The past few weeks, I've been playing SSX like HECKA (meaning, I've been playing it a lot.) I haven't played an SSX game since SSX 3 on PS2, and this new title is certainly a welcome return to the franchise. However, I must admit that it leaves me wanting more. The gameplay is solid and RiderNet is cool, but the game lacks the depth I was hoping for.

That said, here's some things I'd like to see in the next SSX:


Character Customization Though I preferred Tricky over SSX 3, the thing I REALLY enjoyed about 3 was the character customization. Each character had a variety of creative, unique clothing to buy, which added a lot to the replay value. I'd love to see this make a return.

Psymon is my favorite SSX character, and my favorite outfit for him in SSX 3 was the straight jacket - it was funny to see him do tricks with no arms!


Board Customization Board design was downplayed in the new SSX. There are lots of board designs for each character, but the focus seems to be more on each board's gear level and stats. I love spending time customizing my cars in racing games like Forza, and I'd love to design my own board in SSX. I know you don't look at it that much while you're using it, but it's cool to know that it looks awesome.


Add a "Playground" The old SSX games had areas with halfpipes, and you could get some insanely high scores. In the next SSX, I'd like to see a separate game mode that is more focused on exploring, collecting, and tricks - kinda like the Gymkhana map, Battersea Power Station in DiRT 3. On a certain level, it sounds like I'm trying to turn SSX into Tony Hawk, but I think it could work. It's really not that far off from what's been in some of the previous games.


Day/Night Cycles & Weather Conditions Changes like this help keep the tracks fresh. Additionally, it would be cool if they changed your inventory so you could select gear during an event, not before. For example, you could start an event and it's night time, so you go to your inventory & select your head lamp (or maybe as an alternative, you could hold flairs as you go down the mountain, HAHA!) 

More Fun Gear The only new gear I enjoyed using in the new SSX was the wing suit. Sadly, I don't have any ideas for additional gear, but I'm sure they could come up with something. 

Better/ More Collectibles/Unlockables Geo-tags are fun to collect, but credits aren't motivation enough for me, especially since you earn credits in other ways, too. Once I had met the requirements to earn the geo-tag related badges, I lost interest in collecting them. Greater rewards would make them more interesting. The laptops in Call of Duty 4 and the skulls in the Halo games are two great examples of collectibles worth collecting.

*HEADSHOT* "Hooray!" 


That pretty much does it for my ideas. What about you? What would you like to see in the next SSX?