This weekend was Gameinformer's extra life weekend, a weekend in which the GI staff, interns, and community members played games for 25 hours straight. All of this was in an attempt to raise money for charity, Children's miracle hospitals to be exact. These children are suffering from illnesses that are very serious and deadly; cancer, cystic fibrosis, and many others that most of us will never have to deal with. This weekend was all about raising awareness for this cause, and I couldn't have been more excited to watch the stream. I figured I had plans this Saturday, so I never signed up, but I kind've unintentionally joined up with my fellow gamers and played several games this weekend. I did sleep though, so I guess it's a good thing I didn't go official, but it was still an awesome experience; one that I wanna chronicle here.

First though, I would like to send out several thank you's. First I wanna thank the GameInformer staff particularly, Jason Oestraicher, Tim Turi, and Ben Reeves. Jason handled the video stream all night, which was a difficult job for sure, but he managed it perfectly, as always. Tim and Ben were probably the biggest promoters of Extra Life and they stayed all night. Of course everyone from GI was awesome enough to come in, even Andy Macnamara!

Secondly I want to thank everyone who donated and every community member who played. It doesn't matter how much you actually donated, I didn't give much, or even if you just rose awareness. Just being there was awesome and you all made a difference in the children's lives. That makes it all worth it.

And finally, I wanna thank Zak Pligge. This guy put in SO much work for this. He managed the chat, gave away prizes, and most importatnly set up all of this. He played games for a little while and just managed to hang out with everyone all day and night. That's impressive. He put in so much work. And it all payed off. Team GIO raised over 15,000 dollars, exceeding the teams goal. That is seriously impressive.

I started my day at 9 with the GI crew, excited and ready to watch these awesome people play games all day! I decided I would play my own games as well, since I could get double the entertainment. I plugged in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. This is the first time going through the game, and I really like it thus far. I finished about two more chapters, and I'm in the middle of chapter 5.

I didn't really feel focused on this game though, so I stopped playing and kept enjoying the stream. I ended up winning a prize in the first round of giveaways, actually the second prize given away. I won a copy of Outlast, but I never really had a chance to play yet, since I couldn't tear my eyes away from the stream. It looks incredibly scary though. Like "screaming bloody murder" scary. So, I'm pretty excited.

I also played some Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, since I want to finish Aqua's story line. Unfortunately, I suck at that game a lot. I couldn't make any progress sadly, but I'm in Radiant garden and I will keep grinding away until I can beat that stupid boss. I also played through all of Kirby's adventure. It was an easy game that I didn't have to focus on extremely hard. It was really fun actually. I'm probably going to write about it soon in an attempt to continue an old blog series. It was a lot of fun and the music and asthetic is really charming.  

My highlights of the stream were Dan attempting to beat Tyson... again and Andy Mac "coaching" him. Dan's insistene on not listening to Andy made that so much better, especially since Andy was always right. Kim, Ben Hanson, Zak, and Carson playing Rayman was also hilarious, and Ben was so excited to play that. I also enjoyed Zak playing Dark Souls to close it out . He played pretty well for being horribly sleep deprived. I basically loved every second. There was nothing bad about it.

Extra Life Marathon was an awesome event, one that I really enjoyed. I didn't really know what to expect, and I thoroughly enjoyed every second it. Helping to raise money for kids and playing games while doing it was awesome. Watching the GI staff and community rally to do that was equally as awesome. I can't wait until Extra Life 2014. Until Then!