At home, I missed a generation of gaming. However, I had a few friends that had either the PSX or the N64, so I got a good taste of what this generation had to offer. One of my friends from youth group (Jeremy) had a PSX and I remember playing Test Drive 4 with him. More specifically, I remember playing the San Francisco track over and over and over and over again...... it may have been the only track we ever played. It was certainly the only track we cared about.

This is the first time I recall getting "air" in a racing game. It was our sole purpose when we played - to see how far down the hill we could go before landing and which car could "fly" the farthest. I remember thinking that if we went fast enough (with the right car), we could fly over the entire hill in one jump. It didn't happen...... but we had a lot of fun trying.