UPDATE 10/21/2011: Our 24 hour video game marathon for Extra Life starts tonight (Friday, October 21) at 7:30 PM central. We should potentially have up to 12 guys playing in the same house during the duration of this event. The Xbox 360 that we'll be using for multiplayer games (and possibly Rock Band & Kinect games) will be live streamed at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/robotinthecorner. If I understand correctly, we won't have audio of the games we're playing, but we will have audio of us (no video though.) A special thanks to our friend Jordan for setting up this live stream for us!


UPDATE 9/30/2011: Robot in the Corner has officially joined Team GIO. We will be playing Friday, October 21, starting at 7:30 PM through Saturday, October 22, ending at 7:30 PM. We have 10 guys total that will all be playing games in the same house. I haven't gotten a final commitment from all of them yet, but our goal is for each of us to support ourselves and donate $24.00 each, despite some of the guys not being able to stay for the entire event.

We'll have multiple TVs and consoles setup. Thanks to my friend Jordan, we will be live streaming an Xbox 360, but we're still undecided on a 2nd stream of us playing - we may opt to record some video of us playing and post that after the event. We'll try to let you know what we decide in Monday's (10/3) new podcast episode post. We're still working on deciding which games we're going to play.


A special thanks to our friends for doing this gaming marathon with us! Anthony, Nick, Jared, Jordan, Justin, Doug, & Steve


Original Post:

Hey everyone, I was recently asked by mojomonkey12 if Robot in the Corner would be willing to join Team GIO for the Extra Life event on Saturday, October 15. In response, we're currently working on putting together a 24 hour gaming marathon with our friends (potentially 10-11 of us total, if not more.) In the process, I've been thinking about making this a live streamed event with video of us and possibly a 2nd stream of what we're playing (games to be determined.) I've wanted to do a live stream event for Robot in the Corner for quite awhile, but there never seemed to be a solid reason before now. I think this is a great opportunity to entertain fans of the show with a live stream. This is a great cause, and the main goal in doing this is to help raise awareness about this awesome & fun way to donate money to the Children's Miracle Network.

So... before we make the effort to put this live stream event together, I'd like to know: Are you interested in us doing a live stream of our 24 hour gaming marathon for Extra Life? If you are, please let us know in the comments section below. Even if there isn't much interest in the live stream, Titus, Wes, and I are still planning to do a 24 hour gaming marathon with our friends for Extra Life, and we're sponsoring ourselves at $24.00 each.

Thanks to mojomonkey12 for informing the Game Informer community about this event and setting up Team GIO. In case you didn't know, anyone can sign-up to be on Team GIO, not just us podcasters. ;)  Click here to join the team.

Be sure to checkout the Indie & Mojo Show, the new podcast that mojomonkey12 does with indiejones!