Super Smash Bros. Direct Blog… OF AWESOMENESS!!!!!

Hello and welcome to my humble Super Smash Bros. Direct analysis blog! Where I will be give you a recap and my analysis, impressions, and thoughts of the most recent Nintendo Direct hosted by Masahiro Sakurai, who is apparently still alive. Most of what you are about to read are based off these two videos. The first on is the actual Direct Nintendo posted: and the second one is a slideshow of a plethora of new screenshots posted by GameXplain: If you haven’t seen them, I highly suggest you watch them before reading what is below, and let me tell you, there is A LOT below. Get it? Got it? Good. Now let’s get this thing started!!


This blog will follow the order of topics presented in the Direct, so it will be split up into sections


Release Info

Winter? Why not Holiday 2014?


The 3DS version will release Summer 2014, while the Wii U version will release Winter 2014. While at first I, and most likely many others, was shocked and appalled that the 3DS version was coming out first, I began to think about it. The first thing that came to mind is that if released at the same time, the version will compete with each other. Young Jimmy will walk into the store, hoping to buy the newest Super Smash Bros but will only have enough money to buy one version. With one release several months after the first, Jimmy will be able to buy one now, save up money, and buy the other one later. And this will most likely happen with the 3DS version releasing first.


This game has a lot to prove. And what better way to prove it’s worth, than by giving a taste of what the game has to offer. The 3DS version is that taste. Even though this isn’t entirely true, the 3DS version will be inferior. Now I’m not the saying the 3DS version will be horrible, it’s just that the space on the 3DS version isn’t up to par with the Wii U version. Even though the 3DS version has isn’t own stages and it’s own special online mode, it just won’t be able to offer everything that the HD version on the Wii U can offer. This game will more or less be a preview. Allowing Jimmy to buy the 3DS version first, be totally enthralled with the experience, but still want more, more that only the Wii U version will offer. And seriously, PORTABLE SMASH BROS AND HD SMASH BROS!!!! How could you only choose one?


Technical Tidbit

Get your 30fps out of my face!!


Concerning the 3DS version, Sakurai presented some information about the frame rate. Most of the game on the 3DS version will run at 60fps, fairly amazing for the handheld. The reason I said most though, is that Pokémon and Assist Trophies will run at 30fps, a smart way to conserve space. While it seems a little trivial for Sakurai to point it out, I see it was a way to ward off any criticism later. There were also a couple of interesting things shown in this segment. While watching part of a fight between Fox and Samus at the beginning of the segment, you may have noticed two things. First, when Samus did her up smash on Fox, a red, black, and white lighting effect flashed right before Fox got launched. This effect was shown in Miiverse posts before, which most likely indicates when the attack is a for sure KO. Second, right when Fox went out of bounds off the top of the screen, a flashing red fiery effect surround Samus, indicating that she had just scored a KO. These two effects are a pretty cool way of indicting that the person dishing out the punishment scored a point.  Now look at the picture I posted above. Is that? It is! It’s Samurai Goroh!! A high-speed racer from the same game as Captain Falcon. And if you happen to put two and two together, this must mean Captain Falcon will be a playable character! Though I don’t think Sakurai will announce his inclusion, leaving The Captain to be secret unlockable character, as he was in the original Smash Bros and Brawl.


Differences Between Versions

It's hammer time kid, you wouldn't understand.


Here, Sakurai talks about the differences between the Wii U and 3DS version of the game. The characters will be the same in both versions, but the stages and corresponding music will be different. Even designs for similar stages will be different, like the Battlefield and most likely Final Destination as well. For the 3DS, each stage will have two music pieces tied to them, like Melee. As for the Wii U, each stage will have multiple music pieces that will be accessible in My Music. Just like in Brawl, you will be able to set the likelihood each song will be played. And if the music played during the Direct is any inclination, the music played on the stages will be simply amazing. There will also be ways that both versions can connect, but more details on this will be revealed at a later date. Good ‘ol Sakurai!



The stages will be different for each version, but Battlefield and probably Final Destination will receive design differences

Sakurai presented 3DS stages followed by Wii U Stages.




·      Reset Bomb Forest from Kid Icarus Uprising

o   A stage reminiscent of Castle Siege where a reset bomb falls from the sky in the background and changes the whole stage

·      3D Land from Super Mario 3D Land

o   A moving stage with players going to various locals. There are question mark block that players can hit to receive an item

·      Spirit Train from Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks

o   A stage reminiscent of Big Blue where players fight on a moving train. Various other platforms appear beside the train and player will be taken off the stage if the land on the tracks

·      Gerudo Valley from Ocarina of Time 3D

o   A stage with a breakable bridge in the middle connecting two flat sides. Twinrova appear, attacking players with fire and ice

·      Arena Feorx from Fire Emblem Awakening

o   A flat, Final Destination like, stage with random platforms that can come up from the stage like Pokémon Stadium

o   Since this stage comes from Awakening, it seems almost certain that a representative from the game will make the cut

·      Tortimer Island from Animal Crossing New leaf

o   A stage set on a small island that changes each time you fight on it. Trees, docks, and the landscape change

·      Living Room from Nintendogs

o   Players fight on a block tower where dogs and sometimes cats run around and play in the background

·      Prism Tower from Pokémon X/Y

o   A stage like Halbred where Players start off at the bottom of the tower then a large, moving platform take the players up the tower, and over the city. The stage goes from day to night

·      Rainbow Road from Mario Kart 7

o   A stage like Port Town Aero Dive where a large moving platform takes players around Rainbow Road, frequently dropping players onto the road itself

·      Find Mii from Mii Plaza

o   A fairly simple stage at first with two flat rock bases to fight on. There is a Mii trapped in a cage off to the right of the stage. A monster will appear in the middle of the stage to harass players

§  I have a feeling that the monster is a boss of the stage that can be attacked by freeing the caged Mii. The caged Mii, probably a Mii taken from your 3DS, might use the magic corresponding to its shirt color.

§  This stage might also mean that Miis could be playable

·      Balloon Fight from Balloon Fight

o   A retro stage with flippers, water in the middle with a motion sensing fish, and runaround edges

·      Jungle Japes

o   A stage originally from Melee

Since this stage originated from Melee, this would mean that other past stages from Melee could be included, namely the popular Legend of Zelda Temple


Wii U*

·      Mario Galaxy from Super Mario Galaxy 2

o   A large, curved stage with two platforms off towards each end. Starship Mario can be see flying around in the background

·      Pyrosphere from Metroid Other M

o   A medium, flat stage with three platforms, one off to the right and two, one above the other, off to the left

·      Town and City from Animal Crossing

o   A flat stage just like Smashville where players fight on a hovering platform high above the city. The platform will fly over the town and city while smaller platforms come from sides of the stage

·       Boxing Ring from Punch Out!!

o   Players fight in a boxing ring where they can jump up on the ropes. Players can also jump out and fight on the floor outside of the ring. The stage can change logos from the Smash Bros logo to the World Circuit logo

·      Pilot Wings from Pilot Wings

o   Players fight on top of an airplane that will drop players off on another airplane underneath

·      Skyloft from Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword

o   A stage reminiscent of Delfino Plaza where a platform takes players and drops them off at different spots in Skyloft. When the main platform comes up from the ground, the other, smaller platforms floating above the main might be different

·      Windy Hill from Sonic Lost World

o   A curvy stage with platforms floating above. There is a spring off to the right side of the stage and a windmill with platforms above the spring

·      Garden of Hope from Pikmin 3

o   A yellow fragment bridge separates two sides of the stage, with the right side higher than the left. There is a climbing stick on the right side that players can jump on and a fragment dish on the left side. Past each side there are square cans acting as platforms suspended by ropes

·      Wii Fit Studio from Wii Fit

o   A flat stage with Wii balance boards that float down, and exit, from the top of the stage at varying levels. The background is can be either a large mirror or a screen that shows a trainer flexing

·      Palutena’s Temple

o   An extremely large stage, bigger than both Temple and New Pork City, with a bunch of platforms, hazards, and areas to fight

·      Halbred from Kirby

o   A past stage from Brawl

§  Other past stages from brawl will most likely be include

§  Also, during a different clip of this stage where Mario and Sonic are fighting, you may have noticed a blue shell floating above Mario’s head. It is highly likely that this is an item that will function similarly to how it does in Mario Kart, targeting and attacking the player in the lead.


Hmmmm… Where’s your weak spot?


In addition to new stages, Sakurai also revealed a new feature. Boss characters. Bosses from the game the stage is from will appear on the stage and attack players. The only one officially revealed was the Yellow Devil who appears on the stage Dr. Wiley’s Castle. The Yellow Devil starts in the background on the castle then comes flying out and lands on the stage. The yellow devil obstructs the fighters but can be taken down by being attacked in the eye. The player who gets the last hit on the eye will cause an explosion that will only affect the other players. Sakurai also mentions that other boss characters appear with a shadow is shown chasing Pikachu on Pyrosphere. Yeah, it was Ridley’s shadow. This could have different possible meanings since Sakurai didn’t outright name names or say that Pyrosphere had a boss character. If Ridley is in fact a boss character, does that disconfirm him as a playable character? Maybe the shadow is just the shadow of a playable Ridley. Another possibility is that the shadow is off Meta-Ridley; meaning regular Ridley could still be playable. There is a way though that Ridley can be a playable character while being a boss character as well. On the Spirit Tracks stage, if Toon Link is being used in battle, Alfonzo will man the train, instead of Link. Using that same logic on Pyrosphere, when Ridley isn’t in use, he could be the boss character of that stage. But if Ridley was chosen as a playable character, another Metroid boss could harass players like Kraid or Shrimp Boss. And, If you pause at the right time when the shadow is shown in the direct, you can catch a glimpse of Ridley’s wing, which looks awfully similar to the Other M incarnation of Ridley. This could all mean something or absolutely nothing. Good ‘ol Sakurai!

Trophy Quiz #1

A dragon woman holding an electric mouse? Adorable!

Next there was a quick trophy quiz that was none other than Tiki, a Manakete from Fire Emblem Awakening. Even though she didn’t originate from Awakening, her most recent appearance was from that game. With that in mind, her appearance as a trophy might signify that another character from Awakening will be joining the ranks. Namely Prince Chrom, as the game needs another Fire Emblem representative and Chrom’s inclusion would make the most sense.


Online Play

We did it all for the glory of love!


And like Brawl, this game with have online multiplayer. But unlike Brawl, both version of this game seem to have enjoyable online multiplayer. Though I doubt the 3DS version will run as smoothly as the Wii U version. Sakurai even suggested the use of a Wii LAN adaptor. Though I doubt most people will use it…


The game will have two different types of online, with friends or with anyone. With friends, players can freely pick and chose the rules. There are two distinct game modes with anyone though. For Fun or For Glory. In for Fun Mode the stages are picked at random, with the exception of Final Destination, all items are on, players will be able to play smash battles only, and only wins will be recorded. Everything seems in order with this mode, though I don’t know what Sakurai means by “smash battles only”. Is he talking about free-for-alls only, time matches only, or by smash battles does he mean not Smash Run, an online feature present in the 3DS only? Concerning For Glory mode the only stage that can be fought on is Final Destination, all items are off, 1-on-1 battles are possible, and both wins and losses will be recorded. Two questions arise from this mode, how will 1-on-1 battles occur and are teams possible. You could very well just select the type of battle you want before entering the waiting room. That would be the best way for that to happen, rather than randomly having free-for-alls or 1-on-1’s. Also, will all battles be time, or will players have a chance to pick the more favorable stock option? The only thing I really hope for is a decrease in the amount of time your stuck beating on a sandbag in the waiting room.

Wait time? I don’t care 'bout no stinking wait time!

Another feature introduced was that every stage has a final destination version. This is a great inclusion, as it gives every stage a chance to be used. While this seems great, it would be a waste if this was online only. And given two interesting tidbits, it’s seems that the final destination version of stages will be available for offline battle as well. When Rosalina’s final smash was shown, it was on the final destination version of Mario Galaxy. Also a couple of Assist trophies were shown on final destination versions of a couple of stages. Items are turned off in For Glory mode, so the smash ball and assist trophies must have been used on the final destination version of  Mario Galaxy and the other stages not in For Glory mode.

Now let’s take a minute to look at the beauty of the new Final Destination


Oh HD, I just know we can make things work!


I just love the worlds colliding, heave vs. hell theme. But there’s something strangely familiar about the design… Sort of looks like…


I prefer Tekken…


What!? Is that the Soul Cailbur and Soul Edge bonded together? Yes it is, and apparently the new and improved Final Destination seems takes inspiration from the sword. That would make sense as Namco, the studio developing this game, created SoulCalibur and wanted to include a reference to it. This might indicate that a Namco representative might be playable. My fingers are still crossed for Pac-Man!




And now, you’ll actually be able to tell who you’re fighting with as Nintendo Network ID’s will be displayed. And now you can report troublemakers and have Nintendo give them a talking to. Reported players will be temporarily banned based on starting and not playing, relentless targeting of an individual, repeated self-destructs, frequent dropping, cheats, and baseless reporting.


My Smash Power brings all da boys’ to da yard!


There will also be scoring competitions online as well. In Sakurai’s mind, a simple ranking system would be too broad and not much fun. Apparently scores will be taken from clearing single player modes. With this, Global Smash Power was born! The larger the player’s score, the stronger they are. The score will indicate how you stack up with other players. Look at little Timmy with his score of 300,312!! That number shows how many people he’s outscored. Even though there’s no ranking, some matching making will be going on in the background based on skill. The matching making will probably take the Global Smash Power into consideration.



Tanooki Kirby… Now that’s gonna be adorable…


Now let’s look at a long list detailing items from the direct and from the screenshots:



·      Smart Bomb

·      Soccer Ball

·      Hothead

·      Sandbag

o   Might indicated that the Home-Run Contest will be returning, though I doubt it would have been cut in the first place

·      Freezie

·      Bob-omb

·      Banana Peel

·      Gooey Bomb

·      Team Healer

·      Deku Nut

·      Lip’s Stick

·      Blast Box

·      Smoke Ball

·      Pitfall

·      Golden Hammer

·      Hammer

·      Star Rod

·      Fire Flower

·      Timer

·      Super Scope

·      Super Mushroom

·      Heart Container

·      Food

·      Unira

·      Lightning

·      Bunny Ears

·      Screw Attack

·      Dragoon

·      Mr. Saturn

o   An item from Earthbound, meaning Ness and maybe Lucas will be returning, but probably as secret unlockable characters like Ness was in the first Smash Bros and Brawl

·      Franklin Badge

o   An item from Earthbound, meaning Ness and maybe Lucas will be returning, but probably as secret unlockable characters like Ness was in the first Smash Bros and Brawl



·      Beam Sword

·      Bumper

·      Motion Censor Bomb

·      The futuristic and present crates

·      Spring

·      Ray Gun

·      Home-Run Bat

·      Smash Ball



·      POW Block from Super Mario

o   A 3-time use item that sends grounded foes sky high when thrown at a surface

·      Beetle from Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword

o   A thrown item that grabs opponents and takes them up into the sky

·      Fire Bar from Super Mario

o   A 5-time use flaming battering item. Each time an opponents is hit, one of the five flames goes out, reducing the item’s length

·      Back Shield from Kid Icarus Uprising

o   An equipable item that protects the player’s back from attacks

·      Bombchu from Legend of Zelda

o   A bomb item that when thrown, will either move in a straight line or actively follow your opponent

·      Fairy Bottle from Legend of Zelda

o   A healing item that will probably heal more than the Heart Container

·      Ore Club from Kid Icarus Uprising

o   A battering item that when charged will unleash a whirlwind, like how the Star Rod will release stars when charged

·      X Bomb from Kid Icarus Uprising

o   A bomb that when thrown, lingers in the air charging then releasing an x or cross shaped explosion

·      Hocotate Bomb from Pikmin

o   A bomb item that when thrown, will travel straight up, trapping opponents above it before crashing into the stage, creating a large explosion

·      Rocket Belt from Pilot Wings

o   An equipable recovery item that will allow players to rocket through the air, giving them extra jump height

·      Steel Diver from Steel Diver

o   An item that shoot mini torpedoes, probably works like Samus’ standard missiles

·      Blue Shell from Mario Kart

o   A throwing item that might hover above the player in first place for a bit before coming down on them, spikes pointed towards their head

·      Tanooki Leaf from Super Mario

o   And item that once grabbed, seems to give your characters tanooki ears and a tail. You might be able to swipe opponents and projectiles away with your tail

·      Boomerang from Super Mario

o   A throwing item that you probably will be able to throw multiple times as the boomerang should be able to come after you

·      Drill Arm from Kid Icarus Uprising

o   A projectile based item where you shoot a drill from the base of the arm

·      Killer Eye from Kid Icarus Uprising

o   A movable turret that might shoot down opponents who enter it’s line of fire

·      Cucco from Legend of Zelda

o   A chicken that wanders the stage. Attacking it will probably cause of swarm of chickens to overwhelm and KO you.

·      Gust Bellows from Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword

o   An item that blows opponents off stage with powerful wind blasts. When dropped, the gusts will run wild

·      Special Flag from various Namco games and even Star Fox Assault

o   An item that might summon old Namco video game characters like the Galaga aliens

o   Another interesting Namco reference that might hint at a Namco representative being playable. Seriously, PAC-MAN PEOPLE!!!!


Side note: There was also a screenshot of Bullet Bill. Since I couldn’t discern if he was an item or an assist trophy, I left him out of the list.


Trophy Quiz #2

Hey! Listen!

Next was trophy quiz #2, and Fi from Skyward Sword was shown. As Fi, the humanoid representation of the Goddess Sword, was featured in in Skyward Sword, her inclusion as a trophy might mean a Skyward Sword representative might be playable. I’m guessing either Ghirahim or possibly Demise, who could replace Ganondorf. Though I highly doubt Ganondorf will be cut as he’s an iconic Zelda antagonist. The only problem I have with Mr. Piggy is his moveset. I assume that a majority of his moves were altered to give him his own flair, and that Sakurai will give us the run down on a later date.


Assist Trophies

Why does Waluigi have to be an assist trophy again! Where’s the Waluigi love!

Assist trophies will also make their return, with a cool looking redesign. And apparently, the assist trophies will figure into All-Star Mode.



·      Andross from Star Fox

·      Devil from Devil World

·      Knuckle Joe from Kirby

·      Saki Amamiya from Sin & Punishment

·      Lyn from Fire Emblem

·      Boston Terrier Nintendog from Nintendog

·      Waluigi from… wherever he’s from

o   If you happened to catch the symbol next to Waluigi’s name, it’s Wario’s symbol from Brawl. This might indicate Wario’s inclusion in this game

·      Dr. Wright

·      Metroid

·      Samurai Goroh

o   A character from F-Zero, the same game Captain Falcon comes from, indicating Captain Falcon's inclusion in the game



·      Skull Kid from Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask

o   Floats in the air, then creates a dark void that flips the stage upside down

·      Mother Brain from Metroid

o   Charges then attacks with the Laser Brain Attack

·      Minda from Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess

o   Swipes her hair in the shape of a giant hand

·      Ashley from Wario Ware

o   Creates a purple haze that has status effects, seen slowing King Dedede and shrinking Fox

o   Since Ashley is from Wario Ware, this could very well mean Wario will be returning as a playable character

·      Dark Samus from Metroid Prime

o   Shoots a fast array of Phazon and has a shockwave like move that appears to stun players

·      Chain Chomp from Super Mario

o   Bobs around the stage before extending chomp first into opponents. Might also break free of it’s chain and sail across the stage

·      Isabelle from Animal Crossing New Leaf

o   Appears to throw freshly picked fruit at the player who summoned her. She even dodged Lucario’s attack

·      Elec Man from Mega Man 1

o   Shoots bursts of lightning from his fingers, shocking opponents

o   I wonder why Sakurai chose Elec Man instead of Proto Man. While Proto Man wasn't featured in the first two Mega Man games, he is still an important character in the Mega Man universe, being Rockman's robotic "brother". Maybe Sakurai just likes Elec Man more, or thought that he would be mroe interesting than Proto Man

·      Color TV-Game 15 from Color TV-Game

o   It’s fricken Pong!



Smash Ball, I choose you!


You ready for another list? I know you are!! Now let’s take a look at the Pokémen!! Which now come in two balls, the regular red Pokéball and the special purple Masterball. The red Pokéballs seem to contain both regular and legendry Pokémon while Masterballs only contains rare and legendary Pokémon. While this is a another awesome feature, I wonder if the Masterballs will be grouped with the regular Pokéballs, or if they’ll be their own special items.



·      Meowth

·      Electrode

·      Staryu

·      Metagross

·      Entei

·      Deoxys



·      Arceus

o   Creates a huge shockwave the knocks grounded opponents away and instantly meteor smashes airborne opponents. The move used was probably Judgment

·      Eevee

o   Sidesteps into opponents, knocking them away. This move could either be Tackle, Take Down, or Double-Edge

·      Fennekin

o   Uses Ember to shoot a small flame from its mouth that engulfs enemies in fire

·      Meloette

o   Shoots two, ricocheting purple musical orbs that bump into opponents

·      Gogoat

o   A Pokémon that you ride on top of while attacking opponents. I assume Gogoat itself will be able to hurt opponents by ramming into them

·      Palkia

o   Appears to use Spacial Rend to flip the stage upside down, like Skull Kid

o   This might also mean Spear Pillar might not return as Palkia was a stage hazard

·      Kyurem

o   Appears to use Glaciate which causes an icy wind that freezes nearby opponents

·      Victini

o   Appears to use Victory Star as Victini flew into the air, striking a pose while a star appeared behind it. The moves effect  is currently unknown

·      Keldeo

o   Appears to use Sacred Sword which causes its horn to grow in order to swipe foes upwards

·      Xerneas

o   Appears to use Geomancy which causes light to radiate on the ground around Xerneas


Returning Fighters

A brawl to end them all!


Now let’s look at the main meat of the every fighting game, the characters. First off is something that nearly made me scream, cry, and send a seething letter to Sakurai. While Samus still has her Zero Laser Final Smash (a final smash that I had hoped was going to be changed to the Hyper Beam from Super Metroid, BECAUSE BLEEPING RAINBOW BEAM OF DEATH), the after effect introduced in Brawl was cut. Using Samus’ Final Smash will no longer cause her armor to fall off, making her Zero Suit Samus. In fact, all characters that could change form mid-battle can no longer change. So yes, Samus can no longer change into Zero Suit Samus, Zelda can no longer transform into Sheik, and Pokémon Trainer will most likely be cut. Sakurai says that now you can focus more on the character you originally picked. So sadly, Zero Suit Samus will no longer be a playable character… What’s that Sakurai? You were trolling us? Pfft, you didn’t get me at all… Good ‘ol Sakurai!


Wait... How can she fight without Adam telling her what to do?


Rocking an updated look, Zero Suit Samus (ZSS) looks better than ever. And a little more fuller than ever… Anyways, she’s also been powered up thanks to her new jet boots! While it feels like ZSS’ new design is objectifying her, her jet boots are certainly better than those high heels implemented in her design in Other M. Plus these new jets boots allows ZSS to dish out more punishment than ever. She appears to rely more on her kicks than on her plasma whip in Brawl. As shown with Jet Kick**, her new and improved up special. With her Jet Kick, ZSS delivers a rising kick that appears to have an ending Kick when an opponent is hit. It also appears that the Jet Kick can be angled, and I assume it will work in all eight directions like Fox’s up special. In ZSS’ other appearance in the Direct, she is shown executing various other kicks. She still uses her Paralyzer for her neutral B and down smash as well as her plasma whip for her side special.




Now let’s move on to the formally conjoined Zelda and Sheik. First off with Zelda, with a new down special called Phantom Slash. When Princess Zelda uses Phantom Slash, she summons a Phantom possessed by Princess Zelda (yep, that makes total sense) from the game Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks to attack of defend. Tapping down B causes Zelda to charge a bit before releasing the possessed Phantom that merely slashes foes. If held down longer, the released Phantom dash forward, delivering a large upward swing to opponents. Being a large obstructive object, you can also use the Phantom to block enemy attacks. But be wary, the Phantom can also be reflected and even pocketed. How in the world did that Phantom fit in The Villager’s pocket…?


Appears? Really? This ain't no magical girl anime!


Now with announced Sheik, my one of my favorite characters in Smash Bros. I mean who doesn’t like ninjas? And believe it or not, Sheik the disguised Sheikah is practically a ninja. With polished moves and two new specials to boot! The first one is a new side special, Burst Grenade, which replaces the lame Chain Whip. Burst Grenades are little bombs attached to strings that explode once the pin is pulled out. I’m guessing the strings are attached to pins, giving this attack a short/medium range. The bomb itself deals little damage when it hits foes, but it does interrupt. After a flash of blue light, a small explosion erupts. The blue lights acts as a small magnet and slightly draws in opponents. Sheik’s other new move is a down special reminiscent of ZSS’ down special, Flip Jump, from Brawl. It’s the Bouncing Fish! The Bouncing Fish is an acrobatic kick technique using the heel of the foot. With this move, Sheik preforms a jumping flip onto opponents, then kicks them away while bouncing off their heads for another jump in the opposite direction. The move is a simple jump when no opponent is hit. Sheik’s Needle Storm and most likely Vanish will be returning.




Now let’s look at other characters confirmed so far, starting off with Kirby. Kirby, my main and favorite fighter in the series, was given an extra hammer technique. By pressing, and holding side B, Kirby will preform a Hammer Flip, just like he can in the main Kirby games. If held for a little bit, Kirby will engulf the hammer in flames and preform a normal, not flaming, hammer swipe. If held down longer, Kirby will do a heavy upward swing with the flaming hammer. And just like King Dedede’s down special, if you hold it at full power for too long, Kirby will begin to take damage. Kirby has also received a new and vastly improved Final Smash. With the Ultra Sword, Kirby will use the super ability granted by inhaling a Super Blade Knight to deal a flurry of flashy slashes on foes. Kirby will first swing the massive sword, trapping enemies in his wake, then deliver a multitude of slashes while teleporting all around the trapped foes. Then, when the move concludes, the Ultra Sword will nearly double in size for one, final giant slash. This final smash can be seen as a horizontal version of Ike’s Great Aether from Brawl, and I can assume multiple foes can be trapped.


Side note: While I love, love, love this Final Smash, I assumed Kirby’s final smash was going to be taken from Kirby Triple Deluxe. Kirby could have been given the Hypernova ability presented within Triple Deluxe. With the Hypernove ability, Kirby’s inhale could have been powered up to such a degree that the sucking radius of it would grow, he would be able to walk around while inhaling, and if he happens to suck up an opponent, merely pressing down send them to the bottomless abyss of Kirby’s stomach, instantly scoring the super tough pink puff a point!!! Or something…


Look at that adorable black hole go!


Next up is the great King Dedede who, aside from being much more expressive, will now throw only Gordos instead of Waddle Dees.  But, as with any projectile, the Gordos can be reflected back to Dedede.


Now onto Lucario, whose aura attacks have been powered up. Now Lucario’s special attacks will do even more damage when the Pokémon’s percentage is high. Tough if you’re powered up too much, you might find yourself in seious trouble. There were also certain… player expectations Sakurai felt he had to fill. MEGA EVOLUTIONS ARE NOW ALL UP IN DIS GAME!! For Lucario, Mega Evolving means his aura attacks will always be maximum damage. While I believe it will be Lucario’s Final Smash, Sakurai didn’t explicitly state how Lucario goes about Mega Evolving. Is the Mega Evolution in face, just Lucario’s Final Smash? When Lucario achieves maximum damage with his aura attacks, will he Mega Evolve on the spot? Will Lucario have a Mega Evolution meter that gradually fills up as the battle continues, akin to Little Mac’s Power Meter? Will the Mega Evolution stone be an in game item? Will players have to buy a Mega Ring accessory to swipe across the Wii U GamePad’s Near Field Communication doohickey? When a fresh bunch of information is put down, a fresh bunch of questions come up. Good ‘ol Sakurai!


But... don't Mega Evolutions require the assistance of a trainer?


Now let’s move onto Olimar and his slave like Pikmin. In this game, Olimar can only have three of five different Pikmin following at a time. The plantlike minions are plucked in a set order, Red, Yellow, Blue, White, and Purple. While this seems like a power reduction, you’ll be able to clearly see the reduced number of Pikmin as management is more important. But with a smaller amount of Pikmin, Olimar’s tether recovery would be obsolete. Olimar up special is now the Pink Winged Pikmin. With the move, the Winged Pikmin grab Olimar by his backpack and a carry him around for a short time. Inversely from Brawl, the fewer amount of Pikmin the better as they will only weigh the Winged Pikmin down. It’s okay; just throw those slaves following you off the screen before attempting to use the Winged Pikmin. Two things I want to point out before moving on to the characters though, the lack of Rock Pikmin and Captain Olimar’s Final Smash. If the Winged Pikmin from Pikmin 3 are included, what about the Rock Pikmin, also introduced in Pikmin 3? I’m guessing that Olimar’s down special, Pikmin Order, will be changed to something that concerns the Rock Pikmin as Pikmin Order was used to collect stray Pikmin and change the order of Pikmin following you. With only three Pikmin picked in a set way, Pikmin Order seems a little impractical. Now moving on to his Final Smash. The Hocotate Bomb item pretty much works like Olimar’s Final Smash, minus the summoned monsters, and I doubt Sakurai would have Olimar’s Final Smash be so similar to an item. Who knows, maybe **SPOILERS FOR PIKMIN 3** the final boss of Pikmin 3, the Plasm Wraith, will make an appearance as Olimar’s Final Smash. **END SPOILERS**


Side note: It seems like some of the randomness in Brawl will be gone in this game. Characters can no longer change mid-match, Dedede only throws gordos, and now only three Pikmin in a fixed order can follow Olimar around. I gotta say, good moves Sakurai. It seems this iteration of Smash Bros will be a more fair, and balanced than Brawl. It’s even safe to say that tripping is removed as well. Thank go…*trips*


I guess I'm just too much Pikmin for you.


Now let’s look at Pit, Palutena’s most loyal servant. The young putto angel has been tampered with as well as his gliding mechanic is cut. But don’t fret Pit enthusiasts, Pit has also strengthened. HYAYAYAYA!!! Just kidding, Pit’s annoying side special has been changed to the Upperdash Arm. With the Upperdash Arm, pit delivers a dashing upwards punch using the aforementioned weapon. In fact, all of pits special moves other than Palutena's Arrow have been changed. Pit’s down special is now the Guardian Orbitars, a move that works similarly to Mirror Shield, but protects Pit on both Sides. Wings of Icarus, Pit’s up special in Brawl, has been changed to The Power of Flight**! With the Power of Flight, Pit spreads his wings and propels himself straight in what I assume to be any direction. Another change to Pit is that all troops will no longer move out as pit’s Final Smash from brawl, Palutena's Army, has been changed to the Three Sacred Treasures found in Kid Icarus. With these legendary items, Pit now fires off a series of enchanted arrows that cover a wide area. The first barrage summons arrows that fly off in random directions, the second group of arrows fly off in a spreading arch in front of him, while Pit’s third shoots one large arrow that flies forward with a slight curve. The final barrage has him shooting arrows up into the sky, causing pillars of light to shine down from the heavens, damaging all opponents who get hit in the process. Since Palutena’s army of guards is gone, as well the image of her in the background, one might assume that this mean there’s a small chance the goddesses of light will be playable.

Did you fall out of heaven, cause you're an angel!

Aside from Pit, Sakurai also mentioned that the movesets of other characters have been powered up as well. During the small parts of certain characters in action, a couple of things were shown. First off was Bowser’s new dash attack that Sakurai had already revealed. Then there was Pit showing off a new scissor like forward tilt, SZZ using a new double hit forward smash, and Link showcasing a new back flip back dodge and a jumping sword dash attack from Ocarina of Time. There was also Kirby using a finisher after his neutral rapid jab attack. As Sakurai mentioned earlier, all neutral rapid jab attacks have a finisher, shown with Fox and Sheik as well. There was also quick bit of Sonic pulling off good-looking combo. A combo I’ve seen before in Project M. It seems like Nintendo is taking some inspiration from Project M and even from Super Smash Flash 2. And some people thought this game would play to closely to Brawl.


There were also other unmentioned character changes including extra height added to Link’s up special, Donkey Kong’s new rolling dash attack from Donkey Kong Country, Luigi’s new flutter jump, and rising punch added to Diddy Kong’s up smash, and King Dedede falling over after unleashing a fully charged down special.

Not carrying around a plump Italian does wonders to a back!

And now to the rideable green dinosaur thing. Yoshi will once again be a playable character in Smash Bros. And like Bowser, it looks like Yoshi has been to a chiropractor. Either that or the Wii Fit Trainer bent both Bowser and Yoshi into a more upright position. That’s all fine, but why does changing Yoshi’s posture mean he had to be announced in the direct? Why couldn’t he have been announced when Yoshi’s New Island released? And last but most important, how in the world does this make him stronger?  Yoshi does appear to have more kicking moves, so I guess there’s that. I also noticed two things about his specials. For one, the eggs tossed in Yoshi’s up special, Egg Toss, have a neat rainbow trail attached. And two, when Yoshi ate Mario, turning him into and egg, the Italian Plumber appeared to be trapped in the egg longer. Maybe his percentage was just really high, or maybe Yoshi’s Egg Lay is slightly stronger.


Side note: It seems like most of the original twelve characters from the first Smash Bros. are returning. With nine of them confirmed, I honestly doubt the remaining three characters will be cut. Samurai Goroh promises Captain Falcon, Mr. Saturn and the Franklin Badge promise Ness, and, while I’m a bit sad to say it, I’m pretty sure Jiggleypuff will return as well. That darn fairy type…


Trophy Quiz #3

Did you fall out of heaven? What's that? You were pushed?

Well hello there beau..., oops, nope, I… I thought you were someone else… Sorry for um, b-bothering you… You… You… WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU!!!! That certainly isn’t Palutena, but Pseudo-Palutena, a false and distorted version of the goddess of light. Now why would Sakurai make us think the trophy was of Palutena then turn her… um, “it” around to reveal this monstrosity? Sakurai could have just merely trolled with us once again, but I doubt that’s the case. As I assumed with the past two trophies, the trophy of Pseudo-Palutena might indicate a new playable character. This could very well be another hint at Palutena being playable in in Smash Bros., in addition to this leaked screenshot and that fact that Sakurai developed Kid Icarus Uprising, and to be honest, I wouldn’t mind a new female playable character. In fact, I would very much like more playable female fighters to be in this iteration of Smash Bros. *cough* Krystal *cough*


New Fighters

You-a think you guys can-a take me down? Please! It's-a me, Mario!

You’re still reading? Fantastic. Let us now take a look at the new fighters, starting with Rosalina & Luma. Most of Rosalina’s basic attacks consist of wand swipes, small black holes, and planetary rings. Rosalina’s neutral special, titled Luma Shot sends Luma out as a projectile and brings Luma back. It seems like this move can be charged, and charging it more might send the Luma out further. Luma will also gingerly return on its own without Luma Shot being pressed again. While Luma is separated from its mama, the player can control its attacks. Rosalina & Luma will fight as one when together and use separate attacks when apart. 1-on-1 Wombo Combo anyone? Rosalina’s side special Star Bits let’s Luma fire a number of projectiles at short/medium range. The space princess’ up special is Launch Star, where she summons a launch star to shoot her through the air. This is a good, long distance recovery move. The already revealed Gravitational Pull will be Rosalina’s down special. With this move, Rosalina moves her wand around in a frantic way, which draws in nearby items and deflects enemy projectiles. And lastly, Rosalina’s Final Smash was revealed to Power Star. With this move, Rosalina summons a yellow power star that shoots smaller stars all around it that can ricochet of platforms. To me, this move seems rather tame, as the smaller stars don’t deal major knockback. Maybe the smaller stars will begin to increase in number, swarming opponents. Or the power star in the middle will eventually explode. The only thing that’s clear, is that spacing will be important when using Rosalina’s Final Smash.



Next up is Little Mac, a small fighter with big power. Extreme power. MEGATON POWER!! Little Mac is a strong and agile fighter, able to throw strong punches in quick succession. On the ground, this lightweight can easily hold his own, able to shrug off attacks with sheer willpower. This combined with his powerful smash attacks make him an absolute beast. On the ground. In the air? Now that’s a different story. As Sakurai put it, Little Mac is extraordinarily weak and vulnerable in the air. Heck, his recovery ability was even denoted as terrible. Apparently boxers aren’t birds. Moving on to Little Mac’s most unique attribute, the Power Meter. This little puppy gets filled up, as Mac is attacked and attacking. And when it’s full, simply press B to unleash the K.O. Uppercut, an uppercut that sends foes skyward, instantly KO-ing them. No duh. But if you miss, you’ll have to go through the process allover again. Now, let’s look at his special Moves. His neutral special is the Straight Lunge, a chargeable lunging punch. This move has great armor, as attacks don’t faze Mac as he’s charging. The longer you charge, the farther you go and more powerful the attack is. His side special, the Jolt Haymaker, will allow Mac to leap at opponents, dodging attacks and punching down foes. Mac can recover using his Rising Uppercut, a multi-hit move that travels vertically. Think Wario’s up special, except with a punch. With Little Mac’s Slip Counter down special, the boxer feigns taking a hit when an opponent attacks, then counterattacks with a rising punch. As for his Final Smash, Little Mac’s rages flares, transforming him into the Incredible Hul… I mean, Giga Mac. Lil’ Mac transforms into Giga Mac, receiving a huge power boost and a probably a speed reduction. Either way, you do not want that hulking beast behind you. But wait, there’s more!  Little Mac also special costume of Wireframe Mac from the original PunchOut!! This representation of Little Mac looks amazing, although a little hard to see. Little Mac’s costume gives me hope that other characters will have alternate costumes as well, like how Wario had two different outfits in Brawl. Mario could have Dr. Mario as a costume, Samus could have her Fusion Suit, and The Villager could very well have a female version like the Wii Fit Trainer. The possibilities are endless!!

Dude, what's wrong with your skin?

Now onto the Villager, whose specials we’ve seen before. His neutral is Pocket, a move that allows the Villager to pocket enemies projectiles for later use. Pressing his neutral again causes the Villager to throw his pocketed projectile. His side special, Lloid Rocket, has two uses. This first is as a projectile of his own, in which the Villager summons a Lloid Rocket to crash into foes. The second use is as a recovery mount, where the Villager rides the rocket like a pony. A pony that will explode when it hits a foe. With his up special, Balloon Trip, the Villager dons a red hat with two red balloons attached. The hat will take the Villager into the sky, while he flaps his arms like wings, allowing him to travel both left and right. After a set time, the balloons will pop, causing the Villager to FALL RIGHT OUT OF THE SKY!!! And least but not least, Timber, the Villager’s down special. Timber is a three-step move where the Villager plants a sapling, waters the sapling, then cuts the sapling down when it instantaneously grows into a tree. If the cut tree lands on an opponent, they are sent soaring.  And after all the smashing wouldn’t you like to go to your dream house for a good night’s rest? Well now you can with a simple acquisition of a Smash Ball! Upon using said Smash Ball, the Villager will call upon the Nook family to build him a house. Nearby opponents will be sucked and trapped in the house while the Dream House is being built. Then the house explodes, sending opponents and the Nooks flying every which way! When used in the Direct, though, the Final Smash didn’t appear to have much knock back.

What?! I-I'm upset! Wha-what would m-make your think that!?

And now for a man among men. A… mega man I dare say. It’s none other than Mega Man, whose moves all take inspiration form past Mega Man games. You wanna know them all? Look ‘em up yourself. I’m only going to talk about Rockman’s special moves. His neutral special is the Metal Blade, a metal buzzsaw-type projectile that Mega Man can throw in eight directions. His side special is the Crash Bomber, an explosive that Mega Man shoots from his arm cannon. The bomb itself will attach to opponents and explode a bit later on its own. With the Leaf Shild, pressing down B will summon four leaves that circle around Mega Man. The leaves can block up to four attacks, with each leaf disappearing when an attack is blocked. The leaf shield can also be thrown with another press of down B. Rush Coil, Mega Man’s up special, calls upon his faithful robotic dog for assistance. Rush, with a spring on his back, gives Mega Man a large vertical boost, similar to Sonic’s up special. As for his Final Smash, Mega Man’s co-stars appear to help a robotic brotha out. Mega Man X, Mega Man.EXE, Mega Man Volnutt, Star Force Mega Man, and the original Blue Bomber himself all charge their arm cannons and unleash a rainbow barrage of beams!!  You know what this means, right?  


A tad  melancholy, as this might be the last time we see Mega Man and his Mega co-stars. I request a moment of silence...

Aaaaaaaand Wii Fit Trainer… A truly ingenious character idea!! The Dan Hibiki of Smash Bros. Being health nuts, the Wii Fit TrainerSSSSSS (notice the s), fight with healthy techniques. Aside from their basic yoga attacks, the Trainers specials attacks are also preformed with health in mind. Their neutral, entitled Sun Salutation is a chargeable projectile. The Trainers can charge and store a sun like projectile. When released the sun files straight, knocking opponents away. Now that is a yoga move I would learn. The Trainers unconfirmed side special looks to be Soccer Ball**. The Trainers jump up then hit a green Wii Fit soccer ball they created from thin air. This move can be compered to Diddy Kong’s down special, as I believe once used initially, the Wii Fit soccer ball will act just like the soccer ball item. Hula Hoop**, the Trainers up special, summons three different colored hula hoops that encircle them, carrying them up into the heavens. Until the hula-hoops fly off the trainers. Deep Breathing, their newly announced down special, causes the Trainer to take a deep breath, unifying their mind and body. Deep Breathing takes a little bit to complete, but when finished, powers up all of the Trainers attacks. An attack boosting special? Why hasn’t this been done sooner! For their Final Smash, the Trainers send out a multicolored array for yoga moves. Sure, why not? But that’s not all! The Wii Fit Trainer will have a male and a female version. Both version use the same moves, have the same power, and are even the same height. Though I know you guys out there will primarily use the female version. *wink, wink*


Mysterious Special Moves

Oh DK, will your taunt ever not look ridiculous?


Another new addition to Smash Bros, mysterious special moves!! You can now customize your favorite character’s move set. From large, slow moving multi-hitting Mario Fireballs to faster, more beeline moving Mario Fireballs. The Italian plumber even had a flaming Super Jump Punch. Pit had arrows that can curve in a circle, Kirby was shown with ice breath, Marth had a quicker charging Shield Breaker that caused him to dash across the stage when released, and Donkey Kong gave Little mac a non-flinching Headbutt. While these customizable moves are only available in online with friends or locally, the possibilities are endless!! Go on Sakurai; tell us more about these mysterious special moves!! On a later date you say? But… I… Good ‘ol Sakurai!!


Trophy Quiz #4

*gasp* The game that must not be named!

The fourth, and final, trophy quiz was revealed to be the King Kihunter, a large insectoid boss from Metroid Other M. The three other trophy quizzes hinted at possible playable characters, and I think this trophy might mean the same. While it seems like this trophy means nothing, it might hint at Ridley being a playable characters. Remember what I said earlier about another boss character harassing players on Pyroshpere when Ridley is selected? I have a small feeling that King Kihunter will be that boss. If this is true, I wonder why Sakurai choose King Kihunter of all the other bosses. It could be because Kihunters are such common enemies, and their leader would represent them as a whole. Or maybe its because the other bosses that might have worked, Nightmare, Queen Metroid, and Phantoon, were featured in games other than Other M. 


Smash Run

Hints of this game mode were shown in Miiverse and even in the Direct shown last E3.

Now onto a game mode confirmed only for the 3DS version. Smash Run!  Smash Run is an online experience where up to four players have five minutes to explore an expansive dungeon and it’s surroundings, fight enemies, and collet power-ups. Once the five minutes are up, all the fighters will proceed to a battle and fight it out. Now let’s dive into all the bits and pieces that make up this mode. First I want to mention a special game close to my heart, Kirby Air Ride. I loved Air Ride when I was younger, and would play it hours on end. A majority of those hours were spent in City Trial, a mode strikingly similar to Smash Run. Sakurai even admitted that he took some inspiration from City Trial, another game he produced. Knowing Sakurai, I’m taking this as yet another hint that a second Kirby Air Ride is or will be produced. Fingers crossed!


Oh the memories...


Back to Smash Run, Sakurai mentioned that that the time limit is set to five minutes only. This is most likely implying that you won’t be able to increase or decrease the time limit. This may not be 100% true as you could increase or decrease the time limit from five minutes in City Trial. Concerning the expansive battlefield, I wonder if DLC will be implemented to acquire different Maps. While the battlefield presented looks marvelous, it will most certainly lose its charm after a while. Different maps will definitely help solve that problem. Moving on to part most reminiscent to City Trial, collecting power-ups seems to be the main goal of the game. The power-ups include a boot that increases speed, a wing that increase a character’s jump height, a boxing glove that increases attack, a star that increases the power of special attacks, a hammer that increases the strength of projectiles, items, and throws, and a shield that increases defense. A rainbow star power-up was also shown, which I assume gives players +1 to every stat. These power-ups come in multiple sizes, with larger ones giving more of a boost. The power-ups also appear to reach a limit of 1000.


Side note: I wonder if negative power-ups will be implemented like there were in City Trial. I also wonder what happens upon death. In City Trial, when Kirby would lose all his health, his Air Ride would explode and he would lose most, if not all the power-ups he collected. I can assume that the same thing will happen, aside from losing your Air Ride, to KO-ed players in Smash Run. They would lose some, most, or even all of their hard earned power-ups. I also wonder where players will start up again after they have lost a life. I assume it will be a safe zone, so that players can quickly regain themselves before heading off to find more power-ups and battle more enimies.


I'm gonna waste so much time in this mode...


Apart from the stat increasing power-ups, there were other items shown as well. Before entering the battlefield, you can quip your character with certain items. The 3DS’s bottom screen will show you your equipped items. Pressing one of the items on the touch screen with instantly use it. The items include a Dual Cyclone that summons two cyclones to protect you from enemies, a Power Bomb that drops a power bomb in front of your character that causes an explosion that blasts away foes, a Horizon Beam that fire a large horizontal beam of energy that hits all enemies in a straight line, equipable Super Armor that creates a small shockwave while giving your character super armor, a Warp item that teleports your character to a random location, and an item that will give you character whatever “smash battle” item is shown. How you get these items is unknown, but I assume you can buy them with an in-game currency, most likely coins. Food items were also shown throughout the Smash Run bit as well as bronze, silver, and gold smash logo statues. The smash logo statues could be the in-game currency I talked about, or something else entirely.


I'm guessing that if you don't use the items in the match, they'll be stored for later.

But Smash Run won’t be a cakewalk due to the number of randomly spawned enemies that will attack players. Some of those enemies include*:


·      Tac, Waddle Dee, Parasol Dee, Gordo, Wisp, and Shotzo from Kirby

·      Goomba, Koopa, Koopa Troopa, Hammer Bros, Kamek, and different colored Shy Guys from Mario

·      Bulborb from Pikmin

·      Kihunter from Metroid

·      Stalfoes from Zelda

·      Reaper, Mimicutie, and Monoeyes from Kid Icarus

·      Mettaur from Mega Man

·      Chandelure from Pokémon

·      Polar Bear from Ice Climbers

o   This could very well mean Ice Climbers will return as a playable character

·      Tiki Buzz, and Kritters from Donkey Kong

o   Since Kritters are practically King K. Rool’s main minions in various Donkey Kong games, their inclusion as enemies in Smash Run could hint at King K. Rool being playable. Even though K. Rool’s last appearance was in Mario Sluggers, he’s pretty much Donkey Kong’s main arch-nemesis. Plus having another villain and another heavy weight character could benefit the game


There were also references to Subspace Emissary as enemies that originated form there were shown as well. The barrels from and doors featured in the Subspace were also shown. The barrels worked the same, while doors appear to send you away from the main battlefield. Wii Fit Trainer was shown breaking targets in a separate room. Once she broke all the targets, a door appeared as well as a treasure chest filled with power-ups and smash logo statues.


Special Events will also occur, like in City Trial. The three special events shown were Amped Up, where every character has their speed and jump maxed out, Gale, where strong winds will be raging, and Bullet Bill Fest, where a horde of incoming Bullet Bills chase after the player. There will most likely be more events as well as City Trial had 15 events in total.

If would also be cool if the game chat feature is implemented in this game. You know, for smash talk?

After time is up, the powered up players proceed to a battle. The battles will bring about interesting showdowns, as each character will be powered up differently. And if that wasn’t enough, there will also be special types of fights including, but not limited to, Reflect Smash, Flower Smash, and even Easy-Launch Smash. Battles aren’t the only occurrences that can happen when the time goes up. Players might also be thrown into a tall tower, where they will have to climb to the top. Players who get left behind will ultimately lose. The fights will end quickly, so that players will be able to quickly jump into another battle.


Character Montage

Look's like that will be the official title... I mean it does have a for in it...

After Sakurai’s farewell, in which he thanked the viewers, a montage of all the announced characters was shown. The characters shown in the Montage could possibly be the starters, though I doubt this is the case as Luigi, Marth, Lucario, Sonic, and Toon Link were unlockable characters in previous games. I am almost certain that all the starters have been announced though. All characters that will be announced henceforth I believe will be unlockable characters. And I know more characters will be announced as only 29 characters have been announced so far, while Brawl had 36 characters under its belt. I’m fairly positive that characters such as Meta Knight, Wario, Ice Climbers, Captain Falcon, Falco, Ganondorf, Jiggleypuff, Mr. Game & Watch, and Ness, will be returning. I don’t have strong feelings one way or another on what will happen to Ike, Lucas, R.O.B., Wolf, and Snake. I know for certain that the Pokémon Trainer was cut though, as mid-match changing characters are no more. I’m still hanging onto hope that certain characters I want will join the fray like Bandana Waddle Dee, Bowser Jr., Chrom, Shulk, King K. Rool, *cough* Krystal *cough*, Black Shadow, Mii, and Pac-Man. I would even be fine with Ghirahim, Ridley, Mewtwo, or even Bayonetta.


Pokéball Storm

Pi… P-Pika-Pi… Pika… Chuuuuuuu….


Time to talk about the laaaaast, the Pokémon Trailer at the end of the Direct. A trailer I like to call the Pokéball Storm. Why the Pokéball Storm? BECAUSE OF ALL THE POKÉBALLS THAT RAINED DOWN FROM THE SKY!!! And there were a lot of Pokéballs, each containing a different Pokémon. Being the nerd I am, I tried to figure out all the Pokémon that appeared on my own. I gave up shortly after I started, but thanks to the Internet, I found out all of the Pokemon that appeared. And now I’ll present them to you, okay? Cool.


Here are all of the Pokémon that were shown during the Pokéball Storm.

·      Dedenne

·      Bellossum

·      Chespin

·      Snivy

·      Oshawott

·      Goldeen

·      Staryu

·      Eevee

·      Togepi

·      Fletching

·      Swirlix

·      Metagross

·      Latias

·      Darkrai

·      Meowth

·      Electrode

·      Palkia

·      Entei

·      Gardevoir

·      Kyogre

·      Gogoat

·      Zoroark

o   Disconfirmed as a playable character, no matter how much I wanted him to be one

·      Giratina

·      Snorlax

·      Meowth

·      Kyurem

·      Mew

·      Lugia

·      Suicune

·      Deoxys

·      Latios & Latias

·      Meloetta

·      Keldeo

·      Victini

·      Spewpa

·      Fennekin

·      Inkay


I believe that these Pokémon listed above have a chance at being potential Pokéball Pokémon that will assist their summoner in ballet. Or just fly away in the case of Mew. It’s something to note, though, that Arceus and Xerneas did not appear in the trailer. They’ve been confirmed, so if all of the Pokémon present Pokéball storm will be Pokéball Pokémon, why would they not be included? Either this means something, or it doesn’t. I’m leaning more towards that it doesn’t.

Burn, baby, burn! Disco inferno!

Everyone’s favorite non-dragon type dragon Pokémon, Charizard!! Charizard can be seen as a newcomer and a veteran. While he was in Brawl, he was apart of Pokémon Trainer, working together with Ivysaur and Squirtle. But now, it looks like the Flame Pokémon is on its own. Charizard now seems to use its claws and tail more for basic attacks and it’s mouth for grabs. Only two of his specials were shown in the trail, being his neutral and side. His neutral is still Flamethrower, but side has been changed. No more dumb Rock Smash! It’s appears that his side is either Flame Charge or Flare Blitz. Charizard is seen engulfed in flames, charging to the right. When an opponent is hit though, a small, quick explosion blasts opponents away while Charizard is sent reeling back. I believe this move is Flare Blitz as it has recoil damage, and Charizard is clearly seen recoiling. It is unknown Charizard receives any damage after using the move, or just recoils. Either way, this move will be an excellent horizontal recovery. Charizard also has the ability to change into Mega Charizad X. As with Lucario, it is unknown how the change happens. I still believe that Mega Evolving is Lucario’s and Charizard’s Final Smash. It would make the most sense. Another thing that’s interesting is the Mega Charizard X was chosen. Did Sakurai just pick the Mega Evolution he liked best, or will both be accessible in the game? It could also be that X, the blue evolution, is only available on the Wii U version, while Y, the red evolution, is only available on the 3DS version.


But nothing happened...

And to the other reveal, the fan favorite generation 6 starter, Greninja!! Look at that tongue scarf in action. This ninja frog is a speedy, agile character with a bit of a Sheik-ish quality. More of its moves focus on teleportation though. Greninja’s basic attacks include watery hand slices and watery kicks. It can also create water blades to cut through opponents and whips its tongue for an up tilt. Its down air was also shown, which appears to be Bounce as Greninja slammed straight down on Yoshi, only to jump off the dinosaur’s head to deliver a couple follow up attacks. His grab wraps opponents in a whirlpool to be thrown into the air. Greninja also has high priority, shown when the Pokémon interrupts Fox's up special with its up smash. Aside from attack moves, it looks like Greninja also has fast dodges, a good jump, and an awesome falling animation. Now onto specials, Greninja’s neutral is Water Shuriken. With this move, it appears that you can press the button in rapid succession to fire off water shuriken, one after the other, sort of like Fox’s Blaster. The move can also be charged for a larger, multi-hitting shuriken. Greninja’s side special was recently confirmed by Sakurai to be Shadow Sneak. With this move, Greninja will suddenly disappear then reappear behind its opponent, delivering a swift watery kick comparable to Meta Knight down special. For the ninja Pokémon, holding down the button will allow it to travel farther and Greninja can even move around freely while charging up. Greninja’s up special, which appears to Hydro Pump, is a move similar to Pikachu’s up special. Greninja shoots water out of its hand to propel itself. You are given two bursts of water to move yourself in two different directions. Substitute, a counter move, is Greninja’s down special. When Greninja gets hit while executing this move, it disappears, leaving a substitute doll in the Pokémon’s wake. Greninja then quickly reappears, dealing a sideways kick to the attacker. In the Pokémon games, users will receive a bit of damage when substitute is used. It is unknown if this move deals damage to Greninja. As for the Pokémon’s final smash, Greninja is seen delivering several hits to Mario in quick succession with the moon behind its back. The last hit is a vertical chop. This move seems to be based of off Night Slash.


Greninja, when you see it it's already too late.


Side note: With Charizard and Greninja, 29 playable characters have been confirmed. I assume the final number of playable characters will be 40+. Five Mario characters have already been announced, and if Bowser Jr. comes into play, the number will be six. There are also four Pokémon and Legend of Zelda characters. Ganondorf and Jiggleypuff will most likely be announced, and if Ghirahim, Mewtwo, and Bowser Jr. make the cut, Mario, Pokémon, and Legend of Zelda will all have six characters each. Even though those are Nintendo’s most popular properties, that sounds like too many characters from their games. While I would like some these characters, including the characters I mention earlier, to be included, I really doubt that they will make the cut. But who knows, maybe Sakurai will surprise us with a bountiful amount of newcomers.


Now that's a good sized roster.


There was also a new stage unofficially revealed for Wii U in the Pokémon trailer. This stage seems to be based on the Elite Four castle in X/Y. There were two different designs shown. The dragon chamber…

Who's ready for some frog v. fox action?

…and the water chamber.

I should really finish Pokémon Y…


The stage itself will probably switch between all four chambers mid-match. That being steel, fire, dragon, and water. The Elite Four’s Pokémon might even come up as stage hazards, harassing players with their respective type. All in all, this looks like a gorgeous stage. Heck, this whole game looks gorgeous! I seriously can’t wait until this game releases!! I can honestly say that this direct made me crave the game more than ever. As Sakurai keeps up with the slow trickle of Smash Bros. information posted on Miiverse, my longing will only intensify.


Whew, now that was loooooong! Thank god it’s over… I applaud you for reading all I had to over, even if you just skimmed everything. Now give me all your precious comments!! 


Seriously, PAC-MAN!!!


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