Bioshock and Bioshock Infinite are both amazing games, and are definitely some of the best games that I have ever played. I thought that it would be great to compare the two to see which one I actually like more. This is just my opinion, so please don't take this as a fact. Enjoy!

The first, and easily the hardest to compare, is the atmosphere. I have had a tough time choosing which one I want to choose, but I think that I have my final verdict here. With much difficulty, I have to say that Bioshock Infinite wins this category. These two games have different feeling environments entirely, and I could write another blog describing them, but I like the feel that Bioshock Infinite's Columbia has. While Rapture is dying, Columbia is still very much alive, and you can see it from the first ten minutes that you spend in Columbia. It's really cool to see carnivals with tons of people having a good time and celebrating the city they live in. It feels much more like a living character than Rapture ever did, because Rapture was just torn apart from the splicers. And while I definitely felt bad for the people living in Rapture, I felt almost worse for the citizens of Columbia. This is the hallmark of any Bioshock game, and Bioshock Infinite definitely nailed it, and it did it better, in my opinion.

The next thing to go over is gameplay, and while the actual gameplay of these games work very well, I think that Bioshock did it better. They are very similar, but the one thing that got me was the fact that, in Infinite, you could only carry two guns, where as in Bioshock, you carry eight by the time the credits roll. And the plasmids, which aren't plasmids, but vigors in Bioshock Infinite, are better in Bioshock. This only counts for one point, but the plasmids all have there own uses and all come in handy from one time to another, where as in Bioshock Infinite, I only really used a couple of vigors repeatedly, finding the other vigors to be useless or not very powerful.

The graphics are up next, and I think that this is also a hard one to choose, but I honestly like the graphics in Bioshock better, although it was hard to choose, especially with some of the character models, which were downright scary. But this game looks slightly better than Bioshock Infinite, although it's almost not noticable. But Rapture just seems to look better than Columbia, which is weird, seeing as how Rapture is falling apart. But Bioshock does have a, however slight, graphical edge over Bioshock Infinite.

Next is the story, and this one was a little easier than the others. I think that, without a doubt, the story of Bioshock Infinite is the better of the two, and if not from being better, than from being more complicated. These games both have very good stories, but I like Infinite's just a little more. Infinite's story doesn't wait for you to catch up, and if you weren't paying attention, than you might be confused. I was paying attention, expecting a twist in the story somewhere, but the twist still surprised me, and I can't stop thinking about how well it was written, being a writer myself. This game did it great, and it outdone it's old man Bioshock.

The last is how replayable it is, and I think that Bioshock Infinite has it over Bioshock, because  of how many times you will play it to understand it's story. I played it twice and looked up an explanation of the ending to understand it, and that says replayability to me. I liked how I didn't get answers to some of my questions, and I played through it again to see if maybe I just wasn't paying attention to what the answer actually was. That's how to keep someone coming back with just a single player experience.

With that last bit in mind, the score is:Bioshock Infinite(3) Bioshock(2), so that means that the winner is...Bioshock Infinite...and me, because I got to play these two truly amazing games. This is just my opinion, so please don't take it for a fact. I want to hear what you guys think. Which one is better:Bioshock or Bioshock Infinite? Please leave an explanation as to why you like one over the other, and no explanation is stupid. Have a nice day!