So some new final fantasy X-2 screen shots have emerged on the interwebs and I have to say the hd character models of Yuna, Riku, and Paine are looking nice in HD. FFX-2 is one of the games that I have played and not beaten I tried two separate playthroughs but I always managed to get stuck on the boss fights with 3 Aeons at once which was pretty challenging for me. However I'm older now and much better at playing video games so hey I can win I can do this! The remake of FFX an FFX-2 are coming out December 31,2013 for the ps3 and the vita the price is going to be $40 which is a pretty sweet deal honestly this bundle is worth it. The games are going to be sold separately for the vita though probably because a vita disc can't hold enough data for both games which is understandable for a portable system.  The price of the games on the vita has not been released yet but I'm sure it would be around $20 dollars so sony does not screw over its customers. Especially since the vita is supposedly not seeling well which I have not looked into myself yet but I have heard about it.  I myself do not have a vita however so I've never looked into the system. Also I have never played FFX but I'm sure I will enjoy it to some degree. X-2 has a Charlie's angel vibe to it since you play as 3 female characters but hey it works I happened to enjoy it. Plus the dress sphere transformations are cool since they allow you to pick any class for your character.  Also when I beat the game I might go a review of it well at least ffx-2 I'm unsure about FFX.

Speaking of reviews keep an eye out for the next week for my persona 3 the journey review






That's all I have planned as of now but don't worry I'll think of another topic.


Check these amazing HD screen shots of FFX-2!

For information on the FFX FFX-2 HD collection check out this website