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August Releases: Fruit, Fantasy, and Football!

I usually post these to my personal blog to keep friends updated as to what is coming out each month. I am still working through the format, so I apologize in advance for the tweaks and alterations here and there. Anything you guys are looking forward to?

August 3rd

  Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet

  Xbox 360: Summer of Arcade 

  Developer: Shadow Planet Productions [Fuelcell, Gagne]

  Publisher: Microsoft

  Cost: 1200 MS Points



August 10th

  Fruit Ninja Kinect

  Xbox 360: Summer of Arcade Kinect

  Developer: Halfbrick

  Publisher: Microsoft

  Cost: 800 MS Points



August 16th/17th

  El Shaddai: Ascension on the Metatron

   PS3-Xbox 360

   Developer: Ignition Entertainment

   Publisher: Ignition Entertainment




  Toy Soldiers: Cold War

   Xbox 360: Summer of Arcade

   Developer: Signal Studios

   Publisher: Microsoft

   Cost: 1200 MS Points



August 23rd

  Deus Ex: Human Revolution

  PS3-Xbox 360-PC

  Developer: Eidos Montreal

  Publisher: Square Enix





  PS3-Xbox 360-PC

  Developer: Guildford Studio

  Publisher: Codemasters



August 30th

  Madden NFL 2012

  PS3-Xbox 360

  Developer: EA Tiburon

  Publisher: EA Games