Last time, I wrote a post asking about games that fully met your expectations and/or lived up to their hype. Now that we're coming up on the end of 2017 and all the Game of the Year debates are in full swing, I want to pose a different question. Everyone is singing the praises of their favorite titles - and rightfully so. 2017 has been absolutely packed with excellent releases, but that makes me even more interested to know what disappointed you after such a great year in video games.

If I was writing this post about my single most disappointing game of the year, it would be Star Wars Battlefront II. But since I've already written about that elsewhere, I figured I'd make this post about the other letdowns that I experienced this year (in no particular order). These are not all bad games - they simply didn't deliver in one way or more. Here are my biggest bummers of 2017:

Gravity Rush 2

After finally getting the chance to play the original Gravity Rush when it came to PS4 last year, there were a lot of things that I loved about it and just as many things that I hated. Its likeable protagonist, freedom of movement, sweeping musical score, and beautiful open world were weighed down by crappy aerial combat, boring and repetitive missions, and an unfinished story. With Gravity Rush 2, I fully expected most of those problems to be realized and rectified in some way. But no. Gravity Rush 2 does little to change what was bad about the first game, preferring to throw a few more systems on top instead of fixing the fundamental problems with the formula.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Yes, I'm serious. Horizon is certainly a great game in many respects - namely its combat and weaponry, enemy design, and gorgeous graphics/performance. But outside of that (and despite being a brand new IP), it leans on a lot of derivative elements that it doesn't handle particularly well. The rest of the game is essentially a Ubisoft post-Far Cry 3 open world, with all the systems that implies. Crafting, radio towers, inventory management, and contrived collectables that were all done (and done better) in many other games. And let's be honest... Aloy was downright unbearable. She was childishly confrontational and bitter (even to her most valuable friends) throughout the entire game, and didn't develop meaningfully even when she had the opportunity to do so. Add to that the poor dialogue and wonky facial animations, and it took most of the wind out of the story. Which is too bad, considering the fact that it had a really interesting sci-fi layer buried in its past events.

Splatoon 2

Splatoon 2 is another sequel that should have been a vast improvement over its predecessor while retaining what made it enjoyable and unique. While Nintendo's take on the team shooter is still brilliant in its core gameplay (and doesn't force you to play with the awful GamePad anymore), it's still saddled with the anti-quality of life nonsense that plagued the first game. Fun, well-designed maps... only two of which are available at a time. A number of cool new multiplayer gametypes... but only in ranked play. Friend lobbies with voice chat... tied to the terrible smartphone app. An intriguing new survival mode... which is only open at certain times. A single-player campaign... which is just a series of challenge rooms. You get the idea. Sadly, it all made me put the game down after less than 2 weeks.

This year gave me some other dishonorable mentions as well, like Middle-earth: Shadow of War, Lawbreakers, and Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Amidst all the year-end excitement about the myriad of outstanding games in the last 12 months, what game (or games) disappointed you the most in 2017? Tell me yours - and your reasoning - in the comment section below!