I know it will probably be some time until we hear some more information about the next Super Smash Bros. installment, but recently I've been thinking a lot about it. How good will it be? What characters will be in it? What new stages are going to be added? How much more can be done with the game on a stronger console? How will the Wii U gamepad be utilized? Is that whole connectivity thing with the 3DS still going to be in it? Well, maybe I just now thought of some of those questions, but you get the point. I've been a fan of the Smash Bros. series since the first game on the N64, and like any good fan I love to speculate, wonder about, and hope for certain things I'd like to see in the next game. Let's get started...


Neku Sakuraba from The World Ends With You

I adore TWEWY, and though Neku starts out as a punk in the rpg, he grows into a pretty likable character by the time the game ends. So take those two factors that I mentioned, and combine them with the fact The World Ends With You was originally released on the Nintendo DS, and you have a perfect candidate for inclusion into the series. Now, putting Neku in the game all depends on whether Square Enix would even allow it, but I'm disregarding that here. To those that played The World Ends With You, I ask you to think back to controlling Neku with the DS's touch screen. For the sake of consistency and dedication to the spirit of the original title, I think it would be a neat idea to give players an alternate control option using the touch screen should the character be chosen for the next Super Smash Bros. Now, doing what I said would probably be an enormous pain in the ass, but given that the Wii U's controller has a touch screen, I say this: Why not go wild? Of course, I'm just fine with the developers taking a more conservative approach in the controls department. Either way, Neku's attacks should be based on a selection of the pins he used in TWEWY. Maybe hold a fan vote to determine which ones?

Shulk from Xenoblade Chronicles

As detailed (in full) here and (partially) here, I loved Xenoblade. I have no qualms calling it one of my favorite games, and it's certainly the best Wii game I ever played. So, yeah, when it comes to new characters I'd like to see added to the Smash Bros. series, Shulk is pretty high on my list. I won't lie, this choice is based solely on my opinion that Monolith Soft's rpg needs to be represented in some form in the next SSB installment. It's a Nintendo exclusive, and it seems like a lot of people liked the game. SO WHY NOT ADD HIM!?  With the Monado in hand, Shulk would probably be a great fit in any Smash Bros. game.

Yin Yarn from Kirby's Epic Yarn

Kirby's Epic Yarn was a fun, very chill platformer. A little on the easy side, yes, but still a delight to play. While Yin Yarn wasn't the most memorable villain, like with Xenoblade, I just feel Epic Yarn ought to be represented.

Ghirahim (or Groose) from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

I never found Ghirahim to be a very likable villain, and really I'm just throwing him in here so he could be a punching bag. I could say much the same for Groose, but truth be told, I found I started liking him towards the end of Skyward Sword. So, why not make the doofus an unlockable character?

Crono from Chrono Trigger

Alright I'll be honest: I will always love Chrono Cross more, and for a while I found Chrono Trigger overrated. I've softened on the latter opinion, and really would consider CT to be one of the best games I've played. Needless to say, if ever a character worth digging into the past to include, Crono would be that character. He's a silent protagonist I know, but besides grunts and yells there's never been a lot of voice work in SSB, so therefore he's perfect. Include some of his tech attacks, and he's ready to go. Now, like Neku, Crono is a character whose inclusion might be blocked by Square Enix. Well I say f*** Square Enix then! Besides numerous re-releases since the DS re-release, the Chrono series has been long dormant, if not completely dead. If nothing is ever going to be done with the property, why not let someone else use it for something? Allowing the use of  Crono in the next Smash Bros. game would be pretty sweet.


Battle of the Bionis and Mechonis- Xenoblade Chronicles

Those of you who've played Xenoblade, take a moment and imagine a stage based on the prologue of the game. Imagine the Bionis and Mechonis taking swings at each other while the fight stage is circling around the action, with rearranged versions of Xenoblade's battle songs blaring in the background. To sweeten the deal, maybe add sections of the stage where you actually get to fight on the behemoths. Ambitious, yes, but man would it kick ass. Just imagining it in HD is mouthwatering.

The Golden Temple- Donkey Kong Country Returns

Here's one you could make like the Super Mario Bros. levels in Brawl. Except you would be fighting on fruits with cheery music in the background. I would like to see this level included simply so it could put a smile on my face every time I play in it.

Patch Land Overworld- Kirby's Epic Yarn

Do you remember how, when you beat a level in Epic Yarn, it would show the next piece of Patch Land opening, and how each section went into each other albeit with loading times. Well, eliminate the loading times, and make it one giant stage, where the fighters movements dictate what section of Patch Land your throwing down in. I think it would be pretty neat.

The Comet Observatory- Super Mario Galaxy

If I remember correctly (and I may be wrong) the more stars you get, the more the observatory opens up. Take that and make the goal to reach a certain amount of fighting in a section before you are allowed to move on. You could either do this, or make a stage based off jumping from planet to planet like some of the levels in Super Mario Galaxy.

Shibuya- The World Ends With You

I think about the game, and have a hard time determining what could be used, but if, by chance, Neku did get in the game, there would have to be a stage from TWEWY. Perhaps the Shibuya skyline? I'm open to suggestions on this one.


Well, I'm having a hard time coming up with anything else, and I would rather this not drag on for too long. Before I go, I will say I would like to see Final Smashes return. And like I mentioned earlier, I do think it would be interesting to see some sort of touch screen implementation.

So, what do you guys want to see in the next Smash Bros. installment?

Take care and thanks for reading!