Max Payne 3

Xbox 360 - PS3 - PC
Developer - Rockstar Games
Publisher - Rockstar Games
Release Date: May 15th, 2012





Take that, backlog! I have been meaning to get this game for a while now, and with the recent Steam sales this summer it was hard to pass up. Glad to have buckled, because this was one game worth the time. Full written review here.

A recent Indie and Mojo Show post reminded me that I need to take a moment to recognize those brave individuals involved in the 31/31 challenge. These guys write a blog every day, and lose nothing in quality! I'm sure I would start strong and quickly transition into an argument of Twinkies vs Cupcakes, so kudos to these following brave souls: Chris Mrvicka, Jolt the Cynic, Hannibal, TOG Nick, BlackHeartedWolf, and DJH.

Team GIO needs your help! I have yet to sign up myself (stupid laziness!), partially because I am torn between simply donating or actually participating. The date is drawing closer, and the team is only getting stronger. Details can be found on their announcement blog, here.

The Summer of Arcade may get a dual review for the next installment, still debating on how to handle it. Also working on revising the body of the written reviews. Lots of tweaks in the near future, and the continued views and support have kept me going. Thanks as usual, you valiant viviacious vigorous populus...too many adjectives?