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Futurama Sweepstake-O-Rama

Earthican! I came back from the not-so-distant future to tell you that you will own everything! You will buy Cookieville minimum-security Orphanarium, build a Resi-Dome, and make your friends pay rent just for looking at you with that so-called "face."  Welcome to the world of tomorrow! Welcome to Futurama Monopoly! You will own your friends so bad, they'll weep like sad, little brain slugs. Game Informer is giving away collector's edition Futurama Monopoly games and brand new Futurama, season 6, DVD sets. But that's not all: our grand prize is an unbelievably rare Futurama Monopoly signed by Matt Groening and the cast of Futurama (Katey Sagal, Billy West,...).

Without changing the space-time continuum, I can safely divulge that we will pick eight weekly winners on Tuesday, February 14, 21, and 28. Each drawing, we will give away five Futurama Monopoly games and three season 6 DVD's. On the 28th, we will select one grand prize winner from the overall pool, who will receive the one and only autographed Futurama Monopoly, as well as the season 6 DVD set!

Excited, aren't you? I knew you'd be. I also knew you'd be looking for the entry button right now. Muah-ha-ha-ha! I own omnipotence! I also know that you will enter once every day to increase your chances, because we let you. And I already know that you will try to enter more than once a day. It's okay. Sometimes I make up my own cheat codes too - and they never work. Someone will post a comment about "...the entry page doesn't work!" and I will appease by saying "I know. It's fine. The code monkeys fixed it and you're entered."  What else is going to happen in the future? What does your year 3000 look like? Is someone finally going to kiss Bender's shiny, metal %^&?  Submit your prediction in the comments section and the person with the most nominations (comments on your comment) wins a photoshop'd picture with you and any of the Futurama characters.

Oh, and here's the link to the Futurama Sweepstake-O-Rama entry page     Too late. Expired.

(scroll down for photos of the prizes)

Matt Groening, David X. Cohen, Katey Sagal,...and more have all signed this sweet baby!

Here's an image of the back of the box.

"Bite my shiny metal token!" -token. There's also a Hypnotoad, a Planet Express Ship, a Brain Slug, a Seymour, and a What If Machine token. Chance and Community Chest cards have been replaced with Good News Everyone! and Attention Puny Humans! cards. There's also lots of cash you can collect from your opponents and plenty Redi-Domes. And more...

Awesome, awesome cover art of the Futurama Season 6 DVD 2-disc set.

  • Mod

    I entered! Fingers crossed, maybe I'll win something!

  • I am a HUGE HUGE HUGE Futurama fan!! I would LOVE to win this!!!
  • Awwww-yeah!

  • So want.

  • i'm in it to win it

  • Mod

    Nice! This could easily land at number 24 of Mojo's 33 most interesting things in the universe list.

  • That game looks rad!

  • if i win, which i doubt, i will literally go find a statue of bender and and french kiss his shiny metal ass

  • great

  • Great prize

  • Would love this

  • Good News Everyone! You will be delivering a copy of this DVD set to me, on the resort planet Awesome in the You-Wish-You-Were-Here galaxy. If you can deliver it in record time, everyone gets a free case of Slurm! The box art is really cool. I'm 50/50 on the new episodes though. I miss the old klutzy Amy and the better zingers with the Leela/Fry relationship. The gold Bender piece is perfect. Nibbler should have been one of the tokens though... I want those DVDs!!
  • Great prizes. Crossing my fingers! >.<

  • LOVE THAT SHOW!!!and i entered

  • If I win that's the first thing i will have ever won!!!

  • Best Futurama stuff ever!!! I'm back baby!!!

  • Mod

    meh if I won it I would sell it to the highest bidder :P not that interested in futurama

  • would be alot of fun

  • They should sweeten the deal with a real prize.  One word "Thundercougarfalconbird"

  • i never win..bt heres to hoping! ;)

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