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Man, can't believe it's already Week 6.  Though the Giants are one of the worst teams in the NFL this year, and my fantasy team looks like it's about to take a similar turn, it still astounds me how fast the football season goes by.  Soon enough we'll be crowning the champion of this here league.  But hey that's for a later week.  Without further ado, here is the...

Game Informer Online 2014 Fantasy Football League Week 6 Scoreboard

Cobra Unit 90
Bourbon St Skankzillas 134

We start the week 6 recap off with TOGNick's Skankzillas scoring big, winning 134 to 90 against Cobra Unit.  The Bourboun St.ers  lineup had a good weekend, with seven players getting 10 points or more.  Scoring for the Skankzillas was Philip Rivers (13 pts), Maurice Jones-Drew (13 pts), Knowshon Moreno (28 pts), Desean Jackson (18 pts), Kenbrell Thompkins (10 pts), Vernon Davis (30 pts), and Denarius Moore (14 pts).  While Marshawn Lynch (26 pts), Stevan Ridley (22 pts), and Michael Floyd (10 pts) helped Cobra Unit to 90 points, a bad game from the Browns defense and keeping Roddy White, whose team had a bye week, in the lineup, served to hold Cobra Unit back from a win.

The Skankzillas are home against Favorite Team on The Citadel in the seventh week, while Cobra Unit are up against the suddenly hot The God of Wine.

Golden Chocobos 61
Team Vaas 59

I joked last week that hopefully Peyton Manning (on Vaas' team) would have mercy against GCsoxfan08's Golden Chocobos.  The Broncos faced the awful Jaguars this weekend, and any football expert would probably tell you that Manning was going to throttle the team.  Surprisingly, that wasn't the case this weekend, and I think it played a big part in the Golden Chocobos close 61-59 win over Team Vaas.  Of note for Team Vaas were the aforementioned Peyton Manning (13 pts), Wes Welker (12 pts), and the Seahawks defense (12 pts), with the rest of the team providing little backup.  What's shocking is that the Golden Chocobos did even worse, with two players scoring no points, and only Sam Bradford and Gio Bernard (16 and 15 points respectively) having the only games worth noting.  Alas, the Chocobos smaller performances were worth more than Team Vaas', and helped the team just edge out a win.

The Golden Chocobos take on the Blue Stingers next week, while Team Vaas is up against Hand of Thrawn.

Ponder This 87
Hand of Thrawn 92

The longest win streak of the season has been snapped, with Hand of Thrawn beating Ponder This in another close game, 92-87.  After losing the first week, Ponder This won their next four games and have looked good doing it.  Unfortunately for Watchman's team, good things don't last forever, and Hand of Thrawn hand Ponder This their second loss of the season.  Making the difference for HoT was Jamaal Charles with 24 points, A.J. Green with 16, and Vincent Jackson with 23.  Providing the points for Ponder This were Matt Stafford (23 pts), Ryan Mathews (10 pts),  Brandon Marshall (20 pts), and the Panthers defense (12 pts).

Ponder This goes at it with Real Radioactive in week 7

The Orange Box 85
Favorite Team on The Citadel 94

Despite teetering between strong and shaky in the first few weeks, Chris MrkVicka's Favorite Team on The Citadel defeated The Orange Box 94-85, and now move to a record of 3-3.  Good games from Aaron Rodgers (16 pts), Reggie Bush (18 pts), Nick Novak (15 pts), and the Bears defense (12 pts) kept The Orange Box in it, for the most part.  However, the commish's points leaders (those players being Alfred Morris, LeSean McCoy, Justin Blackmon, and Larry Fitzgerald with 14, 14, 19, and 15 points) got a little more help from the smaller point scorers, and walks away with the win as a result.

The Orange Box take on my Taxmen in week 7.

Hocotate Cobras  68
The God of Wine 76

The formerly 4-0 Hocotate Cobras continue their descent, losing against the rising The God of Wine this week 76-68.  Yes, alongside my team (which I'll talk about after this game), attackcobra's team is starting to fall on hard times, all the while thegodofwine7's team is starting to kick a** and take names.  Well really, this week was rather meager in terms of all around good performances for The God of Wine, but DeMarco Murray (10 pts), Josh Gordon (12 pts), and the Chiefs defense (with a game leading 27 pts) were enough to secure the win.  Garnering the points for HC's losing effort were Terrelle Pryor (12 pts), Matt Forte (10 pts), and Emmanuel Sanders (13 points). 

The Hocotate Cobras face LetMeGetToA Checkpoint this coming week.

Cerpin Taxmen 59
Blue Stingers 104

Like attackcobra's team, my Taxmen, too, are continuing to stare the face of mediocrity in the eye, losing BIG to Saturday Morning Replay's Blue Stingers, 104-59.  Yes, while I'll be trying to figure out a way to save my sinking ship, SMR's team is now one of the top dogs in our league, currently leading the Eastern division.  Helping him in this game was Cam Newton with 30 points, Arian Foster with 19, Frank Gore with 10, and Jordy Nelson with 17.  Meanwhile, lineup mismanagement once again cost me the game, and the only two performances worth noting are Tom Brady's 13 points and Scott Chandler's 10.  Hopefully, I bounce back against The Orange Box next week.

LetMeGetToA Checkpoint 62
Real Radioactive 47

Closing out the week 6 scoreboard is the match between LetMeGetToACheckpoint's team and Radioactive Deathbat's team, which the former won 62 to 47.  Though still one of the teams at the bottom of the Western division, Checkpoint are starting to make some noise.  Leading the way for Checkpoint this week was Jay Cutler (20 pts), Keenan Allen (16 pts), and Stephen Gostkowski (14 pts).  The only player worth noting in an altogether dismal game for Real Radioactive is Colin Kaepernick, who scored 15 points.

*No scores are final until Saturday, and are subject to change*

And now the standings after Week 6.


GIO FF East:

1. Blue Stingers 4-2
2. Cerpin Taxmen 4-2
3. Bourbon St Skankzillas 3-3
4. Favorite Team on The Citadel 3-3
5. Team Vaas 3-3
6. Golden Chocobos 2-4
7. The Orange Box 2-4

GIO FF West:

1. Ponder This 4-2
2. Hocotate Cobras 4-2
3. The God of Wine 3-2-1
4. Cobra Unit 2-3-1
5. Hand of Thrawn 2-3-1
6. LetMeGetToA Checkpoint 2-3-1
7. Real Radioactive 2-4

....and that wraps up the sixth week's scoreboard.  My apologies for being a bit late with it, but I was preoccupied this morning and decided to save it for later in the day.  Hope you guys enjoyed this, and, as usual, look out every Tuesday until our season finishes for the GIO 2014 Fantasy Football scoreboard.  Later!