Yup. I'm doing this again. Because I can. Because I'm not the blogger GIO needs, I'm the blogger they deserve. Or something.

1. What's Your Favorite Weapon in a Video Game?

Probably the Halo DMR. It combines accuracy and range with reasonable power and decent rate of fire. Otherwise, pretty much anything that resembles a sniper rifle or has a scope. The further from danger I am, the happier I am. Give me a clump of unsuspecting targets any day. 


2. What's Your Favorite and Least Favorite Food?

Favorite food: Tombstone pepperoni pizza, regular crust. (Yes, that specific brand and style.) Least favorite food: Any and all fish or shellfish. They make me want to puke. No idea why, given I'm not allergic to them.


3. What's Your Favorite Book and Why?

The one I just wrote! (Shameless plugs!)

Seriously, though, I can't answer that! I love so many books, it's impossible to choose! How about I just list some I love? No? Ok... *deep breath* Steady. I can do this. *begins hyperventilating* The Hobbit. It's funny, it's epic, and I've read it probably 50 times (along with LOTR). Runners-up would be: the Gaunt's Ghosts series, the Hitchhiker's Guide series, the Nightside series, the Gregor the Overlander series, Sherlock Holmes, Jurassic Park... I could list titles for days. But I'll refrain.


4. When Faced With Decisions in Video Games, Do You Go with the Good Choices or the Bad Ones.

Good. Always good. Considering that I hate Superman, it's ironic I act like him in games. I can't even be bad to get an achievement. Sad, I know. I guess I just identify with characters, and can't wish them ill. Unless they're monsters. In which case--oops! You're dead!


5. What's Your Favorite Fast Food?

McDonald's french fries, combined with a bunch of taco bravos from Taco John's. CULTURE! And stuff! 


6. Who's your favorite video game villain and why?

Doesn't everyone have to answer GLaDOS? Honestly, it's a tie between GLaDOS and Joker. Joker because he's a twisted, manipulative monster who is Chaotic Evil to Batman's Chaotic Good; and GLaDOS because she's a twisted, manipulative, FUNNY monster with a rather touching backstory. 


7. What is your Favorite Genre of Video Games?

I like games that combine fighting stuff with making difficult decisions. So, I'd have to go with action/RPG, or shooter/RPG, or pretty much anything/RPG. Think Skyrim, Fallout, Witcher, Mass Effect...


8.  Which Pokemon are on your go-to team of six?

Charizard, Pikachu, Zapdos, Moltres, Blastoise, and Venesaur. I...I have a thing for fire and electricity. Also, I haven't played any Pokemon games besides Fire Red, and a bit of Silver. *sobs* I'm a horrible person!


9. What was your favorite cartoon as a child?

Well, my favorite was Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. However, I didn't get Cartoon Network, so my favorite cartoon I actually got to watch regularly was TMNT. Not the 80s one, the 2000s reboot. Turtles In Time was awesome! I have to say, though, that if I’d known about Invader Zim as a kid, that would have been my favorite cartoon. Honestly, I still love cartoons—Futurama, Invader Zim, Foster’s Home… I could go on for a long time.


10. What was the last healthy food you ate and when?