The Game Informer User Review section is akin to Minesweeper; you will find some great points in there but be prepared to click on some bombs. Saint and Samurai Zero have done an excellent job at weeding out some of the hidden gems with Blog Herding and User Review Herding. To further help in improving the section I've decided to invest more time into my own reviews by adding something different; video reviews.

Reading is all well and good, but actually seeing the game in action is an additional route I am hoping to add to boost reviews. After spending time playing around with editing and game capture software for the PC, I set out to construct a review for a game I have been playing since mid-December; Star Wars: The Old Republic.

The first realization with this endeavour...this takes a lot longer than I thought. Trimming clips down to appropriate size, matching narration audio with video, and adding cues and music to the right timing is all pretty time consuming. The review alone took at least a week and a half of multiple takes before everything panned out the way I wanted.

While SWtoR was a huge game to throw a review together for, I'm hoping to continue this trend with other titles. There's still plenty I will have to do, including procuring capture hardware for consoles and a mic with more clarity. Mind you, the written reviews will remain, but I am hoping to simply add this in place of where I put trailers.

For now I am simply looking for input: How long do you typically like your video reviews to be? Do you prefer a more serious tone? What improvements or additions would you recommend? Etc.

Due to time constraints, I'm hoping to at least get one of these out each month for the biggest title. If last November is anything to attest to, there simply won't be enough time for every single game that hits the shelf. Just trying to see if this is something you would like to see more of in the review section.