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Game Informer Online 2014 Fantasy Football League Scoreboard - Week 10

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As it's been for last ten weeks, another Tuesday brings another set of fantasy football scores.  Now being Week 10, the season is officially winding down, and teams are starting to solidify their places in the standings.  Well, all except for a couple teams, who with similar records are still jockeying for position.  Who won and who lost this week?  Let's take a look in the.... 

Game Informer Online 2014 Fantasy Football League Week 10 Scoreboard

The Orange Box 107
The God of Wine 69

We start this week with one team who has a four game winning streak, and one who, including this match, has had a bumpy last few games, as the suddenly hot Orange Box beat The God of Wine 107 to 69.  Even though thegodofwine7's team is currently in third place, at 5-4-1 that position is tenuous at best, as Hand of Thrawn (also at 5-4-1) are right there with them.  Regardless, putting forth the points in TGoW's losing effort was Nick Foles with 22 points and Steven Hauschka with 19.  Meanwhile, netting another victory for The Orange Box was Pierre Thomas (22 pts), Andre Johnson (15 pts), Reggie Bush (10 pts), and the Rams defense (with an astounding 25 pts).  The Orange Box's win streak now grows to four games.

The God of Wine face the Golden Chocobos next week, while The Orange Box look to continue their winning ways against Hand of Thrawn.

Golden Chocobos 89
Real Radioactive 67

Amazing what a couple mid-to-late season moves will do for a team, as the once seemingly fried Golden Chocobos impress with another win over Real Radioactive.  Well, maybe not so impressive considering Radioactive Deathbat's team is the worst in the league.  And can't forget that GCsoxfan's team is still in last place, too.  A win is a win however, and delivering it for the Chocobos was Drew Brees (31 pts), Knowshon Moreno (10 pts), T.Y. Hilton (13 pts), and Giovani Bernard (14 pts).  Continuing the season of pain and woe for Real Radioactive were relative non-performances by most of the team, outside of Adrian Peterson's 19 points and Demaryius Thomas' 28.

Real Radioactive take on the Bourbon St. Skankzillas in Week 11.

Bourbon St Skankzillas 91
LetMeGetToA Checkpoint 64

TOGNick's team faced off against LetMeGetToACheckpoint's team this weekend, and as is probably expected every week, the latter team lost 91-64.  Amusing thing is, Checkpoint's team is actually ranked higher in her division (Western) than Nick's is (Eastern).  Moving on from that funny little stat, getting the win for the Skankzillas was Philip Rivers (12 pts), Maurice Jones-Drew (13 pts), DeSean Jackson (14 pts), Riley Cooper (22 pts), and the 49ers defense (13 pts).  Only performances of note for LetMeGetToA Checkpoint were Robert Griffin III with 27 points and the Giants defense with 18 points.

Checkpoint are up against the up-and-down Team Vaas in the eleventh week.

Team Vaas 89
Hocotate Cobras 38

Vaas, pissed off that I am at my team's fall from grace, I don't envy how completely bipolar your team has been week-to-week.  Speaking of which, Team Vaas actually managed to walk away with a surprising victory against the Hocotate Cobras, winning 89 to 38.  Not really much worth mentioning for attackcobra's team, as only one player managed to get over 10 points, that player being Alshon Jeffery with 11 points.  Helping Team Vaas kick a** this week was the ever consistent (but slowly seems to be falling apart) Peyton Manning (27 pts), DeMarco Murray (14 pts), and Golden Tate (16 pts).

The Hocotate Cobras take to the road to face Favorite Team on The Citadel next week.

Favorite Team on The Citadel 75
Ponder This 128

A win streak died this game, as Ponder This delivered a beat down on Favorite Team on The citadel, winning 128-75.  As a result of losing this week (and the Blue Stingers winning, which I'll cover next...), Chris' team moves down to second place.  The players who scored the most in his losing effort were Alfred Morris (13 pts), LeSean McCoy (15 pts), Antonio Brown (10 pts), and Shaun Suisham (11 pts).  Winning the game for Ponder This was Matt Stafford (18 pts), Darren Sproles (18 pts), Ryan Mathews (11 pts), Calvin Johnson (20 pts), Brandon Marshall (25 pts), Julius Thomas (15 pts), and the Panthers defense (16 pts).

Ponder This throw down with the Blue Stingers in Week 11.

Blue Stingers 62
Cobra Unit 41

Moving back to the top spot in the Eastern division this week are the Blue Stingers, who beat Cobra Unit, 62-41.  No outright great performances for Saturday Morning Replay's team as has been the norm recently, but his guys still came through, Frank Gore (10 pts), Torrey Smith (10 pts), and Blair Walsh (11 pts) providing the offense.  On the other side of the ball, the only performance worth mentioning for Cobra Unit is Marshawn Lynch's 21 point game.

Cobra Unit take on my Taxmen next week.

Cerpin Taxmen 58
Hand of Thrawn 61

And closing out the Week 10 results is yet another loss for my Cerpin Taxmen, beaten by Hand of Thrawn by a score of 61 to 58.  Curse me for not having confidence in the Bengals defense.  Anyway, making it close for me this week was Andy Dalton with 14 points, DeAngelo Williams with 10, and Delanie Walker with 12.  Winning the game for HoT was Andrew Luck (13 pts), Zac Stacy (12 pts), and A.J. Green (21 pts).

*No scores are final until Saturday, and are subject to change*

And now, the standings after Week 10.


GIO FF East:

1. Blue Stingers 7-3
2. Favorite Team on The Citadel 6-4
3. The Orange Box 6-4
4. Team Vaas 5-5
5. Cerpin Taxmen 5-5
6. Bourbon St. Skankzillas 4-6
7. Golden Chocobos 4-6

GIO FF West:

1. Ponder This 8-2
2. Hocotate Cobras 7-3
3. The God of Wine 5-4-1
4. Hand of Thrawn 5-4-1
5. Cobra Unit 2-7-1
6. LetMeGetToA Checkpoint 2-7-1
7. Real Radioactive 2-8

Admiral Dolphin here could probably teach some the Miami Dolphins some discipline.

....And that will do it for the week 10 scoreboard.  Personally, I think these closing weeks of the fantasy season might prove to be interesting, especially with how close the Eastern division is right now.  Well, only more fantasy football action will determine how the season winds up.  As usual, look out for the scoreboard next Tuesday for your GIO Fantasy Football need.  See ya then.