This list was hard to write. Unlike the best of this generation, which I very easily remember, I did everything to forget these games. While some bad games might have redeeming qualities, I just don't like these, and nothing has done anything to change my mind about these games. This is just my opinion, so please don't take this list for a fact. Enjoy!

5.(Duke Nukem Forever)

I knew it. As many times as this game had been seemingly cancelled, I seen this coming. While it could have been worse, it wouldn't take much to make it so. This game just looks dated, and the gameplay is barely fun. While I seen this coming, I was hoping that I was wrong, because Gearbox made this, and they seemingly did a good job with Borderlands. But I know that they just released this game so that it would stop being a joke in the gaming industry. But now people can laugh at how bad it is.

4.(Harry Potter Games Franchise)

I couldn't just judge one of these games, so I am judging every Harry Potter game that has come out for current gen consoles. They all have some pretty ugly graphics at times, and the gameplay just doesn't feel all that fun. The only reason that I don't put this higher is because I did have a little fun with the sixth game installment. And if they had just made the Harry Potter games better. That's all I can think about, because I love every movie, and I have read every book, so I figured that Harry Potter wasn't going to fall prey to the movie licensed games plague. Clearly I was wrong, and now I don't want to buy a single game that EA Bright Light ever makes.

3.(Dance Masters)

Why, Konami? Why?!!?!?! When I got the Kinect for Christmas, I was excited for two games:Dance Central and Kinect Sports. My parents bought me Dance Central, Deca Sports for the Kinect, and Dance Masters. While I have good memories with the first two, this game just sucks to me. The actual dancing, you know, the thing that you do most of this game, isn't very understandable, and you don't even have to dance to play it. You just have to move your hands or feet into the glowing ring and follow it to win. And none of the songs, which you dance to, are actually fun to listen to, and I don't remember a single one from the game. The characters, which look very good in Dance Central, barely look current gen in Dance Masters. It's not that this game is for master dancers. It's for suckers who were fooled into paying their hard earned money on this garbage.

2.(Sonic: Free Riders)

I thought that Sonic couldn't get any worse. Please let me say that it can't get any worse now and be right. This game isn't just bad. It's also sickening. I literally wanted to throw up after playing this game, and I hope that Sonic stays far away from motion gaming forever. This game should not have even been thought of. How could anybody like this game, and that's actually a question. Who could have fun with this game. It's easily the worst Kinect game that I've ever played, and the only game that could come even close to it is Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor. If you offered me a million dollars to play this game, I would say, "No thanks. I'm fine not having any money." It's that bad.


And I thought that Sonic: Free Riders was bad. The difference between the two is that my expectations were lowered for Kinect games by the time I played Sonic: Free Riders. This game shouldn't even exist. I will instinctivly play this game on mute, because jacking someone's mind is a constant headache, with the static and horrible noise effects. And the AI is far worse than stupid. It's downright broken. The big mech boss that should give you a real challenge constantly shoots the ground, and you don't even shoot it to beat it, which is stupid in it's own right. This game isn't even playable to people who look for bad games, because they like to laugh at how bad they are. This game is so bad that those people wouldn't even be able to laugh at this. While the concept sounds pretty cool, nothing delivers. Nothing at all. I don't want to ever have to think of this game again, but that would still be too soon.

Tell me what you worst game of this generation are, or tell me what I might have missed, or just tell me what you think of the list, in the comments below. I hope that you haven't had to play any of these games, and that you've just seen them for the first time, so that you can't say, "I know what he means." Have a nice day!