Black Clover is all of two episodes in on Crunchyroll and I'm here to tell you why it's an anime that I want to like, but it's already facing an uphill battle.

Seriously...Asta's mouth never closes...

Black Clover begins like any other typical Shonen style anime. Asta and Yuno are two orphans left at a church as babies and raised there until the age of 15. They are polar opposites of each other, big surprise, and they are set up as each other's rival. Asta is literally Naruto and Yuno is Sasuke, minus the whole revenge plot. They live in a world where magic is everything and at the age of 15 they attend a ceremony where they receive their Grimoire, which is a book of magic that so far seems to determine their power levels or something. Again, only going off of two episodes here. Asta has never been able to use magic, at all, but he hopes to obtain a Grimoire to turn his fate around. Unfortunately for him he is the only one at the ceremony that doesn't receive a Grimoire. His brother (presumably his brother, still not really sold on that) is chosen by the four leaf clover Grimoire, which is the Grimoire that the original Wizard King was given as well. So, when Naruto and Sasuke...excuse me...Asta and Yuno leave the ceremony, Yuno is attacked by a man who wants to sell his precious Grimoire to the black market. Of course Asta tries to stop this from happening, without magic of course, and it doesn't go well. Asta loses all hope, for a moment, but Yuno snaps him out of it and triggers something deep inside of Asta and he suddenly is presented with his own Grimoire out of nowhere. It is a five-leaf clover Grimoire and it seems to have something to do with demonic power, but it's kind of hard to judge it off of the little bit of info I have so far.

This is where episode one ends. Pretty typical so far. Nothing to amazing, nothing dreadful...oh wait there is one aspect that is already ruining this anime. Asta. When I tell you he is Naruto, I mean he is the young, annoying, always yelling for no reason version of Naruto. THE ENTIRE EPISODE ONLY SUCCEEDED IN MAKING ME HATE HIM. I get it, Asta is the loud brother who can't take no for an answer and who has the ability to succeed through sheer will power. That's fine and all, but he just doesn't shut up. His voice acting is grating. There were moments when I actually muted my television because I needed him to shut up. That's the one great thing about subtitles.

So, with all that being said, I actually kind of enjoyed the first episode, outside of Asta talking. The anime is basically a combo of Naruto and Fairy Tail and for the most part it had solid pacing and of course ends on a cliffhanger where a battle is about to begin. So now let's move on to episode two.

Episode two begins with a quick recap and shows Asta getting his Grimoire and the fight suddenly shifting into his favor. So without further ado, let the fight begin! Right? We are about to watch a fight right? Seriously, there should be a fight now...No fight? Instead we are going to have a flashback? Seriously? A FLASHBACK IN EPISODE TWO??? NO FREAKING WAY!!!

As a fan of Naruto, I'm no stranger to unnecessary flashbacks, but not in the second episode...

Yep, instead of a fight, we have a flashback that shows Asta and Yuno as kids and Yuno is saved by Asta. I wish it went by as quickly as you read that description, but it doesn't. It literally takes nearly the entire episode. So, just to recap, episode one ends on a cool fight cliffhanger. Episode two begins by recapping the end of episode one, and then cuts to a flashback that takes up the entire episode and most of the flashback was vaguely shown in episode one. At least enough of it to know exactly what the flashback was about. It added nothing to the story, nothing to the plot, nothing to character development, and it added absolutely NOTHING to my level of interest in this anime. Spoiler alert, the episode ends by getting back to the fight and it's over in one blow from Asta to the evil-doer. It lasts about 5 seconds. Then Asta and Yuno walk into the sunset and Yuno says something like, "That's twice you've saved me, now I owe you again."

My excitement for this anime was pretty high for two reasons. The first being that Hero Academy had just ended, so I needed something to fill the void. The second being that I had heard good things from friends who read the manga. Now I'm two episodes in and not only am I missing Hero Academy even more now, but I'm also questioning friendships. After the first episode I was on board to enjoy at least the first season and decide whether or not I would get into Black Clover or not based on that. After the second episode I have decided to give the show two more episodes to make me care again or I may bail on it altogether.

Luckily I am enjoying a couple other anime this season on Crunchyroll. If any of you are looking for recommendations, I do have a few.

RECOMMENDATION ONE: The Ancient Magus' Bride. This anime starts off as a bit of a downer, honestly it's more of a major downer, but it tells a beautiful story and has a kind of fairy tale vibe to it. It will hit you right in the feels and a fresh new season has just begun and I look forward to seeing more.

RECOMMENDATION TWO: Juni Taisen: Zodiac War. So far it basically reminds me of the Fate series. The twelve signs of the zodiac are all warriors fighting a battle where the winner is rewarded with a wish. It is incredibly brutal so far and I really like the diverse cast of characters. Don't get attached to anyone though, because there can be only one winner (probably) and characters are already dropping like flies.

RECOMMENDATION THREE: Kino's Journey. This one is only one episode in, but I really enjoyed it. You follow the main character on his quest to see the world. With the company of only his motorbike, which can talk of course, he visits a new area and decides three days is the perfect amount of time to stay before he moves on the the next. Not sure where this one is going, but even if each episode is basically stand alone I still think it will be an enjoyable adventure.

RECOMMENDATION FOUR: King's Game. This one is basically a kind of twist on Future Diary mixed with Saw mixed with Another. The main character is a kid who has moved to a new school. He distances himself from his new classmates because of what happened at his old school. Basically he receives a text message from "the king" and if he doesn't do what it says he is "punished." Punishment is usually death and the whole class is in on the game. No one believes the game is actually real until kids actually start dying. I expect some interesting twists and turns from this one.

Whelp, I hope you enjoyed my rant! Are you enjoying any new anime I should know about? Sound off in the comments and thanks for reading!