Co-Blog Recap

As I had my internet shut off for over a week, I hardly have the time to catch up on all the coblogs and write the recap. Therefore, I'm passing on the torch to Blaze for this, my co-conspirator on the challenge. I would like to thank you all for participating, it was really great to see all that camaraderie taking place in the blogging section, as people stepped out of their comfort zone and worked together to create some fantastic blogs. So, I'm going to let you all go ahead and let Blaze start the recap. Thank you all again, and hopefully you have fun with even more challenges I have planned. ~Stranger

Thanks Stranger for giving me the opportunity to do this. A lot of people co-blogged for this week, more than I think me and Stranger expected, and all of them were awesome. This blog is to highlight all of the great Co-blogs, and give my thoughts on them. So here we go.


Yusuke's and ElGato's Co-blog: A look at gaming explanations by Yusuke Urameshi and ElGato

Yusuke and ElGato look at the various explanations for things in gaming, and why developers feel they have to explain every little thing. The blog was quite funny. I laughed a few times. They touch base on a lot of popular trends. Zombies, Space, even the iconic Pheonix down from the Final Fantasy Series. They also talk about video game inventories. Its a  really interesting blog, and I suggest everyone read it now.

The Evolution of Spider-Man in Video Games [Co-Blogging] by John Wrek and JayWrighterJames

This blog was really interesting. John Wrek and his friend JayWrighterJames took a detailed look at all of Spider-man's past adventures. It really paints a good picture of the up and down rollercoaster that is Spider Man games. They go all the way back to the old days of Spider man, all the way up to the most recent Spidey Game, The Amazing Spider-Man.

Co-blog Week: Star Wars: The Saga So Far ft. DeadManWalking by blaze6106 and DeadManWalking

Oh this blog... can we just look over this one, the only redeemable thing about it is Deadman's superb writing. Okay, Actually I think this blog came out really well. Writing with Deadman was a blast. In the blog we talk about all thing Star Wars Games. From KOTOR to Batlefront, Star Wars: 13 13. We try to cover a lot of the past, present and future expectations for the Star Wars game universe.

The Handheld Tank and Saint Talk Playdead Studios and Project 2... by Saint and the Handheld Tank

I had never heard of Project 2 prior to this blog, but the way Saint and The Handheld Tank talked about it and what they are hoping and expecting, then I'm really excited for this game. Playdead is the studio that created the Indie Hit, Limbo. Saint and The Handheld Tank talk about how Project 2 can still retain the creepy atmosphere and things of Limbo, while it being its own game. A really good blog, and these two play off each other really well.

Ouya! (A Co-Blog Feat. DarkeonWarlord) by Light Gamebeast23456 and DarkeonWarlord

If I'm not mistaken (correct me if I am wrong guys) Gamebeast and DarkeonWarlord didn't even know each other before this blog. But both of these guys are extremly good at writing, and thry play off each other well. They address the new $99 dollar console that was started over Kickstarter. This thing set the gaming world on fire, and Gamebeast and Darkeon talk about what it could mean for the current and future generations of gaming. 

Dawson and sorryjzargo Talk Favorites: Games by sorryjzargo and Dawson Wyckoff

Dawson and sorryjzargo go a much more traditional route with their blog. A Top 10 list o their favorite games. That doesn't make the blog any less good though. These two guys have awesome taste in games. The Elder Scrolls, Call of Duty, Star Wars, Pokemon, Zelda, and more. See how your games compare.

Casting Call: Ocarina of Time (SilverShine and iDreamRunner) by iDreamRunner and Silvershine

I did a Zedla movie blog a while back, but this blog was super fun to read. These two pick a cast for the entirety of Ocarina of Time. The choices are great and I literally found myself laughing at Shigeru Miyamoto and Will Ferrell. Will Ferrell? Shigeru Miyamoto? What do they play, you may be asking yourself. Go read and find out, you won't be disappointed. I really wish this would happen now.

Action-Based Shooters and Story-Based Shooter, plus a Discussion (CheeseballPwn and Bartandbucky co-blog) by bartandbucky and CheeseballPwn

These two look at a very popular genre, but in two different lights. Bart takes the more storied shooters and analyzes them, while Chesseball takes the more action oriented shooters and talks about them. It is a really good look at the differences between them, and their pros and cons. Not to mention they put what I assume is a Skype discussion about Shooters at the bottom. Did you know Cheeseball was only 12? I wish all kids his age were as mature as him.

The Big 5 Gone Mobile: A Strategic Comparison by Glasses and Sami Elahmadie

Sorry i left this one off. I didn't even realize it was a Co-Blog. I guess that's because Smi is not a member of GIO as far as I can tell. Sorry about that Glasses. This blog was really good though. Glasses and Sami look at the major companies and their mobile strategies. They dissect how the mobile phone gaming is encroaching on the dedicated hanheld gaming space. A good read for sure.


So there you have it. The recap for a week of Co-blogging. Me and Stranger are both really happy that this many blog were done, and we hope that the participation continues. This week, Stranger has challenged everyone to a co-review. Find a different partner and review something. You can find the details here.Well that's all, see you next time.If I missed someone, let me know, and i'll add you immediately.