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Tribes: Ascend Beta Key Giveaway

Hi-Rez Studios is bringing back the classic sci-fi shooter franchise back to PCs next year, and the team needs your help to test the game out beforehand. Tribes: Ascend is a free-to-play competitive multiplayer shooter with a full complement of awe-inspiring vehicles – but the series' unique "skating" and jetpack mechanics mean that you can fling yourself across the map at warp speed under your own power. To get early access to the closed beta, just enter into the contest here and cross your fingers for an email to show up in your inbox in the very near future.

Click here to get to the Entry page (remember, you must be logged in to your GI account)

We have a limited number of keys, so make sure you are among the first ;-)

  • I've honestly never heard of this game, but I'm entering anyway. I just may find this to be a great game. I won't know until I've tried it.
  • Its so easy

  • Already got one in an email had no clue what this game was at first but sounds fun

  • Cant get command center to set up

  • *** I feel old. My friend and I used to play co-op maps on tribes: aerial assault on ps2 for hours back in the day.

  • That's whats up Tribes is the *** i miss that *** game

  • like to win

  • It's a classic FPS~! I really hope they port it over to XBox.