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APB Reloaded Beta Key Giveaway

Realtime Worlds’ troubled action MMO is getting a second chance at life in the form of APB Reloaded. This enhanced, upgraded, and free-to-play version of APB will be launching later this year courtesy of GamersFirst, but we’re giving you a chance to check it out early by getting into the closed beta. The first 250 people who enter will win a beta code, so be sure to enter right away for your chance.

Click here to enter. [sorry, too late] Entry deadline is next was Thursday, March 31st, what are you waiting for?

  • I sure hope having that twitter widget just got me a beta key O.O

  • looks interesting, and i hope they fixed all the problems or APB will hold two records for shortest lived MMO.
  • Beta Key plz.

  • Very late to the party. Hope I made it. Hope I'm not disappointed with this game again.

  • Hmmm...When will you send the beta keys?

  • I also am looking forward to its reaching.
  • Did you ever send the keys? o.0

  • I was here when it only had 52 views.. never seen a key

  • Thanks for the key :D

  • Sweet, I got in! Thanks!


  • Luckily I got a APB Reloaded beta code from a giveaway site today so I can say that the game is pretty amazing so far!

    If anyone else hasn’t gotten a code yet and wants to try it out, the site I got my key from is here: