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$100 GameStop Gift Cards Make Monday Better Than Friday! {expired}

It's the "Why so happy on a Monday?" Sweepstakes!

Everybody loves the weekend: eat, play, sleep. Repeat. And then Monday comes around...  So we decided to mess with the merciless Overlord of Everything Boring and Uncool. Every Sunday in October we select a winner and on MONDAY we're giving away one $100 GameStop Gift Card. Would that give you a reason to smile on a Monday? Here's what you gotta do:

First, you must be logged in (if you're not a member yet, well whatchu waitin' fo'). Next, click on the link below that says, click here for the Happy Monday Sweepstakes portal. Now here's the challenge, when you get to that page there's an image that looks just like the one above BUT somewhere between the flowers, the squirrels and the Bunny from GameStop, we hid the Entry Button. Here's a hint, it says, "Click Here to Enter."

Good Luck!!

And if you win, you better make sure you have a HUGE smile on your face all day, so people will ask: "Why so happy on a Monday?"

Click Here for the Happy Monday Sweepstakes portal!  {this sweepstakes has ended}

Challenge numero deux:  Hit the reply button and tell me (or better, show me!)  what puts a smile on your face on a Monday. (or Tuesday, since it's still not Friday).

  • Snazzy.  I'm first.

  • But for some reason, the link isn't working for me.  Again, this is a sad day.

  • A good breakfast

  • why do i get a server not found when i click on link

  • link broken :(

  • the link isnt working for me also

  • Such a cruel joke. :(

  • The correct link is:


  • I'm happy because Epic Mickey was revealed for the Wii officially.

  • It says unable to enter contest

  • An awesome new game puts a smile on my face

  • My cats put a smile on my face everyday.

  • Staff

    Oh man, so sorry, I fixed the link.

  • Contests like this put a smile on my face on a Monday :D

    But frowns like this are more common when I lose --> =(

  • I'am retired. Play games every day.

  • What puts a smile on my face on Monday?  

    Snuggling with my GF before waking up & listening to the Beatles while preparing to catch the bus to go college.  Happiest & Luckiest guy in the world.  Also, stumbling upon cool contest like these every once in awhile.  I haven't won anything yet but keeping my fingers crossed!  :P  

  • Cheese cake, the Metal Gear Solid theme song, and pushing my girlfriend's sackgirl into the fire pit in LittleBigPlanet always put a smile on my face. :D  

  • This new site redesign makes me happy, as does the fact that I have no classes on Monday.  :)

  • slim chance I must admit, but I can't resist.

  • That button was hard to find :(.

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