It's Two-a-Day Giveaway 2

Our friends from Dragonica Online are back and they have upped the ante for a new contest. Sure, you figured that their last prizing couldn't get any better: Two chances a day to win $10. But like a thief with sticky fingers who thinks he can pick-pocket a cop... sometimes you're just plain wrong. Double-down-and-a-half! That's right. We have a brand new batch of Earth Series Game Cards and they value at $25 each. Every day from March 16th to March 30th we pick two lucky winners. To enter, just follow THIS LINK [sorry, already expired]. You may enter once a day, every day. So make sure you come back tomorrow for a new chance to win.

After you enter, go check out the game. It's an MMORPG and it's FREE to play every day all day. The game cards are your key to new missions and character customizations. To give you an intro, here's a couple of videos I found. GOOD LUCK!