Most sequels these days seem to spawn immediately after the good reviews and even better sales figures are revealed. Though these sequels are always good news in most cases, there are a few games out there that never got the "sequel" treatment. Provided is a list of 10 games that I feel should have been deemed worthy enough to tack on that ever common "2"...



Brute Force


May 2003

Developer: Digital Anvil  

  Brute Force is one of those guilty pleasure games. It got "meh" reviews, but was a blast to play when you had four other friends around. The game failed to deliver on using each member's unique ability with the other members to overcome enemies, but proved to be entertaining none the less. It feels like this game was one that could have succeeded with the massive dependence of online co-op we see in most titles today. Maybe we can think of 'Borderlands' as a sequel to this? *shrug*



Conker's Bad Fur Day

Nintendo 64

March 2001

Developer: Rareware  

Conker's Bad Fur Day was the prime comedy driven platformer in its day, proving loveable squirrel characters are much more entertaining when they are drunk. This game was so random and hilarious that it became a major hit. It is still the only game I have played in which I fight a giant piece of crap for a boss and re-enact The Matrix lobby scene with squirrels...Needless to say, it was a fun experience that I'm sure could have had an even more entertaining sequel had it been given the chance. Alas, the Xbox remake is all that we have at the current moment.



Zombies Ate My Neighbors


July 1993

Developer: Lucasarts   

This is one of those games most people that owned an SNES experienced..and loved. Nothing was funner than blazing through with a buddy shooting zombies, demon babies, and every other crazy monster that came your way. Players ran through malls, backyards, even pyramids and rescued their neighbors from the various monsters. This begs the question, why have we not seen a sequel for this game? I would love to kill werewolves with silverware all over again in HD...



Gitaroo Man

Playstation 2

June 2001

Developer: Koei  

  Before Guitar Hero became all the rage, Gitaroo Man was the rhythm game to experience. Though filled with corny dialogue and terrible voice acting, the music and gameplay in this were incredibly addictive. It centered on your ability to "defend" by pressing the appropriate button and "attack" by following the guitar trail with the thumbstick. Even if the gameplay remained the same, a sequel is more than necessary as the soundtrack to this is just as entertaining as the game.



Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy


June 2004

Developer: Midway  

  Psi-Ops was an incredibly fun campaign filled with satisfying psychic abilities. You had the ability to suspend guards in the air and shoot their helpless bodies, sneak up behind them and overload their minds causing their heads to explode, or even set them on fire. Regardless of the power used, the result was utterly satsifying. With a cliffhanger ending and great potential for a sequel, many expected we would see a second addition to this game. Unfortunately, the game was left as is, and the "To be Continued" text at the end of the game leaves questions unanswered...



Star Wars: Republic Commando


March 2005

Developer: Lucasarts  

  Republic Commando proved that a great Star Wars game could be made without lightsabers. You led your squad through numerous battles, blasting through droids with a large array of weaponry and three trusty squad members. The greatest aspect of this game was the ability to issue commands to your squadmates, setting them in sniper or gunner positions as you saw fit. On higher difficulties, the game truly was a fantastic shooter as you were continually issuing orders while fending off waves of droids. The cliffhanger ending left many tapping their foot in anticipation of a sequel, but the most that was given was a series of books. A sequel to this game on a next-gen console would be a fanboy's dream...



Duke Nukem 3D


Jan 1996

Developer: 3D Realms

  I'm here to kickass and chew bubblegum...and I'm all out of bubblegum. The game that fueled soundboards is most deserving of a sequel. Duke Nukem was a FPS that led a pissed off Duke to go on an alien shooting spree. The huge amount of weapons and mindless fun that was had has made Duke Nukem a game that is still played over and over again to this day. The well-hidden secrets and quirky one-liners drew in the fans..that and the fact that you could pay strippers and have pixel boobs appear on screen didn't hurt either. The sequel announced as Duke Nukem Forever has been stuck in developer hell since 1997. With no clear end in sight, Duke Nukem must remain a single game with balls of steel....



Jet Force Gemini

Nintendo 64

Oct 1999

Developer: Rareware  

  Jet Force Gemini was one of the better third person shooters to grace the N64. Taking on the role of Juno, Vela, or Lupus you navigated through level after level taking out hordes of giant ant soldiers. Gameplay was a mix or platforming with run and gun action. The boss battles were quite epic and the weapons provided were incredibly satisfying, ranging from a tri-rocket launcher to..umm...fishfood. With a similarly fun multiplayer component and the feel of a true sci-fi adventure, JFG was a huge hit. This is a game that is more than deserving of a sequel.



Chrono Trigger


March 1995

Developer: Squaresoft  

  Chrono Trigger was a truly amazing RPG, and is still held as one of the best games on the SNES. Using an active time battle system and having enemies moving around during a fight, gameplay required tactics and fast thinking. The story was quite good, with the ability to finish the game with multiple endings giving huge incentive for replay value. Though a remake was released on the DS, many still wish we could see a Chrono Trigger 2 in all its HD glory on a next-gen console...



Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem

Nintendo 64

June 2002

Developer: Silicon Knights  

  Eternal Darkness proved to be one of the most unique experiences on the Gamecube. The game had players navigating different eras and different characters among their environments. The fighting allowed targeting of specific body parts as well as using magic with specific alignments. Instead of playing through the game, many found the sanity meter much more fun to play around with, as becoming more insane allowed the player to experience very weird occurrences. Your character would shrink or grow, sounds would be heard like women screaming, or even bleeding walls and ceilings. The feature was so unique and so fun to play with that Eternal Darkness was considered a truly underrated title. Silicon Knights have not completely written off a sequel, and have stated openly that it has a strong chance to return. Fingers it is my choice for a game most deserving of a sequel.


Your game not on the list? What games do you think deserved a sequel?