This week, Wes levels up to a T-Rex, Dean criticizes Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale, and Titus tells us about his upcoming serial novel, Pneumadiluvians. We also talk about the iOS game, Jurassic Park Builder.

As always, the episode description doesn't reflect everything discussed on the show.


Show Notes: 

Dean won a digital copy of Darksiders for PC from Game Informer! Since he already has a copy of Darksiders for Xbox 360, he's giving away the download code. Here's the contest: Come up with an idea for a contest to win this code. The contest idea will not actually be used; the winner will be determined by the person who has the best idea. Helpful Tip: You're more likely to win if your idea is funny. Also, the idea should be appropriate.


Listener Question: Which franchise would get you to play a video game genre you wouldn't normally play?


Dean's Blogs: 

Battle Royale Should Copy MK, Not SB!

Dinosaurs Tricked Me Into Playing Farmville!


The inspiration for this week's intro: