Whether we like to admit or not, we all have certain shames.  I'm speaking strictly of disgraces as gamers here, of course (probably didn't need me to tell you that).  Whether it's that game that everyone loves that you think is somewhat overrated (but something holds you back from admitting as much), or that game that most everyone in the world seems to adore and you're a part of the two percent that somehow missed out on it.  It doesn't even have to be in the context of games only either: you could have a habit that you feel would carry a stigma if you were to come out and admit it to your fellow gamers.  I know I can think of a few.  They range from embarrassing to absolutely trivial, but they all fit under that umbrella of shame.

Didn't Finish A Zelda Game Until Phantom Hourglass

                (Had a hard time finding a good picture, and decided this was too funny to pass up)

I like the Zelda series.  Would I consider them the greatest games I've ever played?  More than likely, no.  However, that has a lot to do with the fact that I never completed a Legend of Zelda game until I bought Phantom Hourglass for the DS.  Amazing that the first game in the series I actually saw through to the end is the follow up to the Zelda I regret not playing the most: Wind Waker.  Even though I have in the last few years adopted a bit more of a completionist attitude, when I was in my early to mid teens I couldn't fathom looking all over creation for things.  That's probably the factor that kept me from ever diving too deep into any LoZ I tried: I had no patience.  Finding all the heart pieces in Ocarina of Time? Nope.  Map pieces and hearts and whatever other in Wind Waker?  Same answer.  Hell, I started A Link to the Past on an emulator and just quit at the beginning because I knew what I would wind up doing.  A crying you-know-what that was my mentality back in the day.  Ever since, I've beaten the so-so Spirit Tracks, the highly enjoyable, but at times unchallenging Skyward Sword, and finally corrected a wrong by finishing the excellent 3DS remake of Ocarina of Time.  Still, looking at the ones I've left in the dust sort of stings.  With it's cel-shaded art style and it's different approach to exploration, I'm certain had I stuck with the Wind Waker I probably would have loved the game.  The same can be said of A Link to the Past, which after the Super Replay of, I know I probably would have enjoyed it, too.  I have Majora's Mask on the Wii, but when I tried it out I found the time mechanic somewhat daunting, and haven't touched it since.  Being that I'm always in a state of perpetual catch up, it's hard for me to get back to it, but maybe one of these days I will.

An Old Enemy (or My Initial Hatred of Chrono Trigger)

As I've mentioned one more than a few occasions by now, Chrono Cross is probably my favorite game of all time.  It was (technically) my first exposure to the rpg, and it got me to start paying more attention to a game's soundtrack and narrative.  Being that I was only five years old at the time of the original release, I would have never had the patience to sit through Chrono Trigger.  So, when given the opportunity to play the Playstation version of the game, I took it.  I took that opportunity, and could not understand what people thought was so great about the damn game.  I tried to play it maybe three times and could not get into it.  Didn't play it for years and was content with both that and thinking it was one of the most overrated games I'd ever given a shot.  I just didn't like it.  Now, I'd be remiss if I didn't admit that around that time I was essentially a super fan boy of Cross.  If anybody EVER spoke ill of it, it riled me up, and there is still a part of me that will always jump to Chrono Cross' defense in a heartbeat.  But I softened my stance on Trigger eventually, and when the DS re-release was announced I wanted to get it.  It's amazing what going into a game with an open mind can do, because when I finished Chrono Trigger, I found that I considered it one of the best games I'd ever played....but truthfully I still consider it just a wee bit overrated.

Missing Out On Sony's Big Three On the PS2

Never playing the Ratchet and Clank, Sly Cooper, or Jak and Daxter series when they originally came out, was the chief reason I started my "A Selection of Collections" blog series.  Being that I just finished Sly and just started Jak, I'll be getting back to doing those shortly.  So, I'll keep this short (as further regret will be demonstrated in the near future): having played and enjoyed both the Ratchet and Clank and Sly Cooper series tremendously, and enjoying the little I've played so far of Jak and Daxter, I consider it disgracing that I never got to these games the first time around.  Even if I was into different genres at the time, I should have played these regardless.  I truly don't know what compelled me to skip over them.  Glad to say that I'm rectifying those mistakes I made when I was a picky little p.r.i.c.k (had to spell it like that; a little surprising it got censored, as I've seen and written worse) .

Being No Hit in MLB: The Show

I've been beaten 9-2 in FIFA, blown out by eighty points in NBA 2K, and demolished by one hundred points in Madden (if you're feeling a sense of déjà vu it's because I've talked about some of these in one of my earliest blogs) .  Those are all pretty awful, but I can look at them and not give a sh** about the absolute ineptitude it takes to be that bad.  If there's one that always hurts though, it's the fact the my brother pitched a no hitter against me in The Show.  Baseball isn't a very complicated sport, even less so in the digital world.  You would think it'd be easy enough to get at least one hit.  Yet for nine innings I couldn't do anything.  What hurts even more is that, if not for a cheap error, it really should have been a perfect game.  Still a sore spot with my brother, actually, and an even sorer spot with me.  It used to be I could kick his ass in baseball, at least.

Quitting Games That I Bought If My Brother or Sister Passed Me In Them

Now, this one is a particularly stupid habit I used to have.  Let me explain: I felt that if you were the owner of a game you had the right to beat it first.  If my bro or sis wanted to play whatever I was playing, that was all well and good, but I warned them not to pass me.  Where this mentality and habit came from I don't know, because I had never been like that growing up.  To make things worse, if they (usually my sister)  did pass me I had a tendency to completely stop playing the game and never go back to it.  Most of the games that I may have left incomplete are lost to memory, but the two that'll always stand out in my mind are Grandia III and Dragon Quest XIII.  Seriously, if I could slap myself from seven to eight years ago, I would.


I'm certain there's more I could think of to add to this list of shame, and more than likely by the time this is up I'll have thought of one or two.  I was going to add one in regards to Final Fantasy, but opted not to, being that I've never been super interested in the series (though I loved FF XII).

What about you guys?  Have you add any embarrassing moments, game missed, or idiotic habits that you look back on with regret?

Take care and thanks for reading!