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"The Golden Pipo.  The race begins..."

Thirteen weeks and a total of ninety-one matches.  You would think that might be enough to determine who would be in and out of the playoffs by now, but no, it came down to this week for a couple teams.  Even if some of us were a sure thing already, placement and who we would be facing came down to week number thirteen.  Yes, it's the final week of the Game Informer Online Fantasy Football regular season, and fortunately for some and unfortunately for a few others, the playoffs are now set.  Let's take a look at how this week played out, and who'll be facing each other over the next few weeks in the...

Game Informer Online 2014 Fantasy Football League Week 13 Scoreboard

Favorite Team on The Citadel 70
The God of Wine 106

We kick off the final week's scoreboard with what was pivotal match for the thegodofwine7's team, as his defeat of Chris' team (106-70) and Hand of thrawn's loss got him the eighth seed in the playoffs.  The last few weeks have been pretty rough on Blake's team, The God of Wine faltering in big ways in some games.  But in the end, some of his players came through this week to get a big win and secure his spot in the postseason.  Leading in the scoring department for The God of Wine was Nick Foles with 23 points, Shane Vereen and Dez Bryant with 12 each, Josh Gordon leading the team with 38, and the Eagles defense rounding it out with 10.  Meanwhile, although Favorite Team on The Citadel slipped to 7-6, their spot in the playoffs has long been secure, this game not really meaning that much besides determining who they'd be facing in the first round of the playoffs.  Regardless, providing the points in the losing effort were Eli Manning (11 pts), Alfred Morris and LeSean McCoy (10 pts each), and Larry Fitzgerald (13 pts).

Finishing as the fourth seed in the playoffs, Chris' FToTC will be facing the fifth seed Golden Chocobos in the first round.  Thegodofwine's eighth seeded team has the unfortunate luck to be facing the dominant first seeded Ponder This.  But hey, if his team has a game like they did this week, we might just have an upset on our hands.

Blue Stingers 100
Real Radioactive 83

Though Saturday Morning Replay's team struggled in the opening of the season, and had a bit of a rough patch a little later in the season, his Blue Stingers finished as the top team in the Eastern division with a 9-4 record, and are the number two seed in the playoffs.  Really, this game against the abysmal 4-8 Real Radioactive was nothing more than putting a bow on his season.  Winning the game 100-83, the top scorers for Nabil's team were Cam Newton (26 pts), Andre Brown (17 pts), Torrey Smith and Rashad Jennings (15 pts to each), and Blair Walsh (10 pts).  Scoring in the loss for Radioactive Deathbat's team was Colin Kaepernick (17 pts), Adrian Peterson (21 pts), Fred Jackson (19 pts), and Demaryius Thomas (10 pts).

It pains me to say that with the Blue Stingers being the number two seed, they'll be facing my seventh seeded Taxmen.  YOU'RE GOING DOWN, PAL!  Real Radioactive will be facing the league worst Cobra Unit in the fist round of the consolation ladder.

Cerpin Taxmen 115
LetMeGetToA Checkpoint 72

Despite my idiotic posts and ramblings dreaming of fantasy football glory, realistically I never thought I had much of a chance this season.  I didn't have the best draft and truthfully I haven't made the best moves for my team since then.  But my Taxmen finished with a 7-6 record and are the seventh seed.  Considering how things have been looking ever since the fifth week, I'll take it.  A big part of what got my team into the playoffs was the fact that I had two very winnable games in the last three weeks.  Despite that, given that LetMeGetToACheckpoint's team beat Chris' Favorite Team on The Citadel last week, I was little nervous about this game.  Thankfully, I won 115-72.  The scoring leaders for my Taxmen this week were Tom Brady with 20 points, Eric Decker with a ridonkulous 41 points, Steven Hauschka with 10, and the Dolphins defense with 17.  Making the effort for Checkpoint was Robert Griffin III (20 pts), Rob Gronkowski (18 pts), and Stephen Gostkowski (13 pts).

LetMeGetToACheckpoint will be facing Team Vaas in the consolation ladder.

The Orange Box 78
Hocotate Cobras 62

Really weird how The Orange Box finished second in the East and the third seed overall.  The team didn't seem like they were worth paying much attention to in those first couple weeks.  But a lot can change in a few months time, and the team (still don't know the user who owns the team) finished 8-5.  On the other side of the match, attackcobra's Hocotate Cobras were fantastic early on, and have struggled mightily with a four game losing streak to slip to 7-6.  Luckily for attackcobra, the Western division has been decided for quite a while now, with his team sitting comfortably in second place.  Amusing how both teams that started out 4-0 (his team and my team) finished 7-6.  Anyway, winning the game and securing the third seed for The Orange Box was Joe Flacco (14 pts), Chris Johnson (15 pts), Andre Johnson (12 pts), and Reggie Bush (21 pts).  Showing up in this seed determing game for the Cobras was Josh McCown (22 pts), Matt Forte (15 pts), and Mike Wallace (14 pts).

We've got a rematch in the first round, as these two teams face off again, The Orange Box being the third seed and attackcobra's team being the sixth seed.

Golden Chocobos 85
Ponder This 80

The Golden Chocobos...THE GOLDEN F****** CHOCOBOS.  A team that seemed dead and and Kentucky fried, that came back from mediocrity to finish 7-6 and get in the playoffs as the fifth seed.  All because he made a trade at the right time.  I tip my hat to you, Greg.  And not only did his team come back from the dead, they also beat the best team in the league, Ponder This, in a close game, 85-80.  If only I had that luck last week.  Really, this game didn't mean much of anything for Watchman's playoff fate, but keeping it close for his team was Matt Stafford (19 pts), Calvin Johnson (16 pts), and the Panthers defense (15 pts).  Wrapping up the comeback story of the year (...or regular season really) for the Chocobos was Knowshon Moreno and Vernon Davis (14 pts each), Ben Tate (28 pts), and Phil Dawson (12 pts).

Bourbon St Skankzillas 61
Cobra Unit 55

Not a very important match-up here between the Skankzillas and Cobra Unit, as neither team was in contention to make the playoffs.  TOGNick's team has been a disappointment all season, but at least he finished a respectable 6-7 in a tough division.  Cobra Unit has been pathetic since week 5, finishing 2-10-1 on an eight game losing streak, and after the team (I still don't know the owner of this team, as well) more than likely loses in the first round of the consolation ladder, the Bronze Kai Leng of Trying Hard will be the team's to own.  Really, no surprise the Bourbon St.ers won this game, with Philip Rivers (12 pts), Maurice Jones-Drew (11 pts), and Jimmy Graham (10 pts) scoring for the team.  Making it surprisingly close for Cobra Unit though, was Tony Romo (13 pts), Roddy White (14 pts), and Michael Floyd (15 pts).

The Skankzillas will be facing Hand of Thrawn in the first round of the consolation ladder.

Team Vaas 104
Hand of Thrawn 82

While it's been an annoyingly up and down season for Vaas' team and his team was essentially eliminated from contention last week, at least he spoiled someone's chance at the playoffs while getting to wrap the regular season up with a W.  Good for you, man.  Not so good for Hand of Thrawn, who with a win could've snuffed out The God of Wine.  Unfortunately, Wine won and Thrawn lost, both finishing 6-6-1.  Blake's team gets in on the points advantage, at least according to Chris....remember I just write the blogs.  But thegodofwine's team also had a better division record, so I suppose that also helped seal HoT's fate.  Either way, scoring in the Hand of Thrawn loss was Andrew Luck (10 pts), Jamaal Charles (17 pts), A.J. Green (14 pts), and Tony Gonzalez (10 pts).  Helping Vaas spoil the party was Russel Wilson with 28 points, Donald Brown with 12, DeMarco Murray with 27, and the Seahawks defense with 15 points.

*No scores are final until Saturday, and are subject to change*

And now, the final regular season standings.


GIO FF East:

1. Blue Stingers 9-4
2. The Orange Box 8-5
3. Favorite Team on The Citadel 7-6
4. Golden Chocobos 7-6
5. Cerpin Taxmen 7-6
6. Bourbon St Skankzillas 6-7
7. Team Vaas 6-7

GIO FF West:

1. Ponder This 10-3
2. Hocotate Cobras 7-6
3. The God of Wine 6-6-1
4. Hand of Thrawn 6-6-1
5. LetMeGetToA Checkpoint 4-8-1
6. Real Radioactive 4-9
7. Cobra Unit 2-10-1



Well, that wraps up the regular season.  But don't worry, as I'm here to cover this thing through to the end.  Good luck to everyone in the next few weeks, and, as usual, keep an eye out every Tuesday for the scoreboard. See ya around!