Since the very first time he played Doom at my uncle's house, my dad has been hooked on FPS games. Immediately after purchasing his first computer, he started playing them. Everyday after school, I would come home and watch my dad play, and I would play the same game when he was done. In those days, I wasn’t bent on finishing games. If I didn’t finish the games myself, I would just watch my dad finish them.

……and then came Half-Life……

Half-Life changed everything. This game immediately grabbed my attention, and I couldn’t stop playing it. Instead of making half-hearted attempts to catch-up with my dad, I tried to get further than him. When I was playing, he wouldn’t sit and watch the whole time, but he’d occasionally come by and check my progress. I remember several times when he said, “I haven’t seen this part yet – you’re getting pretty far!” Half-Life was more than just a mere shooter… it was a shooter with a story. I didn’t care how hard it got… I wanted to beat it.

And now I get to the main point of this post: The G-Man. *SPOILERS* (kinda)

If you've never played a Half-Life game but plan to someday, don't read any further. Trust me, if you're going to play Half-Life, don't read anything about the G-Man until you've played it. It wil make the experience much more enjoyable. (I didn't play Super Metroid until 2007 and somehow, I saw a video of the end boss battle before I ever played the game and I've always regretted it. It was still really awesome, but not as enjoyable as it could have been.)

I’ll never forget this perplexing "antagonist." I remember, very early on in the game, when his appearances were subtle. I distinctly recall the first time he grabbed our attention. My dad walked by a locked door, and we saw the G-Man walk up to it from the other side, and there he stood…… just staring at us. We were filled with excitement and confusion. We couldn’t stop talking about the mysterious man in the suit. Later on, we started seeing him more and more. Sometimes he’d be out in the open and we’d try to shoot him, but the mystery man was unaffected by our weapons. To us, he became the focal point of the game. We couldn’t wait to find out who this man was and what part he played in the story. Was he even a man?!? After six games, (Half-Life, Opposing Force, Blue Shift, Half-Life 2, HL2 Episode 1, HL2 Episode 2) we are still waiting to find out.