Keep in mind, I had already played through every mission in the entire game with my friends and got all the achievements, including all four DLC expansions.)


THE HUMOR. Borderlands 2 is a funny game. I never get tired of Claptrap's rambling or Handsome Jack's trash talking. This game has some serious moments, but it's not a "serious" game. It's violent, but also very colorful, comical and light-hearted. Most of the FPS games I buy are gloomier and more intense, so it's a nice change of pace.

BEING OVERPOWERED. Being overpowered is so much fun, in my opinion. I love running through old areas in a game after I've beat it and killing enemies with ease. There's something very satisfying about returning to an enemy that seemed so powerful when you first encountered it and now they're just a push-over. 

THE COMMANDO. I know I already mentioned the characters, but I must specifically mention the Commando. Axton is AWESOME! I really like Zero, but dang it... that Sabre Turret is a BEAST. It's so entertaining when my mini-map fills up with reds dots and moments later, they're all gone. There have been many times that I've thrown out my turret and just watched it do all the work. HAHA! 

In the Survival skill tree, Axton can throw out TWO turrets! How sick is that?! Man, once they raise the level cap, the Commando is going to be so overpowered...... I CAN'T WAIT! 


I tend to spend most of my gaming time working on achievements. I'm a completionist and achievements are my chosen measure for whether I've completed a game or not. In the past few days, I've spent a lot of time playing Borderlands 2, but none of that time was spent doing anything related to the achievements. I was just working on leveling my Commando (which I'm not using in my co-op game with friends.) It's unusual for me to do this, especially considering that I still have achievements to work on in XCOM and Halo 4, and more episodes of the Walking Dead to play. But I'm addicted to Borderlands 2, and I plan to keep playing it while I'm still enjoying it. 


158 hours & counting...


What about you? Are you addicted to Borderlands 2?