In October of 2009, I discovered TrueAchievements. At the time, I had an achievement completion percentage that was 5-10% short of 50% (not including DLC.) Joining this website inspired me to work on this number and reach 50% or higher. The very first game that came to mind was Orange Box - I only had 320 points, and I hadn't played it since 2008. I originally bought it to play Half-Life 2: Episode 2 and Portal. I had already played Half-Life 2 and most of Episode 1 on PC, and I didn't even know what Team Fortress 2 was. I now have 925 points and have completed every game included on the disc except for Portal (I hate the Portal Challenges and currently have no desire to complete them.) In the process, I discovered Team Fortress 2, which is a great online multiplayer game that I'd recommend to anyone who enjoys First Person Shooters. What if I hadn't gone back and played Orange Box again for the achievements? I might not have discovered Team Fortress 2.

Another game that I ended up playing through this endeavour was Forza Motorsport 2. This game came with my Xbox 360. I only played it one time and had a few achievements unlocked. I used to play a lot of racing games in high school and college, but I got burned out on them (I used to play them A LOT.) Working on the achievements in Forza2 has rekindled my interest in the racing genre, and I plan on playing Pure and/or Dirt2 in the near future.

Currently, my achievement completion percentage is at 68%. Outside of discovering new games (like TF2) and rediscovering the enjoyment of genres from my past, "achievement hunting" has breathed new life into many of my "old" games, like Halo 3, Street Fighter IV, Rock Band, Gears of War 2 and more.