1. How did you come up with your GamerTag and/or GIO screen name?

I took two semesters of Latin, and I...wasn't very good at it. "Caudex" means "You blockhead," so I began applying it to myself a lot. After I decided that "Darkheath" was kind of a dumb name, "Caudex" was an obvious choice. 

As for my GamerTag (SkittlesSoldier), well, I like Skittles. Enough that I would fight for them. So I guess I'm a Skittles Soldier.


2. You are picked as a group of 10 people for a one-way trip to Mars. What 5 games do you take with you?

Fallout 3, Dark Souls, Goldeneye (for the N64), Halo: Reach, and Skyrim. You want a mix of multiplayer games (Reach and Goldeneye) and games that can be played over and over (Fallout 3 and Skyrim), and still be different each time.


3. Do you think Pluto got shafted when it was downgraded from a planet?

Honestly, I don't really know. At least it's one less to remember now.


4. How often do you use GameFAQs or other walkthrough/tip sites when gaming?

Depends on the game. Something like Halo or Gears of War, no. In a game like Fallout, I might look up the repercussions of a certain choice, or where to activate a quest. Puzzle-heavy games, I use walkthroughs constantly. I suck at puzzles.


5. Who is your favorite GIO blogger?

Is this a trap? It is, isn't it? Probably Saint. His blogs are insightful, always interesting, often funny, always well-written... Yeah, Saint.


6. If you could hang out with one GIO member away from the site, who would it be and what would the two of you do?

Probably DeadManWalking. We're really similar, like the same music, the same books, the same ponies, etc. As for what we'd do? Probably play videogames. Yeah. I'm really exciting.


7. If you could date a video game character, who would it be? Explain the date (Keep it clean).

Nobody? Because the odds of me getting a date... Oh, fine, I'll play along. Samus Aran. Because she's bad-donkey. If I could, I'd probably talk her into letting me tag along on a bounty. Because I'm stupid that way. I'd probably get killed, but it'd be worth it.


8. What's the best game you've played this year? (it doesn't need to have been released this year).

Fallout 3. Definitely. Open world, good story, cool places, cool weapons, varied DLC... I put easily 200 hours into it. Definitely worth the twenty bucks I paid for the GOTY version.


9. What's your opinion on NASA and the space program?

Ummmm... Going to Mars is cool! Honestly, I'm disappointed that they're shifting focus from manned flights. But, maybe a non-government organization will have better luck without red tape. We shall see.


10. GIO is pretty awesome, ain't it?