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A Penny for Your Thoughts: Win one of four $50 GameStop Gift Cards {expired}

Riddle me, riddle me, what's the word?
I thought I saw a funky bird.
Below the mantle he did do.
Yes, it was stinky, oh pew.

Answer these questions, one by one,
Leave your email when you're done.
For a chance at one of four
Gift Cards for the GameStop store.

Riddle you, riddle you, and good luck!
This marker's leaking... what the duck?!

HERE'S THE LINK!  (Sorry. Already expired)

  • I hope I win.

  • Hope I win as well.

  • i hope all three of us win lol!!

  • That survey is nice. I always like giving my opinion on websites/magazines I like. I also like helping to improve sites and magazine that I fully enjoy! :) Thank you guys for the opportunity.

  • Wow, that was a pretty long survey. I liked most of the questions, it was good to share my opinion to try and improve the site.

  • I beter win or I'll destroy every game that begins with G!!!!!

    Including Guitair Hero

  • yarp

  • $50 to put towards a PS3 sounds good to me.

  • I want to win SOOOO badly.

  • Want to use for splinter cell: conviction!

  • i hope i win and get that $50 gift card from game stop

  • i cant wait

  • wow, nice riddle

  • Ha i like that riddle

  • Pretty detailed survey. I hope I win the prize!

  • I wonder if it's the rabbit that's talking?... Maybe...

  • nice poem/riddle

  • nice poem/riddle

  • sorry about the double post ^

  • It WILL be ME the WINNER (I think[I hope{please}]).

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