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Game Informer Online 2014 Fantasy Football League Scoreboard - Playoffs Round 2

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Good morning all, and welcome to yet another Tuesday of GIO FFL action.  Round 2 of the playoffs came and went this weekend, which alongside the other games, answered the question posed last week of who would be playing in the Championship Game.  Is it my team versus The God of Wine?  Is it attackcobra's crew against Favorite Team on The Citadel?  You'll get the answer a little bit later of course, so stick around.  First though, let's take a look at the...

The Consolation Ladder, Round 2

#11 Team Vaas 103
#9 Hand of Thrawn 117

We kick off the consolation ladder with a high scoring game this week, Team Vaas falling to Hand of Thrawn 117 to 103.  It was a closer game up until a certain player got on the field this week, but being that all of us who participate in the league are avid football fans, I imagine that you already know who it is, so I'll just save it until I breakdown Hand of Thrawn's score.  All I can say is that I'm glad HoT didn't make the playoffs.  Getting back on track, putting forth the effort for Vaas' team this week was Russell Wilson (15 pts), DeMarco Murray (20 pts), Marques Colston (15 pts), Doug Baldwin and Graham Gano (13 pts each), and the Seahawks defense (who got a nice 22 pts by throttling my Giants).  Unfortunately for Vaas, Jamaal Charles had a 51 point weekend, which helped by 15 points from Andrew Luck, 11 from Vincent Jackson, 12 from Tony Gonzalez, and 10 from the Bills defense, propelled the scary-even-in-the-consolation-ladder Hand of Thrawn to the win.

Hand of Thrawn host the Bourbon St Skankzillas in the final round, while Team Vaas takes on LetMeGetToA Checkpoint in a rematch of their first round game.

#14 Cobra Unit 65
#10 Bourbon St Skankzillas 89

It's back to business as usual for the ever pathetic Cobra Unit, who after pulling off a surprise win last week against Real Radioactive, fall to the Bourbon St Skankzillas 89 to 65.  Returning the Unit to their losing ways this game was Tony Romo (18 pts, would have had more if not for the two picks), Marshawn Lynch (17 pts, once again on the eternally frustrating Big Blue), and the Browns defense (14 pts).  Helping the Bourbon St.ers bounce back after a huge loss last week was Philip Rivers (14 pts), DeSean Jackson (25 pts in a laughable loss to the Vikings; at least that improved Sunday a little bit), Alex Henery (12 pts), and the 49ers defense (with a decent 18 pts).

Adding to a round of rematches next week, Cobra Unit once again takes on Real Radioactive, with TOGNick's team facing Hand of Thrawn to finish out the consolation ladder.

#13 Real Radioactive 50
#12 LetMeGetToA Checkpoint 81

LetMeGetToACheckpoint's team takes the win this week after losing to Vaas in the first round, beating thirteenth seed Real Radioactive, who've lost two straight in the consolation ladder.  The only performances worth mentioning for RR are Colin Kaepernick with 20 points and James Jones with 10.  Meanwhile, making Checkpoint wonder where her team was during the regular season was Jay Cutler (19 pts), Trent Richardson (15 pts), Rashard Mendenhall (18 pts), and Keenan Allen (14 pts). 

Alright one consolation ladder down. Now for the....

Winner's Consolation Ladder, Round 1

#2 Blue Stingers 82
#1 Ponder This 102

Saturday Morning Replay's tough postseason continues, as Ponder This returned to form this week, beating the Blue Stingers 102-82.  Thank goodness for the upset last week, as I don't recall this game being that close besides, maybe, at one point.  Anyway, scoring for the bad luck Blue Stingers this week were Cam Newton (15 pts), Jordy Nelson (12 pts), Rashad Jennings (22 pts), and Blair Walsh (11 pts).  Getting Watchman's team past the 100 point mark this week was Ryan Mathews (18 pts), Brandon Marshall (15 pts), Julian Edelman (19 pts), and the Panthers defense (16 pts).

Ponder This play the Golden Chocobos next week, while the Blue Stingers take to the road to face The Orange Box.

#5 Golden Chocobos 99
#3 The Orange Box 63

Even though they missed a beat when it mattered last week against Chris' team, the Golden Chocobos go back to winning this week, taking down The Orange Box by the score 99-63.  Man, where was this luck last week, right?  Moving on, after being the silent killer team in our league during the regular season, The Orange Box have lost twice this postseason, Chris Johnson (15 pts), Reggie Bush (15 pts, as well), and Rams defense (10 pts) being the only ones who showed up.  Winning the game this week for the Golden Chocobos was Drew Brees with 19 points, Giovani Bernard with 10, Danny Amendola and Vernon Davis with 13, Phil Dawson with 17, and the Chiefs defense finishing up with 14 points.

And now....

The Playoffs, Semifinals

It was close, and he even had the lead for the most part, but the dream ends for thegodofwine, as Chris' Favorite Team on The Citadel take the win 102 to 96, and with it advance to the Game informer Online Fantasy Football League Championship Game.  I was personally hoping to have a revenge game against Blake, as he kicked my team around during the regular season, but alas it was not to be.  And really he has nobody to blame but himself, as lineup mismanagement cost him a game his team could've easily won had he played the right people.  That's the nature of fantasy football though: you make a call, and you either benefit from or pay for it.  It was the latter for The God of Wine this week, though his team did make a great effort: Nick Foles in his irritatingly consistent ways scored 33 points, the crybaby Dez Bryant scored 21, Josh Gordon had 12, Steven Jackson got 15 points, and Matt Bryant had 11.  It was the decision not to start either Eddie Lacy (23 pts), Pierre Garcon (18 pts), or Andre Ellington (15 pts) that lost this game.  Hell, he could've started all three and beat down Chris.  Speaking of the commish, scoring for his team was Ryan Tannehill with 24 points, Antonio Brown with 18 points in the Sunday night game, which turned out to be the difference maker, and Jason Witten and Shaun Suisham rounding out the score with 13 points each.  Congrats Chris on making the final.

The God of Wine will face the Hocotate Cobras in the final round of the winner's consolation ladder, meaning....

Yep, my once seemingly dead Taxmen are in the final, too!  It's sort of unfortunate though, as being that both mine and attackcobra's teams both started 4-0 and didn't play each other during the regular season, it would've been awesome if we faced each other in the Championship Game.  In a different situation we very well may have, but we both finished 7-6, and had to face each other in a matchup that mirrored our records.  As you can see, my Taxmen were the better team, and the Hocotate Cobras are now relegated to playing in the winner's consolation ladder.  The players who scored in HC's losing effort were Alex Smith, who had a nerve wracking 30 points, Matt Forte with 12, and Alson Jeffery with 13 points.  Much like thegodofwine though, lineup decisions cost the Cobras a trip to the championship. On the subject of that game, advancing my team was Tom Brady with 20 points, both DeAngelo Williams and Greg Jennings(!) with a team leading 22, and Steven Hauschka scoring 13 points.  Never thought with my lineup that I would make it so far.  Well, hopefully my smack talk blog from before the season started proves to be prophetic


That is all.

Consolation Ladders, Round 3

The Playoffs, Championship Game

And now the Championship Game is set.  Alongside the results of both the consolation and winner's consolation ladder's final rounds, look out for the results of the GIO FFL Championship Game on Christmas Eve.  Good luck Chris, and may the best man win.  See ya next week!