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"Garbage.  The current state of the New York Giants."

Welcome back one and all to the weekly fantasy football scoreboard.  As you can tell from above, yes, the Giants are pissing me off.  Hard to believe they won a Super Bowl just two seasons ago.  But Big Blue's woes are not what I do this blog to talk about.  It's time for the...

Game Informer Online 2014 Fantasy Football League Week 4 Scoreboard

Hocotate Cobras 101
The Orange Box 81

And kicking off our fourth week is the matchup between the undefeated Hocotate Cobras and The Orange Box.  It was a close game at some points, at times looking like attackcobra's team might just lose or win. In the end though, he wound up winning by 20 points and now moves to 4-0 (cyber high five, yo!).  Strange thing about this game is that The Orange Box had five players score double digits: Joe Flacco (11 pts), Reggie Bush (22 pts), Andre Johnson (11 pts), Dwayne Bowe (11 pts), and Antonio Gates (19 pts).  Unfortunately five wasn't enough, as good games from Matt Ryan (22 pts), Matt Forte (17 pts), Bilal Powell (10 pts), and the Colts defense (22 pts) ensured that the undefeated season would continue for the Hocotate Cobras.

The Hocotate Cobras take on Cobra Unit in Week 5, while The Orange Box faces the Bourbon St. Skankzillas.

Cerpin Taxmen 85
Golden Chocobos 81

It was a Yankees fan (yours truly) versus a Red Sox fan (GCsoxfan08) this week, as my undefeated Taxmen took on the Golden Chocobos.  And boy was this one a nail biter, coming down to yesterday's Dolphins-Saints game.  Where last week I was holding my breath for Eric Decker to have a big game, this week I was holding out hope Jimmy Graham (22 pts) and Lamar Miller (12 pts) would flop.  As you can see they didn't, but fortunately for me it wasn't enough to take down my Taxmen.  Strong performances by Tom Brady (20 pts) and Victor Cruz (22 pts), and good performances from LaGarrette Blount (12 pts) and Matt Bryant (12 pts) just gave me enough points to pull a win out of my a**.  Meanwhile, the aforementioned Graham and Miller games, alongside 11 and 13 point performances from Julian Edelman and the Cardinals defense gave the Chocobos a chance, but just couldn't put them over.

The Golden Chocobos are the home team when Ponder This comes to visit in the fifth week, while planning how best to prepare to counter Peyton Manning will give me nightmares as I face Team Vaas.

LetMeGetToA Checkpoint 40
Ponder This 90

It's been a rough season for LetMeGetToACheckpoint's team thus far, and it only got worse in Week 4, as Ponder This delivered a sound 90-40 thrashing.  Decent games from Robert Griffin III (14 pts), Trent Richardson (12 pts), and Julio Jones (10 pts) simply weren't enough, and they weren't helped, as the rest of the team drastically underperformed.  On the other side of the ball, Matt Stafford's 15 points, Darren Sproles' 23, Ryan Mathews and Calvin Johnson's 10, and Matt Prater's 12 points gave Watchman's team the W.

LetMeGetToA Checkpoint faces Hand of Thrawn next week.

Blue Stingers 95
Bourbon St Skankzillas 91

After starting 0-2, Saturday Morning Replay's Blue Stingers have started to impress in the last two weeks, and his Stingers got the win this week by a score of 95-91 against TOGNick's Skankzillas.  The Blue Stingers had been leading the game since Thursday, but things got interesting last night due to a ridiculous 32 point game from Drew Brees.  That, and good games from Knowshon Moreno (14 pts), Kenbrell Thompkins (18 pts), and the 49ers defense (15 pts), kept the Bourbon St.ers in the thick of things.  However, strong games out of Arian Foster, Frank Gore, and Torrey Smith (22, 19, and 22 pts out of each) along with a good game from Blair Walsh (11 pts) were enough to let SMR pull away with the victory.

The Blue Stingers take on Chris MrkVicka's Favorite Team on The Citadel in Week 5.

Real Radioactive 108
Cobra Unit 102

Radioactive Deathbat's team moves to 2-2, edging out Cobra Unit in another close game this week.  Both teams had a good chunk of players score in double digits, with Tony Romo (18 pts), Marshawn Lynch (17 pts), Reggie Wayne (16 pts), Jordan Cameron (15 pts), and the Browns defense (12 pts) netting 102 points for Cobra Unit.  It wasn't enough to meltdown Radioactive, with Colin Kaepernick (13 pts), Adrian Peterson (26 pts), Fred Jackson (14 pts), Demaryius Thomas (20 pts), Coby Fleener (13 pts), and the Texans defense (11 pts) helpig to provide 108 points to the team.

Real Radioactive host The God of Wine in the fifth week.

Favorite Team on The Citadel 76
Team Vaas 113

After an up and down first three weeks, Team Vaas pulled it together in a big way this week, demolishing Favorite Team on The Citadel 113-76.  The point leaders for Citadel were Larry Fitzgerald with 12 points and the Titans defense with 22, obviously not enough to make a difference for Chris.  Scoring big for Vaas as usual was Peyton Manning (29 pts), with Danny Woodhead (20 pts), Wes Welker (19 pts), David Akers (18 pts), and the Seahawks defense (11 pts) helping out quite a bit, too.  Hopefully, Team Vaas doesn't do this well against my team next week.

The God of Wine 134
Hand of Thrawn 64

Just as this week was opened with a blowout, so too does it close out with one, with The God of Wine absolutely destroying Hand of Thrawn 134-64 (70 f****** points!).  After a down week last week, the godofwine7's team did not disappoint, with seven of the nine players scoring double digits.  Those seven were Michael Vick (13 pts), Dez Bryant (20 pts), Anquan Boldin (15 pts), Tony Gonzalez (26 pts), Pierre Garcon (11 pts), Steven Hauschka (13 pts), and the Chiefs defense (I growl at their 20 pts).  The only performances of note for Hand of Thrawn were Andrew Luck and Jamaal Charles both with 18 points.

*Due to changing scores and results in the last two weeks (and it even says on ESPN the scores aren't final until Saturday), the results you see here are subject to change.*

And now the standings after Week 4.


GIO FF East:

1. Cerpin Taxmen 4-0
2. Team Vaas 2-2
3. Favorite Team on The Citadel 2-2
4. Blue Stingers 2-2
5. The Orange Box 2-2
6. Golden Chocobos 1-3
7. Bourbon St. Skankzillas 1-3

GIO FF West:

1. Hocotate Cobras 4-0
2. Ponder This 3-1
3. Real Radioactive 2-2
4. The God of Wine 1-2-1
5. Cobra Unit 1-2-1 (CU vs. HoT wound up a tie based on point adjustments)
6. Hand of Thrawn 1-2-1 (see above)
7. LetMeGetToA Checkpoint 0-3-1

....And that's another week in the books.  As usual I hope you guys enjoyed this, and I'll be back next Tuesday with the week 5 scores.  See you then!