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Robert Carter's Panau Island Giveaway {expired}

If you were to be stranded on a deserted island and I could give you three things, what would they be?

Yes, I know, I know, it's supposed to be "wishes" and so on and so forth. For those of you who haven't been following my blog, I'm Robert Carter and I've been a guest blogger here on GIO for a few weeks. I've just returned from my latest assignment in Panau Island. What a trip! The most beautiful scenery, awesome weather, great food... however, it is a very unstable world. I have been witness to some of the most unbelievable situations one could imagine: Car jackers dropping from the sky; people riding airplanes like skateboards; and perfectly orchestrated mass explosions that make the heart smile... uh, I mean, stop... no, jump. Oh, who am I kidding. The explosions are a thing of beauty.

Back to my initial question: What three things would I give you? To distract you from the boring island solitude: your own copy of "Just Cause 2." Then, for those down moments when you're riding the bicycle-powered electricity generator to power your console, I'll give you something to read: "Just Cause 2: Prima Official Game Guide."  And lastly, to replenish your hunger and thirst: One coconut. Delicious and nutritious. There will be six lucky winners: two for XBOX360, two for PS3, and two for PC.

You must be at least 17 to be eligible to win. You may enter once a day from now until May 14th. And you can do so by following THIS LINK. {too late, this contest has expired}

And lastly, if you were stuck on a deserted island (heaven forbid), and I were a genie in a bottle (what?) which you were to rub (please don't), what would you wish for (limit 3 per deserted, lonely customer)?

  • well, i would wish for a gameboy, an ac power cord for said gameboy, and for that palm tree over there to have a power outlet for my gameboy.

    ... oh crap, I didnt wish for games, nooooo!!!!! *hangs himself with the powercord*

  • Staff
    lol TurdFurgy
  • Boat, Infinate supply of Mountain Dew, and a girlfriend.

  • way off the island, something good always on tv, and enough money to give my family everything they ever need

  • Wow all that? WOW

  • Id wish I had a A4 sheet of paper and a pen. Then id write down all the powers and pyhsical modifications, ex: Super strength, super speed, abilty to fly, imortality, hyper health regeneration (like wolverine), Demon magic abilitys alchemic abilitys...etc then id Wish for every thing I wrote on the paper to be aplied to myself.

  • i would wish for the most amazing drum set ever, a really cool keyboard, and a mac book pro. I would just record music and jam for the rest of my days

  • These three prizes!  Yayyyyyyyy!  At least we know that the game would keep me busy until I was rescued 10 years later.

  • My Xbox 360 w/games,big tv, & power to run it.

  • A tree house, a hammock, and the cast of Gilligan's Island (back in their prime). I'd never get off the island, but at least I could be entertained. Especially by the hot chick.

  • Stupid site, and your double posting.
  • Thigh reduction treatment for Chun Li. A Pawn Stars coffee mug of Chum Lee. And a doctor-barber for those emergency hair and surgeory situations. And if I could have a fourth thing, it would be for someone to get all 3 of these references maybe?
  • 1. unlimited booze and food

    2. a tribe of nubile women to tend my every need

    3. and i honestly cannot think of anything else...

  • @ JDF555: I hate you! You stole my wishes :P

    But I will add wish #3:

    - to be a Dragoon[LOD] (anytime, anywhere, for unlimited time)

  • All the video games in the world an yugioh cards

  • YAY

  • Mod

    Every issue of OPM, every issue of EGM, and every issue of Gamepro.

    Serves you right for deserting me on an island, GI!

  • wait, can I wish for unlimited wishes?

  • Dude, I want a freaking coconut!  

  • I'd wish for a narwhal a tapir, and a fighting ring, really if you know those two animals, why would you not want to see them fight? That'd be sick!

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