I don't have anything to say about these games (that hasn't been said a thousand times already.) I just want to share my favorites with everyone (who doesn't?) With that said, here's my list:

10. Shadow of the Colossus



9. Street Fighter II

Best. Fighting Game. Ever.


8. Portal

GlaDOS' hilarious comments......


7. Shadows of the Empire

Jetpack fight with Boba Fett.


6. Metroid Prime Trilogy

* All three games were released in one package so they can all be counted as one. I honestly can't decide which one I like the most. I keep going back and forth between 1 & 3......


5. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

I played this for the first time* in 2009. Timeless Classic.


4. Super Mario World

This is the first video game I ever owned and I've never stopped playing it. I've played it
more than any other game.


3. Super Metroid

Mother Brain.


2. Half-Life 1 & 2

I have no words.


1. Metal Gear Solid (1, 2, 3 & 4)

* It's my list and I'll pick a series as my #1 if I want to. HAHA! I like Metal Gear Solid 4 the most.