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Holiday Countdown Giveaway

The Holidays are approaching quickly and what could be better than an unexpected stocking stuffer? National Guard to the rescue! Leading up to the Holidays, the National Guard is sponsoring our Holiday Countdown Giveaway. Once a week, Game Informer is giving away a $100 GameStop gift card. To enter, go to our special National Guard hub page [sorry, sweepstakes has expired], where you find the official entry button. While you're there, explore what the National Guard has to offer you. They are an amazing organization with even more amazing soldiers protecting our communities and our country.

  • Mod
    well thats really cool.


    I know exactly what I would get with this, ME trilogy and Halo 4.
  • Can't click on "Enter Giveaway" on the second page


    Edit: Thx everyone who figured out to use a different browser (other than IE), but now I've missed a few days of the entry :(
  • same problem can't click on the enter button on second page

  • wont let me enter the conteston the second page

  • calm down guys, i dont think it starts until tomarrow. lol hope i get one of these, my video game list of games i need to play needs to be shortened. =) thank gameinformer!
  • This would be a great gift to get!

  • cool

  • This will help with a few games that I want.

  • I have no adblocker, no pop-up blocker active and still can't click on the "SUBMIT ENTRY" button. Even though I can on the "OFFICIAL RULES" one. And how is it that the contest started so much time before we could see the entry page?!?!?!

    To enter, visit www.gameinformer.com and follow all entry instructions to enter. All entries must be received between 12:01 a.m.(CST) on 11/20/12 and 11:59:00 a.m. (CST) on 12/19/12.

  • Ooohh I get it, it's a cheap tactic by the National Guard to attract recruits! hahaha
  • oh i hope I get it

  • oh i hope I get it
    i guess it posted twice and I can't delete it :(
  • wont let me enter the conteston the second page

  • Alright, post if anyone here has found a way to enter the contest, or if some of us are just missing something obvious. that seems to happen to me a lot....
  • Okay, for those of you not able to figure this out. First, make sure you're logged in. When you click the link, it takes you to the National Guard's page. Near the top, there should be a picture that says "Holiday Countdown Giveaway". At the bottom of said picture, there should be an "Enter Giveaway" button. When you click the button, it takes you to the entry page which has another "Enter Giveaway" button that enters you when you click it.
  • Oh,good I need that $100 XD

  • Firefox works< IE7 doesn't

  • i went to goggle chrome and it worked

  • I had the same problem when I tried with internet explorer. Used Firefox instead and it worked. Try a different browser. Awesome giveaway.

  • For everyone having difficulty, still. Try to open the links in a new browser with ad/popup blockers disabled.

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